~Love In The Middle Ages~ part 3

Part 3 is out sorry for the wait had to ask you guys something and i'm trying out for a presenter job exciting, well part4 will be interesting, hehehe, i'm finally a junior celebrating by making parts exciting

Secon Paragraph, being a presenter, does anyone know how, finally a junior yippeee celebrating by making my quizzes exciting, part 4 will be out later not soon sorry

Created by: angelic4

  1. ~recap~ you were kissing the hot knight Colin
  2. "Show thyself" Colin said sheathing you from the direction of the sound "Relax Colin, it is only us" James Prescot said, as the other knights started coming out of the bushes "Did anything happen while we weren't here" William Peterson said, as you remembered your kiss with Colin, you blushed, you could see Colin smiling at your reaction "Nothing interesting happened" he said
  3. It soon became night, this was the first time you slept outside with men, was this the kind of adventure you seeked? You were thinking what had happened early this morning you complaining to Margaret that you dont do anything but here you are with 6 hot knights who are here to protect you from someone you don't know
  4. The voice of William soon broke your thoughts "Lady ______, dinner is served" he said in a sweet voice. You got up and joined him and the rest of the knights, they served you broth, it wasn't bad as it looked, but it was still horrible tasting, you ate it to be polite, everyone was quiet
  5. You could not stand the broth and the quietness of the strange knights "Can you please tell me what is going on?" you ask the knights, "Lady______, you are the princess of the kingdom of Mythica" James said in his Scottish voice "But Mythica is myth, it does not exist" you say, Mythica was a realm, filled with mythilogical creatures of any kind, "It is very much real, and all the creatures are also real" James said
  6. "Your father, the ruler of Mythica, had a brother, but he grew jealous of the king, and the marriage of him and your mother, he became evil, and became the king of the Black knights" William continued from James in his Irish accent "But you said the king of the black knights wants to marry me, but he's my uncle how is that possible" you ask "If you let me finish, your uncle took in a young apprentice, the apprentice betrayed your uncle and killed him, the apprentice, Luther, became king, but he died leaving a son our age"
  7. " Just like his father, and your uncle, the son wants to rule Mythica, he found out he can rule by marrying you, your parents wanted to protect that's why they sent you here on Earth, they left you with trusted advisors, your unreal parents," William said " But recently the rulers of Mythica have been killed, and the black knights now know your on Earth, before your father died he sent us to rescue and protect you" "So i'm going to be running for my life, forever" "No your not, you have to defeat the king of the Black Knights, Arthur,
  8. "Pardon me, Did you say that thee shall defeat the king of the black knights" "That is correct" William answered " "And how should i be able to complete this task" "By our help ofvourse, we will train you to be a knight" "A knight, then we shall defeat the king of the black knights". You decided to get some rest, and you were finally going to be a knight, life of adventure and romance, but this time was the romance of true love not adventure
  9. The morning came with you feeling dew on the green ground, the noises of ppestilent bugs, and chirpings of robins, You slowly open your eyes to be face to face with a buck, it scared you, that you screamed
  10. "Lady ______!" the knights shout getting up, they get up to see the buck leave. "Tell me are you scared of a woodlawn creature?" one of the knights said bluntly "No, i woke up facing it face to face, it gave me a start that's all" you say embarassed. You went to was your face in the stream nearby, You came back to see broth being cooked again "Broth is ready my lady" Samuel said " umm, delightful, but i could not eat it, while you are all hungry, please eat it, do not mind me" you say, really not wanting to taste the broth
  11. Eeveryone was here, except for the red haired James, were could he be, leaving the rest of the knights, you search for James Prescot, "Looking for someone" a scottish voice say above you, looking up you see James in a tree "No, i was just admiring the scenery" you lie "Scenery, yes" he gives you a bad boy smile
  12. Your stomach felt like it was churned, or it did a loopty loop, he got down, "From this view, the scenery is beautiful" he said looking straight at you" you blushed "Might i ask what were you doing in the tree" "I was scouting, but honestly i was looking for adventure" "Adventure, please tell me one of your adventures" you pleadingly ask "Those are storied for another day my Lady" he says "Please refrain from calling me lady, _______ is fine" "Very well _______, are you not suppose to be eating with the others" "I could possibly not, let you knights go hungry" you say "Yes we cannot go hungry, or did you already find the broth detestable" he smiles
  13. "Hmm. It was quiet an odd taste" you say trying to be polite "Odd indeed" "Do you wish to climb the tree, i saw the twinkle of climbing in your eyes" "Climb i cannot i am wearing a dress" "Understood, at least would you do me the honor of joining me in patroling, nothing will harm you" You agree, Everything was serene and boring "Nothing excit---" James was interrupted, by voices "She cannot be far" a gruffy voice says "With what Arthur is paying, i 'll search this whole forest" said one of them "Bounty Hunters" James whispered "Did you hear that, it was coming from there" a man said pointing at your direction Then Cliffhanger
  14. I did say this was going to be longer it was boring i know, but p4 is going to be awesome, you can tell from the last part, I'm finally a junior and to celebrate i made this quiz longer, and going to be more excitin, please wish me luck cause i'm auditioning for being a presenter on radio, take my other series Never From Ordinary

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