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Do you know your middle ages facts straight up? Do you spend five minutes looking up the answers on wikipedia? Are you too dumb to do either. Weel,tak

I'm going to describe ma quiz by using some letter and stuffins, iah goin down to history and middles ages I have to write one hundred and fifty character

Created by: David Cherepov

  1. What was a vassal?
  2. The first crusade began in what century
  3. In the process of knighthood, at what age could a squire become a full-fledged knight?
  4. Approximately how much of the European population was wiped out by the Black Death?
  5. What was a fief?
  6. What perceived heresy was the Albigensian Crusade fought over?
  7. Who wrote "Le Morte d'Arthur?
  8. What started the middle ages?
  9. Which statement about monks is false?
  10. A set of rules for honorable behavior used by the knights.
  11. Which statement about Charlemagne is false?
  12. William the Conqueror invaded this island in 1066.
  13. This term refers to payment for protection.
  14. Which statement about the Crusades is false?
  15. Who did King Clovis rule?
  16. This was the language of the Byzantine Empire by the seventh century.
  17. This term refers to payment for protection.
  18. A present of money, goods, or land given by a father to her daughter's husband.
  19. Muslim warriors crossed the Pyrenees Mountains in 732 in order to conquer France.
  20. Death came very slowly to the victims of the Bubonic Plague.

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