Hogwarts love story part 3.2

K you're about half way through your 3rd year. That's really all there is to tell you. Harry Potter is awesome! Great that's all I can say. YAY Harry Potter.

Second paragraph lalala, this is pointless... yay stupid second paragraph why do you exist? lalala blah blah blah... etc. lalala why do you exist?!?!

Created by: Ginger_Person
  1. Ok so at the end of the last quiz you were just kissed by Draco, and you decided you should avoid him. but then one day in care of magical creatures class Harry was doing a demonstration with a hippogriff by the name of Buckbeak, he did really well, not even a scratch came from his experiance. Then seeing how easy it looked when Harry had tried, Draco can forward and insulted buckbeak (Hagrid did warn you not to do that) and got his arm (seriously) injured. And as much as you wanted to avoid Draco you had to see if he was alright. When you came by the hospital wing to see him he was proped up on his pillows reading. "Hey, how are you feeling?" You ask carefully. He looked up at you, he smiled at you "Great now that you are here." You blush before you could stop yourself. That only made him smile more. you cough, "How is your arm?" "Still a little numb." He replied looking down at his arm that was completely wrapped in gauze. "Hey, I'm sorry I've been avoiding you." "I understand, you didn't want me to kiss you." Is that actually the reason?
  2. "Ummmm maybe, I don't know!!!! It's all so confusing!" you practically scream. "whoa it's alright!" He says. "NO!!!! IT'S NOT!!!!! YOU GUYS THINK YOU CAN JUST WALTZ IN AND ASK ME OUT, OR KISS ME OR....." You break off because you are now sobbing. "Hey, what's the matter?" but you don't tell him instead you turn and run through the castle until find an empty classroom. You then curl up into a ball and wait for the tears to stop. You are sitting on the teachers desk when you hear funny cackling coming from above you. "Oh, great just what i need right now." You mutter to yourself. It's peeves. Ugh. He comes up behind you and sees that you have been crying. "Oh, little bity __________ is upset. And it's not something of peeveses doing!!!" "GO AWAY PEEVES!!!!" You yell at him. "I'm in no mood for your tricks!!!!" "I sawes, you have quite a social life don'ts yous?!" Ha cackles. "I told you to leave me alone!!" You mumble. "They are nasty boyses trying tos force yous into likes-ing you." "Thanks, but please go away." He leaves muttering to himself. You then return to your dorm and fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. What do you dream about?
  3. When you wake up you can't quite remember what you dreamt about last night. The day passes with no contact with any of the boys. Then before you can return to your common room at the end of the day, Dumbledore comes and tells you that you must go and sleep in the great hall because Sirius Black was spotted in the castle. What are you thinking?
  4. No one is hurt which is good, but the teachers are still stressing over Sirius Black... The next time you are down in Hogsmeade you decide to go down to the shrieking shack by yourself. You need some time to think but on your way there you hear someone crying. You investigate, but when you come to where the sounds are from there is no one there. Or so you think, you sit down on a rock but it yelps. "Oh ummmmm SORRY!!!!!" You exclaim but you still can't see who yelped until Harry sticks his head out from his cloak. Harry was the one who was crying. "Why are you crying?" You ask gently. "Sirius Black helped murder my parents, and he was thier friend!!!! He betrayed them!!!!! I'm going to kill him!!!!!" "It's ok," "NO! IT'S NOT!! JUST GO AWAY!!!!!" You move away slowly and Harry continues crying and puts his cloak back on. You continue on your way because you can't think what else to do... What do you think about when you get to the Shrieking shack?
  5. When you are mindlessly walking through Hogsmeade Oliver comes up behind you. "Hey,________. Thought I would collect on that date you promised me..." "Oh, Right of course.... where do you want to go first?" "The three broomsticks? I'll buy you a butterbeer!!!" You smile, grateful for the distraction. "I'll take that as a yes, right this way!" He took your hand and led you to the three broomsticks. What are you thinking?
  6. When you reach the three broomsticks He turns to you, "why don't you go find a table? I'll get the butterbeer." You find that your favourite table at the back of the room is free you sit down. And you wait, "Hey, _________ what are you doing here sitting by yourself?" You turn to see Fred/ George. "I'm actually on a date with Oliver..." You trail off, "Oh well, I guess it's tacky to ask out a girl when she's on a date then." Fred/George says, "Later." He leaves quickly. "Hey,________ I got us the butterbeer." "Thanks, Oliver." As you sit sipping your butterbeer who are you thinking about?
  7. After your date with Oliver you return back to the castle by yourself until Ron comes up behind you. "Hey, ________. How are you? I haven't seen you in awhile." You turn and wait for him to catch up with you. "I'm fine, thanks." "Right, that's good." He smiles. You walk in silence for awhile. "So your in high demand right?" You were suprised by his question but you answered it honestly. "I guess, I mean Harry, Fred/George and Oliver have asked me out, Neville hangs out with me more than he does other girls and ummmmm.... draco has kissed me." "Right, I gotta' go" He walks away muttering to himself but you catch "What chance do I have?" Before you said it outloud you didn't realize that you have alot of boys after you... Who is it that has actually struck your fancy?
  8. You then hear that Buckbeak has been sentenced to death, the execution is very close so you decide to go down to hagrids to cheer him up and you run into Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Hey," You say, "Where are you guys going?" "Down to Hagrids." Harry mutters, "Can I come with you?" "Sure." Hermione says. When you get to Hagrids you guys talk for awhile then the minister is coming down to get the exectution started so you run out of hagrids hut and up the hill. You hear an axe fall and you know buckbeak is dead. Then Scabbers bites Ron and scampers off, what are you thinking?
  9. When Ron catches up to Scabbers, suddenly a great big black dog appears and grabs ron by the leg, down through a hole in the whomping willow. that can't be good can it? Anyway what are you thinking?
  10. You find out the big black dog was sirius black who was not after Harry (yay) and scabbers turns out to be peter pettigrew who was the one who sold out James and Lily. So Lupin and Sirius want to kill Peter but Harry tells them to take him to the castsle to prove sirius's innocence, but then Peter escapes. lupin turns into a werewolf and all *heck* breaks loose. Nevermind that now, you must've been knocked unconscious during the night and you wake up in the hospital wing.
  11. Harry, Ron and Hermione all survived (yay) but they caught Sirius Black and have sentenced him to death by the way of the dementors kiss... (and he's innocent)then Dumbledore comes in and tells you that you can save two innocent lives. Seeing as Ron can't walk. You, Harry and Hermione go back in time using Hermione's timeturner.
  12. You first save buckbeak and then Sirius, (yay) then you return to the hospital wing just as time catches up with you. With Sirius and buckbeak safe the rest of the year passes in a blur. There is only one week left in school now, you are happy that summer is almost here, but you are also sad because next year Oliver won't be attending Hogwarts (sigh) with only six days left in school oliver comes up behind you and taps you on the shoulder. "Hey can I talk to you?" "sure, what's up?" "I won't be here next year, and I was wondering if you would write me next year." He said very quickly. "Sure, of course." You smile at him. "Great," He face automatically brighter. "now I don't feel so bad doing this." before you knew it he was kissing you, fiercely. When he pulled back your head is spinning, what is the only real thought you can grasp onto?
  13. You make a point of avoiding Oliver for the rest of the school year. Which wasn't all that hard to be brutally honest. But with Harry, Fred/George's date proposal. Draco's kiss and Ron's obvious feelings for you, you know that next year will be a crazy year. And that's an understatment.
  14. Ok that's the end of this quiz, hope you liked it. Anyway, I haven't decided if Oliver will be in the next year but (hint,hint) Cedric Diggory will definitely make an appearance.

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