Epic Summer Part Fifteen: Remember

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Welcome to Part Fifteen: Remember! Obviously, this is another special. This one will once again revolve around the cabin, as most of the other specials do.

Recap: So in Part Fourteen, you participated in the camp's second week game. Unlike first week's game, you won the second week game, which this time around turned out to be capture the flag.

Created by: James Bond
  1. Guess what? Another special!
  2. It is the dead of night. Sean, Isiah, and Michael are all asleep. You lay there, awake, unable to fall asleep. Tossing and turning, you stop when you think you hear movement outside. Heavy footsteps thudding across the floor. The sound like they're coming towards your door, and they are too big to be one of the other teens or children in the cabin. What do you do?
  3. Slowly peaking your head out of your room door, you catch a glimpse of Bill stepping out of one of the other rooms, a cigarette in his mouth. He spots you, and simply says "Go back to bed..." He seems to be carrying a small trash bag over his shoulder as well. Something doesn't add up, why would he be the one taking out the trash? Unless it's not trash... He makes his way to the front door that leads outside. Something's definitely not right. What do you do?
  4. You act as if you're going back to bed, shutting your room door. But after Bill's footsteps grow more faint, you peek your head out again. Seeing that he's not supposed to be here, constantly looking over his shoulder in a paranoid way, you slowly creep after him, out into the darkness of the camp. The only light is from his flashlight, the moon is blocked by a cloudy night sky. Following his light, he makes his way up into the ominous woods of which you fear so much... There's only one place where he could be going, and you know where it is... Do you continue to follow him?
  5. Bill continues on the path. Looks like you aren't the only one who finds this place creepy: he's breathing a shaky breath, the mysterious trash bag of unknown contents quivering in his shaking hands. You aren't quite sure, but you think you can hear him mumbling to himself. Suddenly, your foot steps on a tiny twig. It cracks loudly. Bill stops right where he is. You quickly dive behind a rock for cover to remain unseen. You hear him spin around and shout "Who's following me? Sam? That you, boy?" Well, this isn't good. What do you do?
  6. It seems almost like five minutes or so of Bill shouting angry threats and obscenities at whoever this mystery person is before he finally starts moving along again. Huh. This is a side of him you haven't seen. He seems a lot more cold. Very quietly, you begin following again. You're pretty sure he can still hear you, but he doesn't turn around. A few minutes later, here you are again, for the third time... Bill drops the trash bag for a second, and digs a key out of his pocket. He unlocks the door, picks up the trash bag, and slams the door shut. Great, there goes your way in. Do you try to find a different entrance?
  7. Remembering the stone that Quinn used to break the window, you start making your way to the back of the still charred cabin. The shattered window still remains an entryway, and you crawl through, entering the living room of sorts. Over in the corner, you see Bill igniting a small fire in the fireplace. Taking a small puff on his still lit cigarette, he empties the trash bags contents, which from your hiding behind the chair, look to be a series of envelopes. Bill dumps them all into the fireplace, chuckling darkly to himself, and proceeds upstairs, leaving you alone. What do you do?
  8. Making your way over to the fire, you find one of the envelopes still in good condition. Picking it up carefully, you silently laugh to yourself at your stealthiness. However, not watching where you're going, you trip over a burnt padded chair, and the chair falls to the ground with a huge thud. Uh Oh. You hear Bill's feet stop upstairs. He begins sprinting back down the staircase to investigate the noise. Ok, you have three options. Option one: You can make a break for the front door, which will take less time, but Bill will no doubt see you. You could also try to escape out the window, but this would take a lot of valuable time. As your final option, you could find a hiding place. What do you do?!
  9. You practically leap over to the door. Quickly turning the handle, you shout in fear as Bill roars "HEY!" snarling as he sees you. After about ten seconds, you hear four rapid, and very loud booms. Ah, lovely, he has a gun... Thoughts?
  10. You don't think he saw your face, but he'll know who you are unless you do something, because he is right freaking behind you! What do you do to throw him off that it's not you that he's chasing?
  11. Doing a barrel roll off into the bush, Bill curses once again and begins trying to push his way into the thicket where you jumped into, but he's too thick. You make an absolute beeline back down to the campsite, the fastest you've ever ran in your life. He was, and is, definitely hiding something... This quiz is to be continued.
  12. Alrighty, guess what? we're down to the final five episodes! From now on, the last five will be of SIGNIFICANT importance, the story's about to take a dramatic change from when it first started, if you haven't already noticed :D
  13. Good luck in Part Sixteen... BROFIST

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