Mysterious Love (Part 2)

You are 17 and you live in the city all your life. You will be dealing with problems that occur in friendship, love, school, and work. It is your chance to make your last year of high school the best you'll ever have!!! In this story, you'll meet Josh, Mike, and Matt.

So I made part 2. Thank you to the people who read, rated, and commented on the last quiz. I tried my best to make this quiz include all the guys so that way you know who they are. I know there is a lot of Josh but I'll include more Mike and Matt in the next parts. Hope you like it!

Created by: Fairygal

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  1. *Recap* You were in the change room when you heard the ring of the door opening and footsteps. Your manager was talking to the person very loud. Apparently this person is his son and late for work too. You heard the person say, "Sorry dad. I was held back. I would have been here earlier but I was delayed..." the voice tickled the back of your mind. It sounded familiar to you. After getting into your uniform, you walked out. "______!?" the mysterious person yelled. You looked up and your eyes grew wide in surprise. "It's you!!?"
  2. It's Josh! "Why are you here?" you ask. Your eyes wander to his face. His face is a mix of genuine surprise and happiness. His eyes seem to glitter with emotion. "You don't know...? I work here starting today. I'll be your co-worker from now on." You look at his shirt, eyeing the dark coffee stain you left on his shirt minutes ago. You remember that that's how you met him. "Anyway, I need to go change. This shirt has got to go," he chuckles while awkwardly running his fingers along his hair. He walks away to the change room door, your eyes following his back. You can't believe that Josh works here. And he is the boss' son. Oh no! You just spilt coffee all over the boss' son.
  3. You head to the cash register, ready to start off your day at work. It turns out that there is not that much people in the store. You know it's going to be a long day. A long day of standing and waiting while time will seem to pass by slowly. Sounds like it's going to be a boring day, right? [b]Wrong![/b] You hear the door bell, signalling your first potential customer of the day. It's your neighbour April with a guy who looks like your age. She is tugging at his arm and is pulling him towards you. It looks like he really doesn't want to be here. "Hi ______," she says with a smile on her face.
  4. "Hi April. What's going on?" you ask. You look at her. She has long black hair with green eyes. She has a tall but a very nice figure. You are a little jealous of her looks and how she has more money than you. She doesn't flaunt them. It's just that you can't help it but feel like that. "Well, I came here to ask if you want to come to my party tomorrow. I invited everyone we know. It should be fun," she says with an excited glint in her eyes. With every word she says, she jumps up and down barely able to contain her glee. She giggles loudly. The guy she's holding onto is looking at you with an awkward smile. He coughs purposely, "Uhh... You're getting hyper again April." Realizing what she's doing, she stops. "Hehe. Sorry, honey. I...," she pauses. She slaps her forehead, looks over at you and says, "Oh, sorry. How rude of me! This is ______ and this is Mike, my boyfriend." She points at you and then gestures toward him.
  5. You wave at him. In response he nods. Then you take a look at him. He has cute, tousled, dark brown hair, some strands going over his blue eyes. His skin is a tan colour and when he smiles at you, you see that he has white teeth. Your eyes keep going back to his blue eyes. They are a deep colour that stands out the most from his face. He looks cute to you... "Uh... Hello ______? Are you even listening to me? What are you looking at?" April says. Realizing what you've been doing, you look shyly at the ground. You hear a low chuckle. You look up to see Mike looking at you with his blue eyes and a big grin on his face. It's as if he knows that you've been looking at him.
  6. "Well anyway, are you coming or what?" she says, sounding a bit angry. You think about it. You don't really know her all that well, just that she throws great parties. It's a chance to meet cute guys but you hear that her parties are wild too. What do you say?
  7. "Yeah yeah. If you decide to come, just go to my house later. You know where it is," she says, dismissing your words with a wave of her hand. She leaves the store pulling Mike behind her. Mike looks at you with a frown on his face. With that the store is silent again.
  8. Finally Josh comes out wearing the store uniform. "Did I miss anything, ______? I thought I heard voices," he says. You shake your head in response. He looks at you and smiles. "Thats good. I don't want to leave running about and doing everything all by yourself." He heads to his spot. You two stand there and start talking. You two talk about school, family, friends, and whatever. You learn that he is a acoustic guitar player and singer. He loves to play sports, meet new friends, and go to the movies. Time passes by and you two are soon laughing and making jokes, becoming good friends in the little time you spent together. All that started with an iced cappucino
  9. Good times have to stop. The boss tells you to go stock up food. Inside, you silently groan. You head to the storage room but your arm is suddenly pulled back by someone. It's Josh. You look him with a questioning face. "I want to help you. Stocking up takes a lot of work.. And yes, I asked my dad." He smiles a gorgeous smile. You look at him happily and say thank you.
  10. As you bring out a box of chips, Josh stays behind, trying to carry a box of watermelons. You walk to the aisle and start stocking up the chips. You think about how Josh must be struggling and out of breath doing it. Imagining him with a red and sweaty face causes a laugh to escape out of you.  
  11. You were deep in thought when someone pokes you on the back. You sigh in frustration and turn around. You say, "How may I help..." but you stop. You see a guy with dark raven hair that covers his eyes. He is wearing a large gray hoodie and jeans. Even though he has a different appearance than most guys, he seems pretty attractive to you. "Can I get some chips?" he says gesturing to them. You realize that you're  in his way so you ask, "Which one? BBQ, Ketchup,Regular,or...?" "No thanks. I'll just get it myself." He goes past you to get one. He chooses Salt & Vinegar. Then you two stand there, awkward silence between you two. Not able to withstand the awkwardness you blurt out, "So my name is _______. What's yours?" "Matt." Silence. This time he breaks it. Pointing to the opened box beside you, he says, "Uh... Do you need a hand with..." *cough, cough* You two look toward the source of the sound, seeing Josh holding two large boxes in his arms. "Do you need a hand with that?" you ask, running toward Josh. He thanks you as you take a box from him. When you look back to the chips section, you see that Matt is gone.
  12. End of Part 2! So you met Josh, Mike, and Matt. Do you like them? I tried my best on making them sound cute and things like that. I don't know if I should just leave it at three or make more. Anyway, who do you like?
  13. Also, thankyou to all of you who read part 1 of this quiz. I appreciate it!

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