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Hey lovelies! Here you go, the 4th installment of Find The Wysteria. In this part, it is more plot-based than romance-based. Therefore, the 'results' are just gonna be me saying something. As usual, I hope you enjoy! Please rate and let me know in the comments who your favorite character is! xD

This is a quiz series intended for teenage girls. It's got adventure, romance, mystery, and comedy. Enjoy! ;D You can skip to the thing now. Just trying to fill in the characters.

Created by: rhimicha
  1. "What?!" you exclaim. Jules repeats himself. "I'd like to join you on your journey. You know, in search of the enchanted wysteria." You glance over towards where Dawson is standing and see that he's watching you two closely. "Um, I'm fine with it... but..." you trail off. Jules smiles cheerfully and says, "Great! So we can set out tomorrow!" After this, he puts his arm around your shoulders, in a friendly kind of way. He smells good; like soap and mint at the same time. This is when Dawson appears. "Soooo... what's goin' on?" he says, confused. You are quick to reply. "I think we need more people on our journey to the Northern Woods." Dawson stares at you blankly for a moment, but then he nods. "Actually, I agree. The bigger the party, the safer it is traveling." He whispers in your ear now, and this causes Jules to back away a bit. "But hello? What about when we finally get there. There's gonna be a whole blood bath."
  2. Out loud, you reply with, "Don't worry. Jules is trustworthy." Dawson just scoffs. Jules looks at him and says with confidence, "I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing it for _____." This causes Dawson to raise his eyebrows for a second. "Fine. Whatever. You'll come in handy anyway," he shrugs. "Think you can hook us up with some horses?"
  3. "Actually, I probably can..." Jules thinks aloud. "Hmm... they should be ready tomorrow. We'll meet up at the edge of town." You and Dawson nod in agreement. Jules leaves to get all his affairs in order, and Dawson and you wander around. Since you are leaving tomorrow you decided to have as much fun as possible. Except, it kind of feels like a date! Dawson and you stop at a park and sit on the fake miniature horses, meant for little children. You both are eating ice cream cones (lol) and talking about finding the wysteria. The park is not very crowded today, but little do you two know... that Caldwell is in the bushes, eavesdropping.
  4. "Wealth and success? Enchanted wysteria?" Caldwell exclaims, jumping out of the bushes and into your guys' view. Dawson shouts, "Where did you come from?!" Caldwell says, "Clam it. I wanna know more about what you guys were just talking about. Where is this... enchanted wysteria?" You cross your arms and say, "You actually expect us to tell you?" Dawson scoffs in agreement. Caldwell looks frustrated for a moment, but then a smirk appears. "Well. I guess you don't get a doctor on your journey, then. Good luck surviving the trip!" he shouts as he's strolling away.
  5. "Wait!" Dawson and you call after him, simultaneously. He stops and turns around, all smugly. "Yes?" he asks innocently. "Maybe... we could... make an exception or something," you trail off. Caldwell says impatiently, "I don't have time for 'maybes'." He turns around again. "Okay! Fine... You're in," you say reluctantly. He smiles and comes closer to you two. "Excellent," he smiles. Dawson is quick to grab you and whisper, "We can't let him get the wysteria. Once we reach the outskirts of the Northern Woods, we have to get rid of him."
  6. So basically, Caldwell leaves to go get HIS affairs in order as well... and night falls, and everyone sleeps, and then you all meet up super early on the edge of town. Jules says that his father is fine with him leaving for a while (he didn't say where he was going though). Caldwell, on the other hand, had to sneak away, and there's someone he had to bring. She has long black hair and brown eyes (same colors as Caldwell), and is about 15. Her name is Lucia. Don't worry, she's not Caldwell's girlfriend. She's his sister. He said he couldn't get away without bringing her, otherwise she would have blabbed to their uncle. So now his younger sister is joining you all.
  7. "Hey cutie," Lucia winks at Dawson, VERY OBVIOUSLY. She sidles up to him and actually LATCHES ONTO HIS ARM. "Um, hiya," Dawson says, pulling his arm away from her. She puts on an adorable smile and says, "What's your name?" Dawson smiles back and introduces himself, while getting one of the horses ready (Jules brought three horses in all). Then she comes up to you and whispers, "We sure are lucky, huh? OMG dibs on Dawson."
  8. For whatever reason, the pairing ends up like this: Dawson and Lucia, you and Caldwell, and Jules by himself, leading the whole group. You guys travel for miles and miles, and by the time you've finally made it somewhere worth stopping, it's late afternoon. It's a small country farm, much like the one you grew up on. Everyone gets down from their horses except for Lucia and Dawson (O.o), but, oh well. You, Jules, and Caldwell all go on ahead to knock on the little cottage door. It's kind of creepy here, and you have a gut feeling everyone should just keep on moving. But you are all running low on water, and really need some. Just as you're thinking this, a lady opens the door...
  9. She is a very odd looking old lady; hunch-backed, and big-nosed. She uses a curvy, wooden cane to keep herself up. As soon as you both meet eyes, she jumps back a little, as if she's seen a ghost.
  10. "You all right, ma'am?" Caldwell asks worriedly. "We are travelers. Just passing through, from a nearby city. We saw your well, and wondered if we might borrow it?" Jules and you nod along as he explains for all of you. The lady eyes you suspiciously and whispers something in Caldwell's ear. Jules and you share a glance, but he just shrugs, cause he really doesn't know what's going on either. But Caldwell only laughs, when the lady is done whispering.
  11. "Well, is it okay if we use your well then?" Jules asks once more. "Absolutely NOT! Now, get off my property, you two. Shoo! Shoo!" the little old lady finally spoke out loud. Her voice is strong -- very contrasting to her weak little body. As soon as she says you can't use the well, you are dying to! Jules and Caldwell are shaking their heads as you are walking back to the horses.
  12. You're almost about to say you want to sneak over there, and use the well anyway, but the display in front of you makes you choke on your own words. Lucia is... is... is...
  13. Kissing Dawson.
  14. Dawson pulls away suddenly, as if he didn't want her to kiss him. You stand right next to Caldwell, and you can see his nostrils starting to flare. Soon, he's forming a fist and aiming right towards Dawson's face. "No!" you shout. "What are you doing? Stop!" Dawson ducks, and Caldwell misses, but then he kicks him in the leg. While Dawson is holding it in pain, Jules intervenes by grabbing Caldwell by the collar and yelling, "Hey! Get your head back to reality!" Lucia stands on the sidelines, seeming to be completely indifferent. She must only like Dawson for his looks... Anyway, whatever. You and Dawson were never in a romantic relationship anyway.
  15. "Everyone!" you shout. "Just... focus on the plan at hand. And Lucia, this isn't about hooking up with guys," you say seriously. "It's about finding the Wysteria." Of course, you are a little guilty of wanting to hook up with a particular guy yourself... Egh, you shake that thought out of your head and continue: "That lady was very weird towards me. As if... she recognized me.. or something. I don't know. I just know that she's hiding something. That well has got something about it she doesn't want us seeing. So let's go figure it out!" Lucia gazes at her nails and sulks, but all the guys seem to be on board with you. Dawson is the first to volunteer to sneak there with you. Maybe he wants to explain what happened.
  16. Cliff hangaaaa. If that counts as one? I think it does, it was pretty... cliffy. O.o Hehe, is that even a word? xD I don't think so, but it's all good! Because part 4 has been completed! I will try finishing part 5 throughout this week so that it's completely ready next week. I think there's been a two week gap between part 2 and 3... Sorry about that! I had a bit of writer's block. Now for some reason I'm thinking these words in a British accent. I do that a lot these days. Think I'm watching too much Doctor Who... Hmm.. Well, on with it now, check out the results! *which is really just another letter from me*

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