iLoveVampires part one

This is my first quiz series so I hope you like it. The four guys are Andrew, James, Michael and Devin. They are vampires with one simple rule they live by: do not drink human blood.

It all starts while you're in your room one night. You hear noises outside and see that a bad vampire is attacking a young woman then he sees you. Soon after your life turns into a horror movie until Andrew saves you. He sees something special in you that could change everything.

Created by: xxapplexx
  1. It's about ten at night and you are in you're room on your computer. You are bored to death and are just taking random quizzes. You decide to look up some news and find a large collection of articles. Which one draws your eye?
  2. You choose whichever one you wanted when suddenly you hear trash cans falling outside your house. You cautiously look out your window and find a person being attacked. Then the attacker looks up and notices you peering out you window. His eyes are bright shining red.
  3. You shut your curtains and sit back on your bed. Before you pulled away you saw that the victim had teeth marks on her neck and was bleeding terribly. You hear more clanking outside then glass breaks. You see that your window has broken and this attacker is breaking into your room.
  4. He almost gets in but then you hear a thud and the figure disappears. You cannot bring yourself to move when you hear a violent scream. Then everything falls silent. You slowly edge toward the window and look out. There is no one there. You feel completely insane and then realize the broken glass on the floor.
  5. You are exhausted and wonder if you should go to sleep. "Hello?" says a male voice from your window. You freak out and grab the baseball bat from your closet. "It's okay! I'm not going to hurt you! I kill the attacker." You hold the bat tightly in your hands. "Who are you?" "I'm Andrew," says the voice. "Can I come in? I need to talk to you." You see movement behind your curtains. "Okay fine," you say. A guy comes out behind them. He has gold hair and diamond eyes that sparkle.
  6. "He was a vampire," Andrew replies calmly. "But from an evil tribe." You look at him puzzled. "Aren't all vampires evil?" He looks a bit guilty for a second. "Well not exactly. There are those of our kind who refuse to drink human blood. I guess you'd imagine your Edward Cullens." "But I thought all that was a story. Complete fiction." "No it's true." he doesn't break eye contact with you. "I am a vampire."
  7. You clutch the bat trying not to get Andrew to notice but he does. "I swear I would never hurt you." his expression is filled with sincerity. "That guy outside was a monster." You slowly set the bat next to you and sit back down on your bed. "So are there others around here?" you ask. "Yes," he says sitting next to you. "I have three brothers. James, Michael and Devin. We're all vampires. We came here in search for food; animals not humans." You nod. "So where are your brothers?" "They're out hunting," Andrew says. "I'm also here to fight off some of the monsters."
  8. "So don't you need to get back to them?" you ask. "Yeah," he says reluctantly. "I'm just afraid that... would you tell anyone about this?" "No," you say. "I promise." "Well also what if they come looking for the dead attacker and they find you?" Andrew asks more to himself then you. "I think you should come with me. I worry you're going to get hurt." "Um, I don't know," you say thinking about your parents in a few rooms down. "Don't worry," he says as if knowing what you thought. "I'll freeze time." "You can do that?" you ask surprised. "Yeah," he says modestly. "We're going to fly so hold on tight."
  9. Andrew picks you up into his arms with ease. He goes to the edge of the window and you see a pair of dark wings start to flap. Before you know it you're high up in the sky over land and where you live. He holds you tightly in his arms and soon you feel yourself descending toward the ground. You were falling asleep when you are finally set down under a tree. You open your eyes and see three other dark silhouettes along with who you think is Andrew. They speak in whispers and you can barely hear what they're saying. What words stand out to you?
  10. In the dark you can see their glowing eyes. Andrew's diamond stone eyes, pale amethyst eyes, shining eyes of opal, and a set of topaz eyes. They turn to you and... cliffhanger!

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