which guy is best for you?part 3

Hay guys this is part 3 of my quiz "which guy is best for you?" in this part you'll have a lot of romance sence between you and guys and you'll some inespected things!take my this part of my quiz and find out if Max is best for you Santiago or nick!remember to comment and rate my quiz and follow me on twitter @ilovetaty4eva!

So here's the deal you have to pick between 3 guys Max nick and santiago!if you don't know who that are or what they look like take my other 2 quizes!so anyways your living with them for a month and at the end of the month you have pick between 3 of them!so take this part of my quiz and find out which is best for you!and look out for part 4 coming out real soon!

Created by: ilovetaty4eva
  1. Whenn the waiter comes you notice its Sebastian your ex!this tiMe he aint waiting for you,he grabs your arm and drags you to the kitchen of the resteraunt and he tells you he loves you and he won't stop till your in his arms again!before you can say anything he kisses you!you slap him and he trys to hit you but before he can Santiago is behind him and he hits him on the head with a pot he falls and lays there unconscious you guys make a run for it when you get in car he hugs you and kisses you passionately until you run out of breath but he dosent stop he continues down your neck!do you think this is romantic?
  2. When you get home he kisses you goodnight and tells you he's gona dream about you and him....um never mind!when your walking to your room you see Max on his computar in his room. You go in quietly and hug him from behind and give him a kiss on the cheek!"Hay!hello to you too.how was your night?" you tell him about your ex and he kiss you softly but passonitly on the lips.next thing you know your both on his bed making out like there's no tommorow!you have your hands around his neck and he slowly makes his way down to your thigh !you start to pull away!"are you ok did I make you uncomfortable?I'm sorry...!"you giggle."what's so funny!" "don't panic its ok I understand!!and no you didn't make me uncomfortable.its just that maybe we're taking this to far.tell you what I'm going to change and we can see a movie downstairs.15minutes?" he smiles and agrees!you go to your room and put on a pair of aeropostal shorts and tank top!you go downstairs and he has laid a blanket and a bunch of pillows on the floor!what are you thinking?
  3. He smiles at you and tells you he'll be rite back!!you go and lay down on the blanket. He comes back holding a bowl of chocolate strawberries and 2 slices of chocolate fudge cake!(yum)"awww your so sweet come here sit with me!"you tell him and give him a mischievous look!!"so what are we watching?"you ask snuggling close to him."how about...twilight?(sorry if your a hater of twilight!)you guys watch the movie and feed each other chocolate strawberries and kiss each other through little bites!after the movie ends you guys feed each other your cake and talk!you end falling asleep in the living room and you wake up to him kissing you on the forehead. He reminds you you have to pick someone again for a date!who are you going to pick?
  4. You tell him that you'll save him for last!he kisses you passionatly and tells you he'll make you breakfast!you go up to your room but stop at nicks room you go in his room quietly go up to his bed and give him a kiss on the lips he smiles and opens his eyes!he kiss you back and pulls you onto his bed!"Hay love what's up!I was dreaming about you!"you giggle and kiss him!"guess what?today we have a date!so come on sleepy head get up!"he laughs at your response!"ok but you have give be a kiss if you want me to go out with you today!"you kiss him softly but passionately!you two get up and you go to your room to change!you take a shower and when you come out there's a note on your bed its from Santiago!"Hay babe I know you have a date with nick today but what if you meet outside at the pool tonight at 10PM ok!!I love you!mucho amor,your baby santiago! After reading the note you continue to get ready and you decide to wear your favorite denim ripped skinny jeans an American eagle T-shirt and black convers. You head downstairs and eat the yummy breakfast Max made! When your dinah you and nick leave but your a little nervous about riding on a motorcycle. but nick makes it better with a kiss . He pulls into a tattoo shop and what are you thinking?
  5. "I know its sort of weird that we're at a tattoo shop but my friend works hear and he got his boss to close the store just for us!"you walk in and there's a trail of rose petals leading to a sofa!around it there's candelas and a blanket is set in front of it with red white and pink pillows all over the blanket!"what do you think?I know its sort of cheesy but I tried to make it as romantic as possible?!" you give him kiss and hug him!"I love it!its perfect!come on let's sit!"you pull him onto the blanket and lay him down!you kiss him passionately and softly but your the one that pulls back for air!he dosent stop he goes down to your neck and collor bone then he pulls back and gives you a mischievous look!"look I want to get a tattoo of you and I was wondering if you would get one too!you don't have to though!"are you game?
  6. You say you'd like to try it!"good!yo mike come on do your magic!"he yells for his friend!"dude this is ma girl Vanessa!isn't she got?!""Hay I'm mike and with all your respect let me tell you your freaken hot!" you blush and thank him!nick asks you what kind of tattoo you want?"what about we get half a heart each?I have your name on my half and mine on yours?" "ya I love it!ok!" it hurts a little but he holds your hand!after he tattoos nick he leaves. You and nick are alone again he tells you he loves you and kiss you!he lays you on the blanket slowly and kisses you!you guys go at it and start kissing like there's no tommowro!he unbuttens his shirt and you run your hand through his six pack and make-out!he lays on top of you but you pull away!"babe I love you but this is to far!"he agrees you guys feed each other some chocolate cake and kiss in between bites.you guys head home and he kisses you goodnight you head up to your room!what are you thinking?
  7. You remember you have a date with santiago and you go upstairs and put on a small black tiny swim suit with colorful skulls on it and over it you wear a a short white transparent dress. You decide to let your down and put a cute white bow shaped pin in your hair. you walk outside to the pool and its decorated with white candels all around it and rose petals inside the water! You spot santiago staring at the moon and you walk to him and hug him.. He hugs you back and he tells you THAT YOUR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD AND THAT YOUR BEAUTY IS AS LOVLY AS THE MOON ONLY MORE!!!what are you thinking?
  8. you guys talk for hours and when you relize it its about 12:30am you see his sleepy and you ask him if he wants to sleep with you tonight(no homo)he agrees and you head upstairs to your room your to tired to change so you just get in bed and snuggle together!!what are you thinking?
  9. in the morning you wake up to him kissing you. when you head downstairs max is making pancakes you go and hug him but when he turns arounds..........cliffhanger!!!sorry guys come back for part4
  10. ok so who do you love?

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