A Hogwarts Love Story - Part Two

Part two is finally here! Sorry for keeping everyone waiting, I was REALLY busy for Christmas! Ah, well, atleast it's here now. I would appreciate it if you guys emailed me at Allycatquizzes@gmail(.)com without the parenthesis! I'd love to talk with you guys or hear any requests! Oh, and please disregard any spelling mistakes, as I was in a bit of a rush. But, enjoy!

Starting from year 3 to 8, you'll attract the attention from many boys. But, the question is: Who will you choose? Oh! Looks like theres some drama as Christmas nears. Watch out! Never know when a crisis might just strike..

Created by: Allycat
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  1. You ran down the halls, your face hot with embarresment as your black and white striped robes fluttered behind you. "____!" A voice called. "Wait!" You looked back, expecting it to be Neville, but was shocked to see Oliver. Your face became redder, but he nodded towards your robe and said, "Multicorfors." You watch in amazement as the white fades from your robe, leaving it ordinary black. You look up, and Oliver gives you a shy smile. You:
  2. As you open your mouth to speak, he holds a hand up, winks, and walks off with his hands in his pockets. You stare after him for a few moments, until you turn around and walk off to History of Magic, which you were sure you were late for. As you got there, you slid into a seat and let class drag on. You were about to doze off, when you heard someone whisper, "Psssst." You turned your head to see Ron, leaning halfway over his desk, towards you. You:
  3. Ron grinned, sliding you a note. You rolled your eyes, smiling, and opened it. It read: ____. Care for a stroll around the castle? You scribbled a simple 'Yes' on the paper, handing it back to him. He grinned, as if he had won the Quidditch Cup, glad that he got a yes from you. The class went by quickly after that, and soon enough, your little 'date' with Ron came. You were:
  4. "So..____.." Ron said quietly, his red hair flopping in his face. You shivered at the silence; Just as you were about to strike up a conversation, a dragonfly whipped past your head, and you yelped in suprise. Ron chuckled, holding your arm to steady you. "Its just a dragonfly," He smiled, and you blushed. "Dragons are actually quite instresting creatures.." You trailed off, not quite sure why you had chosen the topic of dragons. Ron nodded in agreement. "I think Charlie is working with a Romanian Longhorn right now." The two of you carried on with the conversation and ended up by the lake. Suddenly, Ron laughed. "What?" You asked, tilting your head at him. "We probably missed half of Charms," He grinned as you realized that you had, infact, been walking and talking for quite a while. You shrugged and sat down, with him following your example. Your thoughts:
  5. You sighed deeply, and he looked at you. "You..okay?" "Yeah, just tired," You said, yawning, as if to prove your point. Ron smiled slightly, and you took the chance to cuddle into his chest, getting comfy. His eyes widened, flinching, and you pulled yourself from his numb arms. "Sorry," You whispered, but he shook his head. "I-Its fine." A bright blush spread across his cheeks, but you barely noticed, already nestling into his arms. After about two minutes, your eyes were drooping and were sure you were going to fall asleep, until a voice sneered, "Got yourself a girlfriend, Weaselbee?" Ron jumped in suprise, and you tumbled from his arms and landed in the lake with a splash. From under the water, you saw a blur of blonde and red hair, then the world around you went black.
  6. You slowly felt the water vanish from youf body; though you were still soaked. "Are you trying to give her CPR, or blow her lungs out?" Draco's voice took you by suprise. "Shut it." Ron spat. After a few more moments of pressure on your lips, you opened your eyes to see Ron, giving you mouth-to-mouth CPR. Your thoughts:
  7. You 'kissed' him back, making him scramble away. You giggled, and he rolled his eyes, standing up and offering a hand. You took it merrily, but before you walked off, you looked towards Draco and nodded in thanks. He smiled, but only the faintest bit. You reached out your free hand and, to Ron's disgust, he took it. Together, the three of you walked back to the castle, talking only a little bit as you went.
  8. Time lurched forward as you arrived in the Great Hall. You just sat down as Hermione and Ginny started bobarding you with questions. After about a minute of pestering, you got irritated and blurted, "Ron and I went on a date! Happy?" Ginny giggled, patting your back. "That's my girl!" she smiled. Hermione, on the other hand, was furious. She stood and stormed out of the Great Hall without another word. "Whats wrong with her?" You asked. "Dunno," Ginny shrugged, them proceeded to bombard you for every single detail. You popped some food imto your mouth, swallowed, and opened your mouth to speak when you felt a hard pressure in your throat.
  9. You grasped your neck, eyes wide. Ginny just sat there, frozen with shock. Just as you felt as if you were going to faint, a pair of hands wrapped around your waist. Suddenly, the food flew from your mouth, and splattered against Ginny's shirt. You gasped, seeing tears form in her eyes. "Oh, Ginny, I am so sorry!" You tried to help, but an arm held you back, forcing you to watch helplessly as Ginny stormed out, wiping her eyes. The Great Hall had fallen into silence.
  10. You looked up, slowly, to see Oliver hovering above you, smiling. You blushed, and he obviously saw it. He winked, turned, and walked out. You turned back to see Harry, Neville, and other Gryffindors staring at you wide-eyed. "What?" You asked, and they all burst into 'Are you okay?'s, 'You should be glad Wood was here!'s and 'Blimey! You could have gotten hurt!'s. The three people who caught your attention were Harry, Ron, and Neville. Harry looked as if he were restraing himself from going off to punch Oliver (in other words, jealousy), Neville looked grateful that Oliver saved you, and Ron acted as if he had helped. You giggled at them, and they all blushed. After a few minutes, everything was back in order--and you were glad--you couldn't handle any more attention.
  11. Dinner passed, and you were on your way to your dorm when you heard the faint wizz of spells. You decided to find where it was coming from, so you followed the noise, only to be greated by Ron and Oliver, dueling in the corridor. "Guys!" You yelled over the sound. "Stop!" No matter how much you yelled, they continued battling. "Bombarda!" You yelled, and amongst the various colors from their spells, the space between them exploded. They both jumped back. As the small fog lifted, they stared at you wide-eyed. You crossed your arms, said "Clean up this mess," and walked off.
  12. The day went by quickly, and now you were slowly walking towards the Gryffindor common room. You got there, muttered the password, and walked in. Yawning, you plopped down on the couch, too lazy to walk to your dorm. You closed your eyes, snuggled up on the couch. "Don't forget about me.." A voice whispered, making you jump. You landed on the floor with a thud, but, being too tired to care, you just lay there. You closed your eyes again, sighing. Before you fell asleep your last thoughts were on:
  13. You felt something brush against your skin, and you yelped. Your eyes nearly popped out of your head as you sat up straight, knocking off the blanket that Harry had just put over you. He seemed just as startled as you were. "Oh! _____! I'm sorry," he apologized, helping you up. You smiled faintly, then looked down to see you were still in your clothes from yesterday. Yawning, you started for your dorm, leaving Harry to stare after you with a glint in his eye. After changing, you came downstairs. "Want to go to breakfast?" you asked, causing him to jump for he'd been focused on staring at you. "Oh, um... Yeah, sure." Together you started for the Great Hall. "So... A-are you okay? After... Well, both drowning and choking," he said awkwardly, giving an uneasy laugh. You joined him. "Yeah, I'm fine," you answered. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to help when you were in the lake..." he said quietly. "It wasn't your fault," you replied hastily. "But you know I would've helped you, right?" he looked too embarrassed to look at you. You smiled to yourself. "Thanks, Harry." You looked over at him and saw this made him look extremely delighted and happier than you'd ever seen him. "Good," he stated cheerfully. The both of you walked in silence, both still grinning, all the way to the Gryffindor table.
  14. Breakfast passed rather quickly, and you found yourself catching up with Oliver. "Hey, Oliver," you spoke so quietly you weren't sure he heard you. "Hey," he said, and you felt your face warm up. Mentally, you cursed at yourself for it, while he just smiled at you as if he knew what you were thinking. "Um.. Just going to class," as the words came out, you immediately felt stupid - it was more than obvious where you were going. He laughed. "As am I." His Scottish accent layered his voice, sending chills up your spine. He looks over your shoulder, and you follow his example. Behind you, Ron stands, his face filled with envy. You sigh, give a quick wave to Oliver, then prance over to Ron, a half-happy half-why-did-you-interrupt-smile. He takes your hand, and guides you away. Once he's sure he's out of earshot from Oliver (or anyone else for that matter), he stares at you. "What?" You ask innocently. He frowns. "You're hanging out with Wood," He continued, "why?" You:
  15. "Well, it seems like he wants to be," He paused. "more than friends." Your face fell. "..w-what if I do too?" He bit his lip, gave you one last look, then walked off. You stomped your foot in frustration. Why can't you be boy-free for ONE day?!
  16. You shrugged it off, put a carefree smile on your face, and walked happily towards the Divination. You quickly took a seat next to some friends, listening silently to Professor Trawlney. Suddenly, your friend nudged you. "Draco is staring at you again," She whispered with disgust. You blinked and found that she was right--he was, indeed, staring at you. And you were staring back. You shifted in your seat, turning back to your fellow students as Trawlney walked over to our table. "What do you see?" She asked, shoving a tea-leaf cup to your face. "Um.." You squinted. "A sun.. and a cross. Sun means happiness, cross means suffering.. So.." You paused to look at Trawlney. "You will suffer from your own happiness." As she spoke, you shuddered,sinking down in your seat. Harry looked at you for a long moment from his table, then at Ron, then back at you. Ron scowled at him, and apparantly he got the message because he turned back to his cup. You sighed, You stretched your arms a bit, and smiled. You had a feeling this was going to be a.. 'fun' year. At that moment, the Professor said shakily, "The Grim."
  17. All heads shot towards Harry, including yours. "The Grim is an omen of death, which is reputed to bring about the demise of the person who encounters it. The Grim takes the shape of a large, black, spectral dog." You said, remebering it from a text book. After a few more minutes, class ended and you filled with relief..
  18. A few more days passed, and you found yourself decorating the hallways with Christmas-themed trinkets. Tomorrow was Christmas, afterall. It would be nice to have some time with friends. Ron then bumped into your shoulder, but didn't bother looking back nor did he apologize. You huffed, your eyes starting to burn with anger. He had been bumping into you every five minutes since you had choked. Was he trying to get your attention? Well, you decided to find out. You turned and ran after him, reaching out and grabbing his arm. He didn't flinch, or do anything, except say, "What do you want?" "What I want to know," You started, "Is why you've been bumping into me." "Huh?" He replied, his face twisting into confusion. "Ronald Weasley, don't you play dumb with me!" You scolded. "Tell me. Now." "I don't know what you're talking about!" He protested, trying to pull his arm away from your grip, only allowing you to dig your nails into his skin. He yelped, and your eyes widened, realeasing him instantly. "Sorry," You whispered as the anger died down. "Just please..tell me." You repeated, keeping your voice soft and quiet this time. "I.." He trailed off, leaving himself to think about his decision. "I don't know what your talking about," He responded again, his lips pressed flat. He turned, and walked off, not bothering to say goodbye. You clenched your teeth, but forced a smile as you turned around and came face-to-face with Neville. "Hi, Nev," You said, and he stuttered nervously, "W-whos Nev? Oh, r-right, me." He answered his own question, and you laughed, causing him to blush harder--which seemed impossible, as he had already been blushing. "Why so nervous? I mean, it IS Christmas!" You smiled for real now, and he nodded. "I suppose so. Sorry, ____, but if you don't mind, I've got to go." He quickly hurried off, almost as if he were expecting someone to jump out from the shadows. You shrugged, deciding to push that thought away, and walked off towards your dormitory.
  19. Hello, fluffs! I hope you enjoyed this--it took quite a long time to come out, eh? Well, I would like to shoutout to @HogwartsLove, whom I have been chatting alot with. I would like to thank her for inspiring and helping me with this part. I promise, I will have the next two parts out as soon as possible--keep an eye out! Anywho, see you next time! x (;

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