Which guy will you love?part 4

Believe me there are many fish in the sea but when is it that you get to live with four guys who absolutely adore you?! Now! Haha but do you love one of them enough to choose between the others in the end?

Will it be the gorgeous charmer Adrian? The smart cutie Mark? The athletic hottie Chad? The mysterious sweetie Dillan? But definetly not the creep Ryan!

Created by: TatiJudith3
  1. ..." He pulls out a silver circle shaped locket and gentley fastens it around your neck. You curiously look inside and see it's empty and give him a confused look.
  2. "I tried to fit my love for you inside but there was so much it couldn't fit" he said with sincerity glimmering in his eyes. You hive him a big hug and say "thank you" in his ear with a smile. As you walk away what are you thinking?
  3. Your walking aimlessly throughout the house until you hear a thumping sound down the hall coming from a room. You decide to go in and you see Chad bouncing a tennis ball off his wall while laying on his bed only in his boxers!
  4. He beckons you over with a grin and pulls you on top off him.you snuggle up by his abs and watch a movie. Then he kisses you with wild passion and you fall asleep in his arms
  5. You wake up and he's stroking your hair and kisses your forehead. You smile up at him and he tell you we're all going to the beach today and gonna hav a bonfire!
  6. You two go downstairs to breakfast and Adrian lifts your hand and kisses it then says"Good morning beautiful" and walks away. Your thoughts?
  7. As you finish off you favorite cerial Dillan rubs your shoulders and says he can't wait to see you in your bathing suit later and kisses your neck.What do you say?
  8. You relax in your room for abit and pick out what your gonna where for your date and the bonfire. On ur date w/ Mark you wear a cute sun dress with sandals and for the bonfire you choose...
  9. Mark has a happily stunned look on his face as you come down stairs in your outfit :) He takes your hand and says"You look lovely sweetheart now come with me" as you follow him out the door what r u thinking about?
  10. You two run thru the woods on a path that leads you to a beautifully vibrant field of flowers. Mark leads you over to a tree where you sit on the blanket he folded on the base. He starts to talk about how he felt he first time he saw you then takes out a knife....
  11. ...to carve eachothers names in the tree :) he starts it with MARK+ and then you add your name. Is this romantic?
  12. Then he starts telling you about Ryan." He used to be a good friend to me and the guys in the past but when it came to lovely ladies like yourself he became abit...aggressive" and you ask why and he carries on saying"I dnt know he just snapped when ever one or all of us like a girl and he went after her". he senses your nervousness and pulls you close and says" I wnt let him near you" and starts kissing you
  13. You two chase eachother in the flowers and he makes you a flower crown. Then you trip and fall on top off him. He kisses you softly and strokes you cheek and starts makingout with you. Was this a good date?
  14. As you make your way back you tell Mark you had a wonderful time but you gotta get ready for the bonfire! You find Dillan in the hallway on your way to your room and he kisses you deeply and leaves
  15. You hav you bathing suit on under a tank top and a wrap around skirt while you all walk down to the beach. You remembered sunscreen since it's high noon and its blazing hot.Chad and Adrian put down towels and other stuff while Mark and Dillan work on a fire.
  16. You all jump around in the water then Dillan and Chad go boogie boarding, Mark collects shells and you and Adrian work on a sand castle. Lifes been pretty good these last couple days except for...*snap* you hear a leftover firewood stick crack...
  17. ARE YOU READY FOR PART 5!!??COMING SOON!!! Who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 4