Hogwarts, A Love Story part 3

Wow ok, I don't even know if anyone still wants to take this. Its been a LOOOONNNGGG time. At least this time I can say ive had stuff going on! Read the other 2 parts first if you haven't already. And Enjoy :)

Anyway, this quiz goes from year 3 to year 8 and you get to choose from Draco, Harry, Ron, Neville, Fred and George. If there are a lot of requests ill add in other guys, but for at least this quiz, those are the guys.

Created by: Princess_Demon

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  1. You wake up the next morning and realise that it is too quiet and bright. You shoot out of bed and hurriedly get into your robes, noticing all of the curtains open and your dorm room empty. You get ready and run down to the Great Hall, knowing that you will only have time for a bite of toast if you want to be there for Draco. You see Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Fred and George sitting together and join them, eyeing Ron’s full plate enviously, but knowing you have no time to prepare and eat something to that scale. You are surprised when Ron pushes a plate of food towards you, piled high with bacon, eggs, sausages and buttered toast. “I made you a plate, didn’t want you to be hungry all morning.” He grunts, barely glancing up from his own plate. You can see by his pink ears that he is blushing. “Thanks Ron. That was very sweet of you.” You thank him, touched by the thoughtful gesture. He nods and shrugs like it was nothing and you dig in.
  2. You manage to get through half of Ron’s plate before it is time to go. You tell the others that you will be late to class because you have to do something for Madame Pomfrey. They nod, all gathering their things, too focused on getting to class on time to really listen to you. Only Neville looks up and glances at you shrewdly. He smiles, but you can tell that there is something wrong. He tells you to have fun before turning and walking away. Ron, Harry and Hermione all follow him, surprised at his sudden exit. Fred and George nudge you and pull your hair before going to Potions, leaving you still staring after Neville, trying to think what could be wrong.
  3. You start and realise you are going to be late for Draco, so quickly dash up the stairs to the Hospital Wing. The doors are closed and Pansy is waiting outside. You groan inwardly as her face morphs into a sneer. “Ugh, you hang around here like a bad smell. Haven’t you got anything better to do than annoy your superiors?” She hisses at you. You sigh. “Don’t you have class to go to?” You ask her, ignoring her offensive comments. You can tell she is annoyed by your indifference, but she answers primly that Draco is more important. You laugh. “I wouldn’t be passing up any opportunity to improve your intelligence Parkinson.” You say as you knock on the door. “How dare you speak to me like that! You should know your place by now…” Whatever else she is about to say is cut off as Madame Pomfrey opens the door a crack. She sees you and smiles, opening the door a little wider to give you access to the room. Pansy goes to follow you inside, but Madame Pomfrey blocks her way. “It is not visiting hours Ms Parkinson. Go to class.” She says and shuts the door in her face. You stifle a giggle and go over to Draco who is awake. He looks better today.
  4. “Parkinson and I are well on the way to becoming best friends.” You inform him. He smirks and tells you to be careful, she gets attached quickly. “Oh don’t worry; I won’t make the mistake of letting her play with my hair like SOME people.” You say and he rolls his eyes at you. Madame Pomfrey scolds you, telling you that you weren’t there to antagonise the patients. You giggle but do as you’re told and get into position as she brings out fresh bandages. Draco pales and you hold out your hand for him to take, hoping to relax him a little. He takes it hesitantly and you can see he has taken some of your teasing seriously. “Relax Draco. I know you don’t like her.” You tell him, cupping his face. He nods, but you notice that he is not looking at you. You can’t talk about it any longer because Madame Pomfrey begins to take off the old bandages. Draco squeezes your hand tightly as he winces and you squeeze back, wishing that you could take away his pain. He opens his eyes and tries to breathe deeply, relaxing the hand that is holding yours even though you can see his other one is clenched into a fist and twisting at the sheets. You rub his arm soothingly until it is finished and he sinks back into the pillows looking exhausted. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply, even after Madame Pomfrey goes into her office to write you a note excusing your lateness. You stand there, dumbfounded at why Draco was acting so strangely. When Madame Pomfrey comes back you take the note from her numbly and turn back to see Draco still has his eyes closed. “I’ll come and see you later.” You tell him. He doesn’t respond and you pick up your bag and leave sadly.
  5. You enter Herbology and everyone stares at you. Trying to ignore them you hand Prof. Sprout the note from Madame Pomfrey. She reads it and then nods, saying aloud how nice it was for you to volunteer at the hospital wing. You force a smile and turn towards your friends who are putting two and two together. You can see Harry turn stone faced and Ron trying hard not to follow. Hermione simply looks confused, unusual for her and Neville looks sad. There is an empty seat on the end next to Neville, or one between Harry and Dean Thomas, another Gryffindor. You choose the one next to Neville, you haven’t spoken to him much since the train and you want to know what is bothering him. You sit down and get your things out, asking him what you’re all supposed to be doing. He tells you, some excitement creeping into his voice as herbology is his favourite subject. You let him help you and notice that the more you talk the happier he seems to be. You think that maybe he had just missed talking to you.
  6. Herbology finishes and you go up to the Great Hall for lunch. Harry seems to have cooled down a little. You manage to forget Draco’s cool behaviour over lunch as Fred and George are there and their friendly banter makes you laugh. You are all having a great time, although it is a little awkward between you and Harry, you haven’t talked about the kiss yet. You aren’t sure what it means, especially since you kissed Draco first. Ron notices you staring into space, not eating and gets your attention. “Ms Trouble! Eat, you have detention tonight remember? You won’t get to eat much then.” You look up and grin, claiming that ‘Ms Trouble’ was a little harsh. “Nonsense!” cry Fred and George. “For too long have we stood as ‘Partners’ in crime.” Fred says, waving his arms about dramatically. “Now thanks to your double detention stint, we would like to include you in our mischief making quest.” George adds, being just as dramatic as Fred, then they both begin talking together. “We would become ‘The Trouble Trio’!” They announce, like prize presenters on a game show, arms wide and hints of spirit fingers. You giggle at their theatrics and agree with no hesitation. You look around and see Harry, Neville and Hermione laughing with you, but Ron glowering down at his plate, ears red. You sigh. Everyone seems to be getting angry at you today.
  7. The next few classes are a blur and you find yourself zoning out for most of it. Ron and Harry are looking at you concernedly, but you just smile and they go back to their work. When finally your last class finishes you jump up, books already stuffed into your bags. “Going to the hospital wing?” Ron asks, trying to keep the grimace off his face. You nod and Ron shoves Harry who looks up, looking aggravated. “I’ll save you a seat at dinner.” He offers, you know that it’s his way of making peace. You smile and say that that would be nice. “Then we can walk to detention together.” You say. He forces a smile and then turns away. You mouth ‘thanks’ to Ron who grins and brush Harry’s arm as you stride out of the classroom.
  8. You run up to the Hospital Wing, hoping to beat Pansy. You stick your head in the door and smile as Draco looks over. “Can I come in?” You ask hesitantly, you notice that his face didn’t light up as much as it usually did. He nods and turns to face the chair where you would sit. He doesn’t invite me up on the bed today. You sit down, determined to be cheerful. You run a hand through his hair, touching his forehead, he feels normal. Your casual checking gets a small smile from him. “When will you come back to classes?” You ask curiously. Draco shrugs and then winces. “Not sure, maybe Wednesday night or Thursday morning.” He says. You smile and say that he would be in potions then. He nods and smiles a little again, still acting cold towards you though. You sigh, frustrated at his behaviour. Pansy strides in like she owns the place, stopping short when she sees you sitting with Draco. You sigh and Draco sits up a little, wearily looking from you to Pansy. You stand up. “I’m going to go and have an early dinner so that I’m ready for detention later.” You say, causing Pansy’s face to light up and Draco to nod silently. You walk out, trying to shake of the morose feeling as you hear Pansy giggle.
  9. You go down to dinner and Harry is sitting there anxiously. He smiles as you approach, although still fidgets nervously. You smile, but frown at his discomfort. “What’s wrong?” You ask him, almost laughing at his odd behaviour. He smiles at your laugh and says nothing. You give him a weird little look as you sit down and see him mutter something that you can’t hear. You eat quietly, feeling awkward that you still haven’t talked about the kiss. “Harry…” you begin to say, he looks up at you and you lose your nerve, the words that were in your head a second ago suddenly vanishing. You sigh and quietly say that it is time for detention. Harry looks disappointed and confused, but stands up and picks up your bag for you. The two of you walk towards detention in silence.
  10. “_______... are you not talking about what happened last night because you’re embarrassed about it?” Harry asks, looking truly miserable. You shake your head, the awkwardness of the conversation making you temporarily mute. “Ashamed? Upset? Angry?” He asks again, searching for more words. You shake your head and find your voice. “None of those. I just… I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about it.” You say, shrugging hopelessly. He grimaces.
  11. “Let me tell you how I feel about it then. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. And it really sucks that you won’t even acknowledge it. You can’t just kiss someone and pretend it never happened!” He growls, voice low but fierce. “I was never trying to pretend like it didn’t happen! But it’s not like I’ve spent a lot of time with you today, I didn’t think it would be very polite to try and talk to you about it in front of Ron!” You cry, outraged. “Well maybe if you weren’t spending all your time with Malfoy!” He says bitterly. You sigh wearily and run a hand through your hair. “Harry, I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but honestly I can’t concentrate on this right now!” You say, trying to hold back tears. “Fine.” Harry exclaims and strides ahead of you, leaving you to stare miserably at his back.
  12. Prof. McGonagall sends you to help Filch by rewriting some detention records, some are so old that the ink is faded and the parchment thin and flimsy. You are soon joined by Fred and George who look at you and Harry curiously, immediately sensing the tension in the room. You force a smile their way and then get back down to work, trying to ignore Filch’s constant huffing and peering over your shoulder. Eventually he leaves to prowl the castle, leaving his cat Mrs Norris to watch over the four of you. You are instructed to finish whatever folder you are on, then leave. You sigh, wishing you hadn’t just grabbed another folder. You see Harry looking pleased, he is almost finished his. You work quickly, but soon Harry gets up to leave, causing you to look up again. “Night Fred, night George.” He says pleasantly, then wanders out into the hall. Fred and George say goodnight numbly, then turn to look at you as you are trying to swallow the lump in your throat.
  13. “What’s his problem?” George asks, ignoring Mrs Norris’ hiss of annoyance. You try to shrug like it doesn’t matter but instead you burst into tears. Both Fred and George sit stunned for a moment, before scrambling over to comfort you. You end up with your head on Fred’s shoulder, his arm around your waist, and George rubbing your back and stroking your hair. You let them comfort you, but avoid telling them what happened between you and Harry, just saying that the two of you had a fight. Eventually you sniff yourself into silence and the three of you go back to work, they wait for you to finish and then the three of you walk up to the common room. “Don’t worry about Harry, he’ll come around.” George says brushing your hair out of your face. “And if he doesn’t, George and I have some tricks up our sleeve don’t you worry.” Fred jokes, making you smile. “The important thing is to remember that we are here for you.” He continues, grabbing your hand and giving it a squeeze. “No matter what.” George finishes. Then they both kiss you on the cheek, say goodnight and disappear up into their dormitory. You smile slightly and head up to your dormitory, sleepily climbing into bed and feeling very grateful that you don’t have detention tomorrow.
  14. You have a little more trouble getting to sleep tonight, it hadn’t been as good a day as yesterday, but there had been some good moments. There had also been some bad moments that you would have to deal with tomorrow. What do you think about as you finally drift off to sleep?
  15. Hey lovelies, I am really sorry about the gaps between my quizzes. I just sort of forget that I need to write and put out another one!! Soooo if any of you would like to email me to send me a friendly (or not so friendly) reminder when you’re dying for the next instalment, my email address is prin666cessdemon(@)gmail(.)com without the bracketses. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Don’t forget to comment and rate :D

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