Making my way in the world part 2

Hey guys! Sorry it took me until you got married had children and then died to get this out. I've had literally no free time at all this summer up until this week.

This part introduces a couple more guys....actually the rest of the guys. There is one though who is not part of the romance part. The character isn't going to be included in the love section of Amanda's heart(yet) I'm still thinking about it but enough of my yapping and on with the show.

Created by: Milkyway62
  1. Hi sorry it took so long for part 2. Hope you enjoy please comment and tell me what you think.
  2. So the bell rang for us to go to third period. On my way out of the big set of double doors leading out to the courtyard, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around. I saw Jessica following her friend Alyssa who just happened to show up from nowhere. A guy was standing there. He looked familiar but I couldn't place a name to his overly attractive, sexy face. He cleared his throat. "Um hi." he said. " Hi?" I said back. He held out my AP lang textbook I had gotten earlier." You forgot this in the gym." I grabbed it and reshouldered my backpack."Thanks." "Are you the newbie that everyone is talking about?" he blurted when I turned to walk away. I turned back around, though it was kinda hard when there are at least a million teen bodies trying to go the opposite way."I'm a newbie but I think I would know if people were talking about me." I wondered if people were really talking about me. Like for real. It's my first day people! I didn't set the school on fire or anything! "You're Amanda though,right?" I nodded." Grant seemed to take an interest in you. All the Barbies are talking BS about you." "The Barbies?" I asked. "I call the mean popular girls the Barbies. They are always worried about messing up their hair or there clothes or anything on them really." The guy shrugged."I try not to associate with them but it's kinda hard." "Then why don't you just stay away from them?" I asked. The guy sighed." You know the really blonde one with green eyes and a spray tan?" He asked. I nodded."Yeah well she's my sister. Yay for me,right?" I could see what he was talking about. I could see a faint family resemblance even though he had brown hair. He had striking green eyes a color that reminded me of fresh grass. He was very toned and I could see some muscle peeking out from underneath his shirt. " I'm Zach by the way." "Amanda" I replied. I tried to avert my eyes. "Yeah, I know. I think everybody knows who you are already." So much for trying to go unnoticed. " Well I just wanted to return this to you. See ya around then." He waved and went off somewhere to his next class. I hurried on to third period. I had Mr. Jones for AP World History. Well whoopedy freaking doo. I sighed. I hated AP World. I sighed again. Bring it on.
  3. Third period wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Mr. Jones was really nice and really funny. He was in his early twenties and would've been semi attractive if he weren't my teacher. He liked to ask a lot of questions about what we like to do and stuff like that though. I was in my seat waiting for the second half of class to be over when a guy walked in to the classroom. Mr. jones stopped talking and waved him over." Ah, Sam. So nice of you to join us. You can take the empty seat next to Ms. Collingwood." I perked up at the sound of my name. Then I saw him. He was tall, not too tall a little taller than me but still. He had dark brown hair and I think brown eyes. I swear his eyes darkened when he saw me though. He said something to Mr. Jones and then walked over to the seat next to me and sat down."Hi." I offered the start of a conversation. I didn't get the rest of one. He just mumbled a hmm and stared straight forward. ' What was this guy's problem?' Whatever it was it wasn't helping me like him any better. The rest of the period went uneventful. When I was heading out the door, a girl started walking next to me.'Hey newbie!" she said cheerfully." I'm Lauren. If you need any help with anything just let me know and I will gladly help. Oh by the way the guy you were sitting next to is Sam. Sam Stewart." "Who is he? Queen of the divas?" I asked. She chuckled." No. But his dad pays for this place pretty much and apparently nobody is good enough for him. He's kinda mysterious. He has friends and everything but he doesn't talk much." I sidestepped a flying book that was headed my way and kept walking with Lauren." I'm Amanda by the way." I said." I know. You're all everyone talks about." "May I ask you why?" We rounded a corner."See Grant Collins is the most popular guy in school. His girlfriend dumped him a couple months ago and hasn't tried to impress any girl since. The Barbies saw him flirting with you this morning. They really want him and didn't like it when they saw you- a newbie- having Grant flirt with you." she said."Ok?" I wondered what there problem was too. Jeez, does everybody have problems here?! "Well I gotta go. It was nice meeting you. I hope we can hang out soon.Bye Amanda!" she waved and entered a classroom next to me. I was alone again.
  4. I looked at my schedule and saw that I had lunch right now. I eventually found the cafeteria and spotted Justin and Jessica immediately. I went over to Jessica and put my backpack on the chair next to hers."Oh hey Amanda.Sorry but Alyssa is sitting there today." said Jessica. That felt like a knife through my heart.I felt my tear ducts getting ready. We had always sat next to each other. Everyday since 6th grade. I recoiled."Oh. I'm sorry." I said barely a whisper. I picked up my backpack and headed over to Justin."Hey." I said. "Hey there's my favorite girl." He responded. He stood up and gave me a hug."How come you're over here today. Why aren't you sitting with Jessica?" he asked. " I think she has a new best friend. She told me my seat was already taken, We've sat next to each other every single day from the start of 6th grade!" I let a tear roll down my cheek." I think I've been replaced." I whispered into his chest."Ohhh. Well you know you are welcome to sit with me. Here sit down." I took off my backpack and set it down on the chair."I'm gonna go get some lunch." I said."Ok. I'll go with you." I smiled. That's Justin for you. Always ready to cheer you up. The line took a good ten minutes. When I had finally paid and turned to go back to the table, I crashed into someone. I felt something warm go down my dress and heat up my bra. I also felt some of it hit me in the face. I just stood there. I was too stunned and embarrassed to move. The someone was a guy."OMG!! I am so sorry! I didn't see you! Jeez are you okay?! No you aren't. Here let me help you clean up. Come with me.I'll show you to the bathrooms. I am so sorry again. Oh crap. I didn't mean to spill anything on you. Do you need some help cleaning up. Yeah you do.I'll help you." I still hadn't moved. I looked up at Justin. He had a small tiny frown on his face. But I could see he wanted to laugh just like everybody else in the cafeteria was doing. I did the only thing I could think of. I ran. I ran out of the cafeteria and started to cry outside. I heard someone come out with me. I turned around and saw it was the guy who I had crashed into. I wiped away my tears." What do you want?" I choked out between sobs. " I wanted to see if you were okay. I wanted to help you clean up. And I wanted to apologize. I am so so so so sorry. That was not how I imagine you want your first day to go. Here follow me. I'll take you to the bathrooms and help you clean yourself up." He motioned for me to follow.
  5. I followed him to the bathrooms. He followed me inside the girls bathroom." Um. If you haven't noticed this is the girls bathroom." I said. "So you do have a voice!" I gave him a look." I know but it's the least I could do." He grabbed some paper towels and started to wipe my face. I took a step back." Who are you?" "I'm Sean Decker. And you are Amanda. Correct?" I nodded." I really am sorry for ruining your dress." A new wave of tears came out. I slinked to the floor and put my head in my hands. Why me?? Why couldn't it have been on of the Barbies?"Hey. It's ok. You can't even tell it happened. It only went down the opening. It didn't stain the front or anything." Sean said. He came over and sat down next to me. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my head so we were eye level. He then took his thumb and wiped off a stray tear."How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" He smiled." It's gonna be fine. Everybody will forget about it in a couple days."
  6. "Really?" I asked. He nodded." Now. Would you like some help removing spaghetti from down there or do you got it?" His smile should be like on a Seventeen magazine or Teen Vogue or something." I think I got it." I finally said after breaking free from his smile."Cool. I didn't want to be digging down there anyway." I laughed."Thanks for coming in with me." I grabbed some spaghetti from my hair and tried to get the rest out with the help of Sean for the rest of lunch.
  7. When we emerged, Justin was waiting with my backpack."Thanks Justin." I had fortunately had been able to get out all of the pasta from my hair, face, and bra."No problem." I took out my cardigan which I had put in my backpack earlier and put it on. I graciously accepted the lemonade he had gotten me and then shouldered my backpack.
  8. Fifth period (art) went by uneventful. Though I was put next to Grant again and trust me when I say this but damn. He is pretty smexy. We got to talk a little more and it seemed that he had forgiven me from the incident in first period. That was fine by me. Sixth period(Ap Algebra 2 honors) contained Justin,Lauren,and Sean. I was put next to Sean but on my left were Justin and Lauren who were put next to each other. Seventh period wasn't that interestin. I was put next to a girl named Savannah. Jessica and Alyssa and the Barbies were in that class too. Jessica and Alyssa were put next to each other and the Barbies sat next to us on the right.
  9. School was finally released and Justin took me home. At 4th Avenue intersection, I saw something next to me move. I looked out the window and screamed.
  10. dunh,dunh,dunhhh. Sorry bout the cliffhanger but you know it had to happen. :) I am going to start a question of the day kinda like what Dannica did cuz she's my inspiration so that will be in the parting words. Thanks for reading! Bye guys!

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