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Woohoo! Another installation to Find The Wysteria. This time you will be able to choose from our three different guys. Some of you got sneak peaks of certain moments in part 2, so congrats on that. This part is like full of kissing and romance, so eat it up! Okay, here we go!

This is a quiz-story for teenage girls. It has adventure, romance, and mystery in it. The plot basis is written in the 1st part's description. SHOUT OUT to stargazer5660 for reading these! And being cool :3 Hai stargazer. *Hugs*

Created by: rhimicha
  1. We are leaving off from last time, when you are at the clinic, and Caldwell just said you should stay off your leg for a while. "But, I can't! I have to -" you hold your tongue, not wanting to blab your motives to Caldwell yet. He doesn't seem to care what you were gonna say. Dawson says, "Yeah, well, I'm gonna go check us into a lodge then. You saw it on the way here, right? Meet me there when you're all finished." He pauses before he leaves and adds, "I'm sorry about your leg." He looks like he feels really bad.
  2. Caldwell wipes the cut clean that you got on your forehead. He smells very good, like soap and clean laundry. "All these cuts are superficial, so they just need to be cleaned and bandaged-" just as he says this, he realizes he's out of them. "Hold on just a moment." He gets up and goes to a back room. You decide to look around the place a bit. There are lots of shelves in this part of the building, with many tonics, elixirs and herbs. Nothing that will help your mother, though. While walking back to your stool, you slip on a banana peel!! O.o ?? As your about to fall, you feel hands wrapping around your waist and you fall onto a body. It's Caldwell, he caught you! He's lying with his back on the floor, with his arms around your waist. He dropped the bandages, of course. You're sitting on top of him in a very "suggestive" position!!
  3. Caldwell is not even blushing! In fact, he has the nerve to grin at you and say, "Uhh, _____, I think it's a little early in our relationship to be doing these kinds of things." You immediately scramble up off of him, your face as red as a tomato, and he just starts laughing! "It's not funny!" you start. "It's your own fault for not keeping the floors banana peel free!" This just makes him laugh harder. Then he gets over it and stands up. He pats you on the back and says, "Learn to take a joke." You heave a great big sigh and he picks up the box of bandages for small cuts, handing it to you. "Thanks," you say quietly. "My pleasure. See you around, maybe," he waves, returning to the front counter. You go out the exit and back to the lodge.
  4. At the lodge, there is a female clerk in her twenties, and she says, "Are you _____?" You nod and reply, "Yes." She continues with, "Dawson said you'd be coming. Here's the key to your guys' room." You are not surprised Dawson got only one room to share, because ya know, you're both poor and all. So you head upstairs. Although this is a cheap lodge, the rooms are very nice and cozy. Dawson is snoozing away on his bed (there are two). His hair is all tousled, and his shirt has rode up on his body a bit, revealing some of his stomach... xD um, yeah, moving on! Since you've never been in this city before, you want to get in some sight seeing tonight. After changing into a clean shirt, you go out and roam around town.
  5. You decide to check out the bar, but it's the kind of bar where they don't serve alcohol, just cool beverages and snacks. You don't want to waste your money on these things, so you just sit there eavesdropping on people's chitchat for a while. Suddenly, a fruity drink is set down next to you, and Jules sits in the stool next to yours. "_____, you looked thirsty." he greets. "Thanks," you smile, taking a sip. "So where are you headed, anyway?" he asks. "I'm on a journey," you answer. He laughs. "Yes, but a journey to where?" he asks again. You smile playfully and say, "Guess." He drinks some of his own beverage, and replies, "Let me see... the Northern Woods?" You almost spit out your drink. "How did you know?!" you ask. "What? I didn't... It was just a guess, everyone's been gossiping about that 'enchanted Wysteria'." He says it as if it's the silliest thing ever. You give him a look. He quickly says, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it like that." You are silent for a while, and he says again, "I really am sorry. You can talk to me about it."
  6. You guys end up talking for a long time and you even tell him (Jules) about your mother. He seems like such a great guy, and maybe even 'best friend' material. On the way out of the place, you are saying goodbye to him while standing next to the side of the building, where it's kind of shadowy. "This was fun," you say. Just as you say this, Jules puts his hand on your face and leans in. He kisses you softly at first, and, for some reason, you kiss back. You stroke his hair with your fingers. He holds your waist with one hand, and pulls you closer. His lips are soft and warm. Then, you pull away, because you aren't really sure why you kissed back... He looks at you, and feeling confused on whether or not you like him, he says, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have... I.." He looks away. "I should have controlled myself." You say, "Um." He shakes his head in defeat and says, "Goodnight, _____. I'm sorry, if I made you uncomfortable." Then he walks away, just about as confused as you. Completely stunned, you walk back to the lodge in a daze.
  7. Once you're in your room again, you get ready for bed. There is a small bathroom so you change in there, then you get under the covers. You have a restless sleep, because you are so worried about your mother, and your father. You can't wait to start traveling again. As your eyes open, you can feel sunlight shedding down on you from the window. You can also feel some warmth beside you... as you turn your head, you see... Dawson! He's sleeping right next to you, and has his arm around your waist! His face is like, inches from yours. His eyelashes are so long and dark, and he sleeps like a baby...
  8. So, you guys stay like this for a long time, and you can't really get away without waking him up. Since you have to go to the bathroom, you lightly take his hand, starting to lift it off your stomach, but then when you look back over at him, his eyes are wide open...... In short, he falls off the bed. *BAM*
  9. You head to the bathroom quickly, embarrassed to deal with it. Seems like you and Dawson have lots of awkward moments together (lol, for those of you who got the Dawson result back in Part 2). When you get out, Dawson is sitting on his own bed, holding his hands together, and looking down at the floor. When he realizes you're there, he says, "Sorry about... you know. I forgot to mention that, sometimes I move around in my sleep." He rubs his neck and looks out the window. You say, "Oh, pshh, no, it's fine. Not a big deal." You sit beside him and say, "I never really thanked you properly." He replies, "For what?" You say, "For saving my life, of course. So thank you." You are *so* thankful, you lean over and kiss Dawson on the cheek. Telling by his expression, he is quite surprised!
  10. When you and Dawson are completely dressed, and you've both eaten breakfast, you wander around town together. While checking out some of the stalls in the marketplace, you feel a tap on your shoulder. It's Jules. He says, "Good morning, _____." You smile shyly and say, "Morning, Jules." Dawson looks between the both of you and notices the odd vibe. "You need something?" he asks Jules. Jules looks at him and says, "Actually, yes, I'd like to speak with her for a moment." Dawson stands there, not leaving. Jules goes on to add, "Alone." Dawson 'hmphs' in something like annoyance and heads a few stalls away.
  11. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable last night, but I have thought it over, and I do not regret it. I like you, _____," he says bluntly. He sure doesn't waste any time! You are confused, since you like him as a friend, but are not 100% sure about 'romantically' yet. Yesterday you were just caught up in the moment. You smile politely and say, "Thank you." He laughs and says, "You're so cute." This makes you blush. The thing is, Jules is wealthier than you or Dawson. He's what you'd know as middle class, but maybe a bit higher. That's why he's always wearing such princely clothes. Anyway, because of this, it surprises you when he says, "I'd like to join you on this Enchanted Wysteria adventure."
  12. Hey guys, that was the end of this part! I like to leave these around 12-13 questions, so they are more enjoyable, and don't get too tedious. I hope you enjoy your results (:

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