Blood Night- Part 2

Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!

Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!Part 3 coming soon!

Created by: Crazegirl23

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  1. A week or so passed since I gave Jane my address and she hadnt visited or anything so I figured by now it was forgotten. I was doing fine in school and by now Sadie's strangely attacked locker had been replaced with a newer, slightly nicer one. Well that had backfired. But my thoughts werent on that now. I was just walking out to transform and go get my dinner. I went through my transformation easily and normally but it was only seconds after completing the transformation when I heard a sound behind me. It was Jane.
  2. Luckily she hadnt noticed me in my wolf form yet. But my luck ran out very quickly after that. As a werewolf, I am least stable right after a transformation. This is the time where instinct is naturally in control and I am not. Now as Jane appeared I had just entered this faze and the sudden scent of nearby human flesh was enough to send me over the edge. Us werewolves work sort of like vampires in our hunting sense; we our driven by the scent of flesh. Loosing mental control, I lunged at Jane.
  3. I heard a vague scream but I wasnt in control enough. I saw in my vision Jane, a horrified look on her face, staring at my wolf form looming above her. I heard myself growl and move forward to her, teeth snapping at my prey. She cried out. I heard myself rip a dark growl and then everything was flesh and blood and heat.
  4. If you are in college or anything above eigth grade, you will understand easily how fast news will spread within a social network. So it was no surprise to me that by school the next day everyone knew that Jane was dead.
  5. "This is just horrid." Sara kept on saying. "And they cant even find a body! Only pieces of- eww- flesh in the road! I mean like, who would be sick enough to kill her in such a disgusting way! I mean, if im going to die, I want to go down in one piece, thank you!" I felt my stoumach tying in knots. "Yeah," Rena continued. "And right in front of your house Serene! I mean like, how creepy is that?!" I nodded weakly. "Yeah, uh, wierd."
  6. For the rest of the day I felt guilty and uncomfortable, eating very little of the prey Id caught. I sat around for most of the day, barely touching my homework and watching the crime scene investagators outside my house.
  7. Later in the night I was walking out deep in the forest in my wolf form. I was far from the town, in the deepest area of the forest, staying close to the brush and breathing in the woodsy scent around me. I soon opened up into a clearing that had a view of the moon. Feeling stupid and slightly sheepish, I raised my muzzle and howled, feeling empty when there was no reply.
  8. The next day the entire school was still in a tissy about Jane. As I was walking by her, I heard Sadie mutter to one of her friends, "I told you she was a bad influence...."
  9. The school itself was in even worse shape. The office always had phones ringing at all times, most of which were parents calling in about worries over "the safety of my child at this school," or occasionally a crime investigator looking for information about Jane.
  10. That night I had finished eating and was sitting alone watching T.V. in my house when I heard a knock at the door. I got up and walked towards it, already smelling the scent of the person over there. I opened it to reveal Jane. This wasnt very strange to me beacause when I had eaten Jane I hadnt finished the job. Which means she was left to heal. Which means she became a werewolf.

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