Do You Have a Bully Lover

READ THE SECOND PARAGRAPH So many people wonder if they have a Bully Lover so take my quiz and find out READ THE BOTTOM, yes please read the bottom now

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Created by: amazon
  1. Does your bully ever winks at you
  2. Do you feel your bully, bullies you more than others
  3. Does your bully flirt with you
  4. Does your bully flex his muscles a lot infront of you
  5. Does the bully try to get attention from you
  6. Has your bully ever said they liked you
  7. Do you like your bully
  8. Are you a bully
  9. Good-Bye Take my other Quizzes and Please Rate and Comment
  10. Take my love series, Never From Ordinary, and Love In The Middle Ages[it's new and will be out soon] Take them Take them or your going to see me in your house

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Quiz topic: Do I Have a Bully Lover