They Love Me Part 18

This is Part 18 of the series "They Love Me" this is just a reminder ;;; Please comment if you've read this whole series. Just put your name or something and we'll put you as the last character in the last part! (:

If you know what these boys look like then great. If you don't then please look at the descriptions in parts 14-16 . Thanks. By the way, all the boys have the hot "emo cut" . Yummy. Lmao anyways thanks for taking this quiz series :D

Created by: Dannica&Karen-giggle.

  1. "Ah!" You screamed out as the thing from the pull jumped out at you. You started running from the pool, but stopped when you realized that the thing wasn't even chasing you. You slowly made your way back to the pool to see what that thing was. You smiled as you saw what it was. ;;
  2. "What is a penguin doing here??" You said out loud running over to the adorable penguin and caressing it in your arms. You could hear footsteps behind you and you turned to see who it was. "I guess you found our little present for you." Taylor said with a smile. "You guys got me a penguin?" You asked with a wide grin cuddling the penguin as it was so cute. "He's not just a penguin, he's magical.". Jared said. "Uh how?" You asked looking strangely at the penguin. "He doesn't need all that cold climate like regular penguins and he can fly." Chris said. "Damn" you answered still hugging the penguin. ;;
  3. "He doesn't have a name yet,so you can give him any name you want." Dakota said with one of his adorable smiles. " about...Donatello?" You asked thoughtfully. "Like the ninja turtle?" Nick asked with a gleam in his eyes. "Yup." You answered with a small laugh. "....THASS TIGHT!" Jared said loudly. Everyone laughed and/or looked at Jared as if he were abnormal. You let go of Donatello and he waddles his way into the pool. You and the boys went into the house over to the dining room and began to eat breakfast. You walked over to the tv and flipped on the show;;
  4. After breakfast, you took a shower,got on some clothes and went onto Dakota's balcony just to look at the view and get some fresh air. After what seemed like hours, you felt someone, probably Dakota, hug your waist from behind. He started tickling you and you started laughing. He let you go and you two started overlooking the view together. "So what you doin' here?". He asked with a grin. "Nothing really...fresh air. Can I ask you a question?" You asked Dakota. "Of course." He said back looking into your eyes. "Why do you always come out here every night?" You asked. There was a long silence. Dakota was just looking out at the mountains. ::
  5. "Hmmm...that's a hard question. I don't really know. This house used to belong to my family. I've had this room and balcony ever since I could sleep on my own. My parents and older brothers and sisters used to tell me that I'd lock myself up here on the balcony with my guitar practicing or just sitting down thinking. When I got mad or sad I'd go up here too. So, I guess it just became a habit or mine going up here every night...thinking." Dakota flashed a smile at you with his cute dimples and you couldn't help but smile back. ;;
  6. "Where's your family now?" You asked, suddenly regretting it. "Well they died awhile ago, and they left me the house. My 2 older sisters, Morgan and Sienna, are traveling the world all by themselves wanted by the police, and my older brother, Seth, was killed my Arianene about I don't know 2r years ago." Dakota sighed and you felt icky. "You didn't have to tell me that." Was all you managed to say. "It's no problem. It's nice being able to talk to someone about personal stuff.." He said back with a small smile. "Yea...that song you did at the dance was great." You said out sensing that Dakota was starting to get a little depressed. "Thanks. Sorry about Echo. She can get a little...sassy." He said back accepting the compliment and giving a small laugh. "A little?" You asked with a smile ;;
  7. "She's fine once you get to know her." He said back with a grin. You laughed and you noticed that you were shivering. "Are you cold?" Dakota asked. "Nahhh." You said not wanting to sound hasty. "Don't lie, I see your mouth chattering." Dakota said with a smile. He gave you a big bear hug, which made you immediately warm, and he said, "The dance kinda sucked for you huh?" Dakota asked. "Hmm..if watching Matt get brutally injured and being kidnapped is a reason then...yes. Yes It did." You spat out with sarcasm and a smile. He didn't say anything. He just hugged you tighter. "Wow, he smells amazing!" You exclaimed in your mind. "Well, at least you can dance." You muttered out loud. "I can only breakdance. I'm not much of a slow-dancer." Dakota said back trying to be modest. ;;
  8. "Wow. Even I know how to slow dance." You pulled away from Dakota and grabbed his hand. "I'll teach you." You said to him with a flirty smile. You guided his hand onto your waist and put your own hand on his shoulder. Then your other hands joined together. Dakota just stared dreamily into your eyes and you said,"Now just sway back and forth." You both started romantically dancing to no music. You abrubtly stopped and said,"I'm so sorry, I promised Jaelyn I'd meet her up at the mall at 1 and it's already 12:43" You were about to leave when Dakota suddenly grabbed your hand and started pulling you closer to him. Then your lips met his and the kiss was ever lasting;;
  9. You both pulled away and before you left, gave Dakota another hug. You asked Nick to give you a ride to the mall and he said yes. It was awkward in the car as you and Nick never really been alone together,well, at all. "You and Jaelyn make a great couple." You said trying to get a conversation going. " are you holding up? I know this life can get pretty hectic." He said back with a smile. You haven't really noticed how cute his smile was. "Fine...I guess I miss my family though and being able to hang out with friends." You mumbled with a sigh. Nick pulled into the parking lot and put a reassuring hand on your shoulder. "It's gonna be over soon." He said in a serious, yet sweet tone;;
  10. You climbed out of the car and started walking to the entrance of the mall. You entered it as a cool breeze swept through you. Jaelyn was sitting at a bench next to Starbucks and was sipping a latte. "Heey!" You said out loud. She didn't notice you at first so you screamed louder,"HEY JAELYN." She snapped her head towards you and smiled. You ran over and she stood up. You both started walking around the mall going into stores and wishing you had enough money to get what you wanted. After eating at the foodcourt, taking pictures at the photo booth, and going to the apple store, Jaelyn had to go. Before she left she asked,"Do you need a ride home?" "Noo it's good, I think I'll just orb. I'm feeling lazy." You said back with a small laugh. Jaelyn laughed a long and said,"ok." she waved goodbye and you started walking to the bathroom. You went into one of the stalls and orbed your way home;;
  11. Back at home, you orbed right on Greyson's lap and he jumped up and made you fall to the ground. You both started laughing as he helped you up and said,"I'm sorry, don't do that again." You smiled and said,"Noo promises." You looked around and noticed that Greyson was in the guest room. He put some of his personal style in it like painting it dark,dark purple with black molding, 54" flatscreen tv, and posters of his favorite bands. "I love your room." You blurted out. "Thank you, I love it too, I never had my own room. I always shared with my twin." ;;
  12. "Awh. Who's your twin?" You asked curious. "His name's Jonathan. He lives somewhere in Florida." He said not even hesistant or uncomfortable in answering the question. "Ohh that's nice...I guess." You said with a small laugh. He laughed with you then you said,"I'm gonna go to my room, I'm feeling kinda tired." He nodded, kissed your forehead, and opened the door for you;;

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