Harry Potter Love Story Part 1

Have you ever wondered to yourself, who would I be in love with if I went to Hogwarts? What would be my adventures? If you are a true lover of Hogwarts, and all of the lovely Gryffindor characters, then take this quiz! (I have to credit my friend Sage Parson, because I stole her quiz idea).

Do you love Harry Potter? Then this is the quiz for you! You would only wonder until now who your love would be at Hogwarts, but now you will know! Just take this quiz! Take the quiz now!(I have to credit my friend Sage Parson, because I stole her quiz idea).

Created by: Skyler Potter
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  1. As you board the train to Hogwarts, you search for a seat to sit in. Left, right...there's nothing! All of the sudden you notice two boys and one girl sitting in a small compartment. One of the boys is showing a scar on his head, the other (a red-head) looking in awe...you see his mouth shape the word "Wicked!"
  2. You knock on the door, just hoping that they are nice. "Hi!" You say. "Mind if I join?" The boys are very nice and kindly let you join. The other girl, very intellegent, is also kind. "Im Harry." "Harry Potter??" You reply. This is the one who defeated Voldemort. "Yeah!" He says. "Im Ron." The red-head says as he eats another chocolate frog. "And im Hermionie. Pleased to meet you." She stretches out a hand.
  3. You finally arrive at Hogwarts. You enter into the place in awe. The beautiful chandeliers, the amazing paintings...everything is great! As you await your turn to be assigned a house, you begin to get very nervous. "Which house will I be in? I hope its not _____." They call your name, and you reluctantly go up. The sorting hat is barely placed on your head when it says "Gryffindor!" You leap up and join all of your friends from the train.
  4. The whole year at Hogwarts is great. You get to know five very sweet boys. Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Fred and George Weasley, and Neville Longbottom. You also get to know three girls. Cho Chang, Hermionie Granger, and Luna Lovegood. That summer, you all decide to hang out at the burrow.
  5. One day, you all decide to go on a short walk. All was going well, until the sky suddenly turned black, and the rain and thunder kicked in. "Its fine!" You say. "Its only a little bit of rain! Dont let it ruin our fun time." Boy were you wrong. All of the sudden, Cho Chang starts screaming. She hides behind Harry. "Dementors!" Screams Ron. You were only in your first year, how was anyone supposed to know the spell. But Hermionie jumps in front and says "Expecto Patronum!" A small wisp comes out of her wand, and disapeers. Everone looks at eachother, obviously scared. Then everything went black.
  6. When you wake up, you are lying in a bed at the burrow. Mrs. Weasley is dabbing your head with a cloth, and _____ is sitting on the right side of your bed, holding your hand. "After the dementors came, you just passed out. So I carried you all the way back to the burrow where we got some help. Hermionie has to be talked to about her spell using..." Who is _____?
  7. You thank the boy for saving you, and try to stand up. Everything is working normal, luckily. Actually, you feel like 1 million bucks! WOOP! So you decide to go downstairs and see how the others are doing.
  8. "Could someone enlighten me about what happened after I fainted?" You look around the room. "Where is Cho?" Fred stands up and begins to tell the story. "After you fainted, and _____ picked you up, everyone obviously started running. But then Cho was taken by a dementor, and it started sucking out her soul." Everone had their heads down, looking sad and dark. "And then?" You say. "And then Hermionie ran over to get her. Once she had her, they ran back into the house. Cho has to go get special medical treatment."
  9. Mrs. Weasley walked into the room. "Everyone have a piece of chocolate, it will help you feel better." She passed around pieces of chocolate for everone. "Mrs. Weasley?" You say. "Yes dear?" "I was just wondering how the dementors ended up here in the first place." Mrs. Weasley had an odd look on her face, almost as if she was hoping you wouldnt have asked the question...
  10. The next day, Cho came back from the hospital, almost as good as new. She just looked a little bit off. That was the day that you had to leave the burrow, and you were very upset. You wanted to talk to everyone a little bit longer! It was only the begining of July! I guess that you would be able to see them next year.
  11. Thanks for taking my quiz! It was my first one, so no hate comments, please. THEY WILL BE DELETED! Thanks again!

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