High School Love Story Part 3

Did you read High School Love Story Part 1 and 2? If not turn around read High School Love Story Part 1 and High School Love Story Part 2 NOW! Okay and now im just

going to fill up the rest of this with stuff. oh and this is the last story of the Love Story series so yeaaa. um so now im just filling the rest of this up. okay so bye bye now!

Created by: D3signnFreAkk

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  1. ( At a party.) "Whoo-Hoo!" yelled Chase. "This is awesome!" "I know!" replied Mackenzie. (Chase and Mackenzie eventually play spin the bottle and land on each other.
  2. "Hey guys me and Mackenzie are going to the movies." shouted Sophia. "Whatever!" Yelled Chase. "Later." said Sophia as she rolled her deep brown eyes at Chase. ( At the movies. ) "Sophia, can I tell you something?" asked Mackenzie. "Hit me." replied Sophia. "Okay. What If I told you that I was pregnant." "Youre pregnant?! Epppp!" "Yea! And Im going to tell Chase at our first anniversary dinner tomorrow!" "It has already been a year? Wow time flies!"
  3. ( At the hospital ) "She's adorable." said Chase. "I know, we did a good job." remarks Mackenzie. "Whats her name?" asked Jacob. "Ooo!You should call her Sophia!" insisted Sophia. "No. I wanna call her..." "SAY IT ALREADY!" yelled Chase. ( Everyone laughs. LMFAO. ) "It will be Shaolyn." said Mackenzie. "Aww. Shaolyn. Its beauiful." said Sophia.
  4. "Guys wheres Shaolyn?" asked Jacob. "What do you mean wheres Shaolyn?" shouted Mackenzie. "I cant find ner anywhere." said Jacob. "Well find my baby!" she yelled. "Dont worry i have her. I took her to the park." explained Chase. "Oh. Good." remarks Mackenzie.
  5. "Whaa! Whaa!" Cries Shaolyn. "Why is she crying? I gave her a bottle!" Asked Mackenzie. "Maybe she- sniff sniff...Pooped!" yelled Chase.! "Well, change her!" yelled Mackenzie. "Heck no!" "But your her daddy!" "Fine. Give me it!" "Ughhh...!"
  6. Which name for Shaolyn would have been the best?
  7. What character do you like the most?
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  9. Okay so this is the last of the High School Love Story series but stay tuned for my other quizzes!
  10. Bye

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