Blood Night- Part 1

A story about a mysterious girl and everything that happens to her. The interesting details and slight gore will keep you interested! Part 2 coming soon!

Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon! Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!Part 2 coming soon!

Created by: Crazegirl23

  1. My name is Sarine. Im in eigth grade, like most girls my age, I think some boys are cute, like most girls my age, and I have my own passions, just like- you guessed it- most girls my age. But something about me is different. Im a....
  2. Werewolf. Yeah, I said it, Im a werewolf. I know you probably dont believe me, but its true, I am. The only problem I have is all those myths humans have about us. Yeah, some of it is true, but some of it is lies.
  3. We dont change just at the full moon. We change whenever we want to, but it comes with limits. Our changes tie in with our emotions. Not just anger though; sometimes positive emotions, like happiness and excitment, can trigger the change too. Getting overexcited is an easy way to make me change. I have to be careful, because once I trigger it, I cant stop it. And in our changed forms we basically look like a huge, rabid wolf, not some crazed, half man, half dog freak.
  4. And also our eating habits our another thing questioned by humans. Half of them think we eat like wolves, hunting from the land, but the other half think we eat humans. And the other half would be right. Yeah, it pains me to do it, but I have to to survive. I eat humans, just like a vampire.
  5. UGH! Vampires. Those ugly, blood sucking tyrants! It really is a shame though that we cant get along. In fact, im sure we would have, except for a vampire and a werewolf could never share a body; once theyve sucked all the blood out, the humans meat is useless to us. Dry and tough, utterly uneatable. Those vampires RUIN perfectly good meat! My race and vampires? We have to things in common, and thats it; we eat humans, and we're both immortal.
  6. But enough about all that, Ive told you just about everything there is to know, anyways. So as I was saying, I go to school like a normal girl and everything, the fur is the only difference. Speaking of my school, Im entering it right now. Westbane High School Prep is like most prep schools; filled with preps. The irony. Just like a werewolf pack, the pecking order is ruthless and hard to rise in. I try to stay near the bottom, where Im comfortable. I am, in fact, a lone wolf after all. Dont get me wrong, I do have friends though. But a small, concentrated amount. Sara, my best friend, and Jane and Rena, my other friends. We all know each other too, so it works out. Theyre all I need. Here they come now.
  7. Rena and Sara draped thier arms along my shoulders and Jane linked her arm over Sara's. "Hey, how are you?" Sara questioned. "Oh fine. The usual." I said. "Coo, Coo." Jane droned. "How 'bout you, Rena?" She shrugged. "Same. Juss' glad to be with my friends." Later that day at lunch, the high queen of all preps at Prep, Sadie, approached us. "Hi Sarine and you guys how are you?" She said in a blur of tangled speech. I stared at her gaurdedly. "Fi-" She instantly began talking again. "K awesome I need you all to hang up these banners around school for the big football match tonight thanks for your help.!" She handed us a stack of papers. "Wait a minute, Sadie!" I called to her retreating figure. But it was too late- she was already off. I dumped the papers onto the lunch table and began to leave.
  8. "Thats a pretty gutsy move, Sarine." Sara said. I shrugged. "Whatever. Its just a bunch of papers." And I didnt think Sadie would be brave enough to confront me. That night, I began to feel hungry so I headed to the forest outside my home to change. I focused in on my werewolf form. The change is painless, but slightly shocking. First my shoulders and arms enlarge and my hands split into clawed, canine paws. Then, my torso enlarges and my spine bends so I am on all fours. Next, my legs grow and the bones are altered so my legs are bent, just like a dog's. Lastly, my tail grows and my face changes to that of a dog's at the same time. Then fur sprouts from my nose to my newly grown tail. Finally, my eyes adjust and turn canine. The change is complete. For some reason though, this particualar change reminded me of the day I had first become a werewolf.
  9. It had been in 1946. World War II had just ended. I remember because my mom had announced dad was arriving home the next day. I was 15, just as I always will be, from now until forever. My mom told me to go outside and get some parsley from our garden outside to season her steaks for when dad arrived the next day. I had never tasted steak; we were a poor family and mom was making them for the special occasion. So I had walked out back, basket in hand, and had a few sprigs of parsley collected when it happened. I heard a sniffing noise behind me and turned to see a massive wolf (or at least it appeared to be a wolf) sniffing me. I screamed and jumped back; wolves were very rare in that area. He bared his massive teeth at me and moved forward. Trembling and nearly in tears, I began to run, my feet pounding in the grass. But I didnt get very far. Soon there was a pair of sharp claws in my back and then I was on the ground. Everything afterwards is black. Several hours later I woke to see my stoumach split open, blood streaming out and my own flesh around me. I screamed, but it only ended up a choked gurgle. I sat there in intense, unimaginable pain for hours, not knowing where I was. Finally, when I thought I was about to fade into death, something extrordinary happened. My skin slowly began stitching itself together. It wasnt painful, just strange. When it finally finished I could stand and speak again, but I was weak and near fleshless. Without thinking, I transformed and had my first feed, my strength returning with it.
  10. My wolf head shook the memories away and I focused my thoughts on now. I was hungry. Turning, I stalked along the edge of the forest and closer to town, keeping my eyes on the humans moving within. Lots of humans in this area enjoyed camping in the woods, and no one seemed threatened by warnings claiming about the common deaths in the woodland area. But good its that way, for I need a life a day to keep my own heart pumping. I saw a girl walking alone not too far from me, her black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Perfect. I stalked noiselessly forward until I was right in front of her and in her line of view. She gasped and instantly threw her walking stick at me, running off. But I was faster. In stantly she was down and my hunger was satiated, her last living scream echoing in my head. I decided to leave this one to be reborn as a werewolf. She was fierce, and would do well as one.
  11. The next day my locker was covered in a colauge of football posters and signed by Sadie. But Sadie found her locker to be mutilated by claw marks in the metal frame. Of course it was the biggest gossip on school, but I didnt mind. Jane asked me for my address, so I gave it. I wouldnt mind a little visit. But what happened when she came was VERY unexpected.

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