the fallen part 7

Sorry, I know it's been ages, but I couldn't be othered ok? I started a while ago, (I swear I did!) so, I forgot the result bits, so ignore them. Anyway, welcome to part 7 of my (The Fallen) series!

SUZIES GOT YOUR NUMBER! SUZIES GOT THE KNIFE!! BLOOD IS ON THE DANCEFLOOR, BLOOD IS ON THE KNIFE!! Annie are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok annie? Annie are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok annie?

Created by: Dayna

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  1. You go upstairs and Ryan calls you into his room. You go. He asks you in, and kisses you, he rushes it alot. You push away, quickly and iolently and you slapp him. Max comes in just as Ryan tries it on with you again!
  2. "Ryan! Stop that! You can tell she's terrified!" Max yelled. Then Nathan came in. Ryan has his hands around your waist and you try to get free. Natha walks up and punches Ryan in the face!
  3. Max grabs Nathans arms as he and ryan fight, You then take Ryans. Ryan soon pulls away, but Nathan seems to violent to let Ryan off that easily. So you...
  4. ..kick Nathan in the face. He collapses and you look at him while he holds where you hit him. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" He yells. You run! You see Will all pale, and still. He is silent as is like that for a while.
  5. You sit next to him. He says "____. I saw it all. I know what happened." You sigh. He hasn't looked at you. You hear someone yell, and you walk outside.
  6. you saw something lurk in the shadows. You investigate. "Hey, who are you" Says the person in the shadows. "That's none of your business." It's a girl who comes out of the shadows. "Well, I'm Leria. I'm looing for two 'Fallen'. Seen them?"
  7. "Yeah, I have" You smirk to her, "I AM one!" She looks at you. "YOU? A FALLEN?" She yells. "Yeah, that a problem?" You ask viciously. "Alaurena's descendant? You know, I knew a girl called Alaurena! She died, shot!"
  8. You go inside to sleep. The next morning, Nathan hates you, Ryan looks smug, Max is ...Max and Will has calmed down. All seems well.
  9. You hear a knock at the door.
  10. BYE FOLKS!

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