A Love On The Run-part 1

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This is my not my first continuing quiz, but it is my first like this, so I hope Im doing okay! I hope you get who you want, (me- I really like Adrian, other me- shut up!)

(me-why? other me- you'll give to much away! me-ohhhhh!) I dont really know what to type....I really like TACOS! I hope you really like it, and I hope you comment and come back for part two!

Created by: twibrite
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  1. You are sitting on your bed at home when all of the sudden your mom burst in with a bag of cloths and necessities and says that you have to go right now because you are in danger. She shoves you out the door into the hands of a boy about your age with black hair and deep brown eyes, he says, "Hi, Im Adrian, but there's no time for any thing else, we have to go." He puts you inside a car right next to another boy about your age with blonde hair and sparkiling green eyes. He says, "Hi! Im Luke, im sorry your involved in all of this." You look at him confused and say, "All of what?" He ignores you and says. "And thats Michal." pointing to a boy with semi-long brown hair and blue eyes like ice. Adrian gets in the car and it drives off.
  2. The car drives quickly down the rode and all of the sudden, something hits the car from the front! You spin off the rode and are thrown from the car. All of the sudden, Maichal is carrying you into the forest he whispers, "You'll be safe here." He lays you down when you reach a clearing and says,"I hope Luke and Adrian are okay."
  3. (by the way, choose one!;)
  4. Michal sits down beside you and says, "Im sorry you are in all of this Rose, and I hope Luke and Adrian are okay." Just as you are about to ask all of what, again, Luke and Adrian come running into the clearing. Adrain is cut in several places and Luke is holding his arm and limping. Michal gets up and helps them sit down. "So, they are after us." "Im afraid so." Luke says. "And now that we have Rose, they want us even more. Adrian nods and says "They're getting stronger too."
  5. "Who are they?" you ask loudly. Adrian looks at you and says "The Harlem. The evil wolf-humans who want to use us for evil." Michal glares at Adrian and says, "Shut up dude! Lanea never told her about us or them or the other them!" Luke looks suprised and says "So she cant help us?" "I didn't say that! We'll just have to teach her, but she should stay in the dark until we reach you-know-where, that way, if she gets caught, she won't know anything about it."
  6. Adrian nods. "Fine, but we should travel by night." Luke shakes his head and says, "Must we go trough this? Travel by day!" Adrian, "I dont care, as long as we travel through the woods." You sit there thinking,
  7. Adrian looks at you and says, "Rose, how do you want to travel?" They all look at you expectantly. You say,
  8. Lets assume you said day. Luke says, "Yes! so we travel by day!" Adrian looks mad but says nothing. Michal says, "And we travel through the forests, oh, and one of us should stay near Rose at all times, to make sure no Harlem show up. Who wants to be first?" you say,
  9. Lets just say you said you dont care. Michal says, "Well, we should get some sleep, Luke, you set up the tents, we'll let Adrian guard her while she's slepping, Luke guards her in the early morning, and I will in the afternoon." Luke sets up the tents, you go inside, and Adrian takes his post outside.
  10. You wake up in the morning when Luke sticks his head in your tent and says, "Wake up Rose! Time to eat." you hear Adrian outside say, "Hate daylight, so bright! Why are you so cheerful!" You hear Michal snicker. You go outside and eat breakfest, get dressed. You sat next to ------- to eat.
  11. You are packing up when all of the sudden, Adrian grabs your hand and starts running, he whispers, "Run! go fast!" and you can hear heavy footsteps behind you!
  12. This is the end! Come back for part two? comment?

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