Hogwarts Love Story Part 16

Year four is here! Oliver has left Hogwarts,but he won't leave you behind.With a big event at Hogwarts approaching,everyone is excited. Are you going to survive year four? =/

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Created by: 5thMarauder
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  1. You had arrived on what appeared to be a deserted stretch of misty moor. You set across the moor,unable to make out much through the mist. After about twenty minutes,a small cottage next to a gate came into view. Beyond it,you could map out the ghostly shapes of hundreds and hundreds of tents,rising up the gentle slope of a large field. You said goodbye to the Diggorys and went up to the cottage door. After Mr.Weasley had paid,you set of across the misty field. You reached the edge of the wood,and there was a sign that read 'Weezly'.With help from Hermione and Harry,Mr.Weasley eventually got the tent up. "Come and have a look",he said. Everyone went through the flap into the seemingly tiny tent. You felt your mouth open in surprise as you entered. The tiny tent was huge on the inside. You had practically walked into a house. There was a kitchen,bathroom,living room and bedrooms.We'll need water",said Mr.Weasley."There's a tap marked on this map",said Ron."Its on the other side of the field"."Well why don't the four of you go get some?",said Mr.Weasley.He handed you some kettles and saucepans. You and the others set off across the field.
  2. With the sun rising,and the mist lifting,people were starting to wake. The first families up were the ones with small children. After a while,Ron said "Er..is it just me,or has everything gone green?".You had walked into a patch of tents with shamrocks all over them. Grinning faces could be seen under the flaps of the tents. Then you heard your names being called. "Harry! Hermione! _______! Ron!".It was Seamus Finnigan,a fellow Gryffindor fourth year. "Like the decorations?',he grinned. "Nice cape",he grinned,looking at the Irish flag you had tie around your neck,the orange third reaching the ground. "Why shouldn't we show our colours?',said Mrs.Finnigan. "You should see what the Bulgarians have on their tents. You'll be supporting Ireland of course?",she asked,eyeing Harry,Hermione and Ron beadily,knowing that you would. When they assured her that they were,you set off again. "Like we'd say anything else surrounded by that lot",said Ron. "Whats that supposed to mean?!",you said. "Well you know..oh,right",said Ron,remembering that you were from Ireland."Idiot",you said,shaking your head,and laughing.
  3. "I wonder what the Bulgarians have on their tents?',said Hermione. "Lets go look",said Harry. Each tent had the same poster attached to it,a poster of Viktor Krum,the Bulgarian seeker. There was already a small queue when you reached the tap. In front of you were two old wizards,arguing. The first was wearing was wearing a muggle's long,flowery night-gown. The other was clearly a Ministry wizard,and he was holding a pair of trousers,almost crying with exasperation. "Just put them on Archie, there's a good chap, you can't walk around like that, the muggle on the gates already getting suspicious-"."I bought this in a muggle shop",said Archie stubbornly."Muggles wear them"."Muggle WOMEN wear them Archie,not the men,they wear THESE",said the Ministry wizard,brandishing the trousers."I'm not putting them on",said Archie in indignation."I like a nice healthy breeze around my privates,thanks".You and Hermione were overcome with such a strong fit of giggles,you had to duck out of the queue.
  4. Walking more slowly because of the water,you all set off again. Harry Hermione and Ron began talking to a Hufflepuff in your year,but someone tapped your shoulder. You turned around and saw Oliver. You grinned and hugged him. Over his shoulder,you saw a woman staring at you. She was holding a toddler,about two or three. You thought you recognized her,but you couldn't put your finger on it. Oliver released you and turned. "Who's that?",he asked,frowning slightly.
  5. "I don't know",you said. Harry,Hermione and Ron caught up with you. Ron scowled at Oliver. You waved to Oliver as Hermione dragged you away. When you got back to the tent,Hermione helped Mr.Weasley light a fire,and he made breakfast. Percy,Charlie and Bill apparated and sat down,eating. Ludo Bagman appeared, and began speaking to Mr.Weasley. Fred and George made a bet on the match,and then you, Harry,Hermione and Ron walked around looking at the souvenirs.
  6. "Look at that!",exclaimed Harry,pointing at a stand piled high with binoculars. They had all sorts of weird knobs and dials. They salesman explained that they were Omnioculars,you could replay action,slow everything down and they flash a play by play breakdown if you needed it. "Four pairs",said Harry firmly to the wizard. "No-don't bother",said Ron. "You won't be getting anything for Christmas",said Harry, thrusting the Omnioculars into your hands."For about ten years,mind"."Fair enough",grinned Ron."Oooh,thanks Harry",you and Hermione said together.
  7. You went back to the tent and heard a deep boom somewhere beyond the woods,and immediately,it lit up with green and red lanterns. "It's time!",said Mr.Weasley excitedly."Lets go!".You set off into the woods,following the lantern lit trail. You heard thousands of people moving around you,laughing,shouts,and snatches of singing. The atmosphere of feverish excitement was infectious,you couldn't stop grinning. You walked for twenty minutes,talking and joking loudly,until at last you emerged on the other side and found yourselves in a gigantic stadium.
  8. The stairs into the stadium were carpeted in rich purple. You clambered upward with the rest of the crowd, which slowly filtered away through doors into the stands to your left and right. Mr. Weasley's party kept climbing, and at last you reached the top of the staircase and found yourselves in a small box, set at the highest point of the stadium and situated exactly halfway between the golden goal posts. About twenty purple-and-gilt chairs stood in two rows. A hundred thousand witches and wizards were taking their places in the seats, which rose in levels around the long oval field. Everything was suffused with a mysterious golden light, which seemed to come from the stadium itself. The field looked smooth as velvet from your lofty position. At either end of the field stood three goal hoops, fifty feet high; right opposite them, almost at eye level, was a gigantic blackboard. Gold writing kept dashing across it as though an invisible giant's hand were scrawling upon the blackboard and then wiping it off again; watching it,you saw that it was flashing advertisements across the field.You tore your eyes away from the sign and looked over your shoulder to see who else was sharing the box with you all. So far it was empty, except for a tiny creature sitting in the second from last seat at the end of the row behind them. The creature, whose legs were so short they stuck out in front of it on the chair, was wearing a tea towel draped like a toga, and it had its face hidden in its hands.Harry started talking to it about another house elf. You,Ron and Hermione spun around in your seats to look. Though you had heard a lot about Dobby from Harry, you had never actually met him. Even Mr. Weasley looked around in interest. "Sorry," Harry told the elf, "I just thought you were someone I knew." "But I knows Dobby too, sir!" squeaked the elf. She was shielding her face, as though blinded by light, though the Top Box was not brightly lit. "My name is Winky, sir - and you, sir -" Her dark brown eyes widened to the size of side plates as they rested upon Harry's scar. "You is surely Harry Potter!" "Yeah, I am," said Harry. "But Dobby talks of you all the time, sir!" she said, lowering her hands very slightly and looking awestruck. "How is he?" said Harry. "How's freedom suiting him?" "Ah, sir," said Winky, shaking her head, "ah sir, meaning no disrespect, sir, but I is not sure you did Dobby a favor, sir, when you is setting him free." "Why?" said Harry, taken aback. "What's wrong with him?" "Freedom is going to Dobby's head, sir, " said Winky sadly. "Ideas above his station, sir. Can't get another position, sir." "Why not?" said Harry. Winky lowered her voice by a half-octave and whispered, "He is wanting paying for his work, sir." "Paying?" said Harry blankly. "Well - why shouldn't he be paid?" Winky looked quite horrified at the idea and closed her fingers slightly so that her face was half-hidden again. "House-elves is not paid, sir!" she said in a muffled squeak. "No, no, no. I says to Dobby, I says, go find yourself a nice family and settle down, Dobby. He is getting up to all sorts of high jinks, sir, what is unbecoming to a house-elf. You goes racketing around like this, Dobby, I says, and next thing I hear you's up in front of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, like some common goblin." "Well, it's about time he had a bit of fun," said Harry.
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