Blood Night- Part 3

OMG part 3! Find out about Jane! And a surprise visitor crashes the talk her and Sarine are having! What will happen next! I warn you, this one is a big cliffhanger!!!

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Created by: Crazegirl23

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  1. As I opened the door to see Jane, she instantly said to me in a worried tone, "Please dont freak out I know you think Im dead but Im not and I can explain everything! Can...can I come inside?" I nodded wordlessly and she quickly rushed in and sat on the couch. I sat beside her. "So, please tell me whats going on." She sighed and then her explination came out in a tumble of words.
  2. "Okay so like you know how they found my...FLESH...outside your house?" I nodded. "Well see, thats because this like...giant wolf-thing like, ate me." I nodded again, humoring her. "But I thought you said you werent dead." She sighed. "Well Im not. The wolf left me and my body...healed itself. And- and then...." I stared at her. "And then what?"
  3. Her eyes welled. "And...and then I...I went and I...There was this human, see, and I...I...changed." I closed my eyes. "You changed?" She whispered in reply, "Yeah, I changed into a creature just like the one that ate me and I...The human, he- he had no chance. I had no chance. I couldnt stop myself." I sighed. "And then?" "And then, once I was in control," She muttered. "I came here." She stared up at me. "Im a monster, Sarine."
  4. I felt a twisting in my gut. "So...what are you going to do now?" She looked up at me suddenly. "You dont believe me, do you? You think im lying! You... you..." I stood. "Jane, relaxe. Your stress will make you cha-" But it was too late. With a scream and a growl, a werewolf had suddenly replaced Jane in my living room.
  5. Jane turned her huge muzzle towards me. >Well now you know im not lying.< I nodded, glad to know Jane had learned how to use thought speak. "Jane, Id never thought you were lying." She glared at me. >Yeah right! You had no reason to believe me in the first place!< I closed my eyes. "Jane, I should tell you..." She growled. >NO! I shouldnt even be here! Ill probably just end up eating you anyways! Im a monster!< She turned away from me.
  6. "Jane wait." I took a step toward her. "I can help you. You dont understand." She turned to glare at me. >Oh I understand, Sarine. I cant belong in the human world anymore. No one understands me. Ill just go find my own kind.< Before she could turn, I transformed. >You already did, Jane.<
  7. She turned all the way to stare at me, her deep brown fur against my light brown. >But you look just like the wolf who...< I took a step forward and touched my nose to hers. >Im sorry Jane. You had arrived right after I transformed and I had no control. It was an accident, I hadnt meant to. I was hungry and...Im sorry.< She slowly let that sink in. >So youre the one who killed me?< I laid my head against her neck. >Yes.<
  8. I looked at her. >You are now a werewolf Jane. And...I guess that means ill have to make a pack.< She breathed slowly, blinking a couple times. >I...Im a werewolf? Like vampires and werewolves?< I changed back to human and instructed her on how to do the same. "Yes, you are. And so am I." She looked up. "And I have to eat my own kind?" I sighed. "Theyre not your own kind anymore, Jane."
  9. "Well okay then, I guess youre pack leader." She muttered. I nodded. "Yeah, I guess. I really am sorry about this Jane." She closed her eyes. "Well, what can you do? I dont have much of a choice anyway. Umm...ill have to stay at youre place, though." I smiled. "Yeah, theres an extra bed around here somewhere. Go look."
  10. The moment Jane exited the room, the doorbell rang. I answered it and was shell-shocked to see Sara. She quickly began talking. "Hi Sarine. I know youre address, coz, you know its in the papers from... Jane and well anyways im just feeling a bit down about her and I needed some company." At that moment Jane walked in. "Hey Sarine I cant find the-" Jane saw Sara. And Sara saw her.

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