They Love Me Part 22

OMFG THIS SITE WAS BEING RETARDED! It was supposed to be out right after Part 21, but I had to redo it 3 times! Anyways 3 more parts bbby (: |Forever|Alone| D;

If you'd like to know what these boys look like then please look at parts 14-16 if you can't find any of the parts just use the URL it'll look like [no urls] or whatever part ;D

Created by: Dannica&&Karen
  1. The girl with the strange hair came closer and you recognized her as Blaze. Her clothes were singed and she was panting heavily. "______ You've got to help me! She's killed Daniel...she killed him..." She burst into tears and then she saw Jared on the ground holding on to the place where the fireball hit him. "Blaze, just stay with me, it's going to be ok...ok?" She nodded and tried helping you to treat Jared.
  2. "Somebody's coming." Blaze said pointing to a shadowy figure in the distance. "Quick, help me get Jared up!" You ordered. She did as was told and you guys went as fast as you can away from the shadow. You were getting impatient with the slow pace so you put Jared down and morphed into a lion. "Hop on." You said. Jared got on and then Blaze and you ran as fast as you could more into the woods. Little did you know, the shadowy figure was Chris.
  3. You kept running. & then you saw it. A blue light going in a spiral direction. A portal. Quickly, you ran into it and you passed out.
  4. "Well welcome back" you heard a voice say. You slowly opened your eyes, hoping you were back at the house. You weren't. Once again, you were in the "good" dimension. You saw yourself smiling. Blaze was in the kitchen drinking water. "Wh-wh-where's jared?" You managed to get out, stuttering. She titled her head in the direction of the couch and you saw Jared laying on the couch with Dane and Nick's dimension copies by his side, trying to heal him. "He's going to be okay right?" You asked with fear and worry in your tone. "Of course, the fireball didn't hit him right in the heart. It's just a wound." You said smiling. "Ok." You said back to yourself, still a bit worried.
  5. You got up and went over to talk to Blaze. When she saw you, she was about to stand up, but you motioned her not to and you sat down. "Tell me what happened." You said soothingly. "I was with Daniel. I stole my powers back from her and-" "wait, what do you mean you stole your powers back?" You said, cutting her off. "She keeps all the powers she takes in a sort of glass ball. It's stashed in a room built of ice. I heard her blood runs through that room and that's why the powers are connected to her. I snook up there last night and broke the glass ball." Blaze answered. "Oh, and then what?" You asked. "She found out. She tried hurting me. Daniel was trying to protect me but she...she...morphed into sabrinianna's form, siberian tiger, and bit his neck."
  6. "I'm so sorry." You said sympathetically. Blaze nodded and you asked your dimension if Jared was ready to go. "Yes, he is." He looked good as new. He smiled at you, still with the sparkle in his eyes. (Fast Forward) You arrived at the house and Jared screamed out,"HEY HEY HEY WE'RE BAAACK!" Blaze was already going towards the living room to check if anyone was there and said,"guys, over here." Smiling, you and Jared got where Blaze was. Your smile faded as you saw all the boys there with worried looks. "Hey there." Croaked out Dane, who was laying on the floor, blood oozing out of him.
  7. "What happened?!" You screamed out loud running over to Dane's side. "Matt and Dane got into a fight...Matt lost it and bit him." Explained Greyson. You noticed Matt wasn't in the room, and neither was Chris. "Where's Matt!?" You asked frantically. "We don't know last time we saw him he stormed out of here." Replied Dakota followed by a nod from Nick.
  8. You ran outside to find Matt to talk some sense into him. You ran around like a crazy person screaming his name. You checked the time on the clock that was hanging above the pool and noticed its been 20 minutes. You ran back inside out of breathe to check on Dane, but when you came back into the living room....
  9. ...Dane's eyes were closed and all the boys & Blaze were crying. You got on your knees and joined them. Dane was dead.
  10. Part 23?

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