The Fallen part 4

Hi, this ones later than I hoped, but I'm at school and I got tests. So, I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for the comments, I love to read themso keep posting. I DO take your advice, and I consider them. I hope you like them.

So, to recap the last 3 quizzes - You've been KIDNAPPED!!!!'s by 3 guys who have know what Will's power is, what about the others? Curious? PLAY ON...

Created by: Dayna

  1. The pictures are of Nathan when he was younger. You see he's got an older brother and an older sister. None of the pictures show his parents. You put them all away and you hear yelling from outside of Nathan's wardrobe,you open the slide-door a bit. He's fighting (physicaly fighting) with Ryan.
  2. You see Nthan angry, and he thrusts his hand on to Ryans chest, it leaves a burn mark. Ryan looks down and he hits Nathan over the back of the head. Nathan is out cold, ryan leaves.
  3. You get out of the wardrobe and crawl to Nathan. You try to help him, but you cant. You go to find Will, he might help. You run around the ouse looking for him. Without looking, you bump into him and you fall, but he catches you. "You alright?" He asks, "No, Nathan's out cold!" "He'll be fine ____, he just needs to rest."
  4. You and Will go to the art gallery. You see many paintings, all of a high standard. William walks over to one. "I love this picture, it's part of who I am." he stares at a picture of a necklace thebeing dropped.
  5. "How is it a part of you?" You ask. He looks at you. "The artist of this painting was my mother. My REAL mother..." He sighs. "You real mother?" You ask. "It's hard, ok?" He leaves you. Then Ryan calls up and says its dinner. You stay quiet.
  6. You leave silently to see Nathan. He's muttering abit. "____? Are you ok?" He asks you as he gets up. You stay silent. "_____? What is it?" He asks. "I saw it all...I knew you had them...but not that one...not like that." You stutter.
  7. "What?" He asks. "You...YOU BURNT HIM!" You yell, and you run out, and into Max! "Has he hurt you?" He asks you, as he saw you come out from Nathan's room. "No max, he hasn't." You sigh. Max pushes past you, and goes to his room. You go to yours.
  8. You sit on your bed, and cry. You think about everything. You've been kidnapped by 4 guys who don't know you. Thay all have powers. You miss your friends and family. And then the door opens...
  9. HAZAAR, ...umm...ok... That's it.
  10. 1 more question... Do you like salad?

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