Epic Summer Part Eighteen: Scars

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Welcome to Part Eighteen: Scars! In this Episode, you'll pick up where you left off in Bill's cabin. With each of you in a hiding place, there's no telling what will happen...

So in Part Seventeen, Sean's idea of Bill being the cause of the fire turned out to be true. But it came at a cost: The five of you had to go into his cabin to find out. Everything suddenly goes wrong when Bill comes back to his cabin while the five of you are still there.

Created by: James Bond
  1. The five of you quickly hide, you making a break for behind the staircase. Not daring to make a sound, you hear the door creak open, followed by heavy footsteps. No doubt, that's Bill's boots clanging. Something doesn't seem right though- he sounds like he's sobbing. He's muttering something too. but you can't really hear him... Do you go in for hearing distance?
  2. You hear him plop down on the bed, where Michael is hiding underneath. Bill doesn't make a sound for what seems like a long time, just laying there. After a while, he gives a huge sigh, and you hear a clicking, followed by a small light. He's probably lighting a cigarette. All of a sudden, you hear a massive CRASH! upstairs. Sean's hiding place. You hear Bill sit up immediately. He gives a shout and sprints up the stairs, causing dust to fall on you. Uh oh. What do you do?
  3. You hear Sean cry in fear upstairs. That does it for everybody. Emily leaps out of the closet, with Sam from in the cabinet and Michael from under the bed following. You join them in running. After the four of you make it out into the dark woods, Sean flies past you, his feet going in turbo. Before he passes, he shouts "HE SAW ME!!!" as he sprints down the road, back to the normal cabin. You hear another shout from behind you, but this one is much deeper, belonging to Bill. You hear that familiar sound again of a gun being fired. You hear Michael yelp "AAHHH!!" as he falls to the ground. Only one thing could have happened to him, he was hit by a bullet... That means Bill isn't far behind. What do you do?
  4. Despite Michael's pained pleads for help, you all keep running, and you don't stop. You don't stop when you hear Michael's cries suddenly being cut off instantly. You don't stop when you don't hear Bill's feet behind you anymore. You just plain don't stop. Sean suddenly changes course. "Sean where you running to?!" Sam shouts at Sean, who is far ahead all of you. "To the burned cabin! He won't find us there!" Sean shouts back, not turning around. Oh great, here we go again... Do you follow Sean back to the burned cabin?
  5. The four of you sprint back into the ominous woods. What is this, like your fourth time here? Still running, Sean only stops to fling open the door for all of you to dive inside. Once in, the four of you are out of breath. "Michael's done for..." Sean says, panting. "Should we have just left him there?" Emily rasps. "I guess... Ok, lets get upstairs to hide," Sean pants again. "What? No man, we wanna go downstairs. If he finds us up in the attic, he has us cornered," Sam argues. Ok, here we have a disagreement. Where should the four of you hide?
  6. After some convincing, the four of you head upstairs to the attic. The cabin seems oddly quiet now, unlike the last few times when it has been feelings of dread and chaos. It feels more peaceful for some reason... Thoughts?
  7. You had no idea that there was a window up in the attic. This allows you to see out into the forest. Alright, now comes the matter of barricading yourselves in for safety. The only way in is through an entrance from the floor, so that means that Bill would have to push up to get in. In the room, there is a small mattress, an unstable nightstand, and a light dresser. Which do you use to barricade?
  8. You and Sean haul the mattress onto the door. That should do it. The four of you sit still, only daring to whisper, in fear that Bill might have come here looking for you, and heard you. After a while, Emily says softly "You guys smell something?" Actually, now that she mentions it, there is like a campfire kind of smell in the air. Wait a second... You glance out the window. That gives you the source of the smell: A massive smoke cloud has appeared over the woods, seeming to be coming from the camp... A fire... This quiz is to be continued :P
  9. Alright people, looks like we're coming to the end! This is it, two more episodes :P.
  10. Good Luck in Part Nineteen... BROFIST

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