Epic Summer Part Thirteen: Flames

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Welcome to Part Thirteen! In this episode special, you'll be returning back to the eerie cabin, where you'll find a surprising twist in the story...

Recap: So in part twelve, you had to get up and perform on stage with some of your friends, which actually went pretty well! You were a hit singer, a perfect replacement for Emily :P.

Created by: James Bond

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  1. Hey Y'all :P. This is gonna be another special episode, meaning that this one will be longer and have a significant event >:D.
  2. You and your group of friends laugh happily in the snack bar, enjoying a some ice cream. You got everyone here: Sean, Emily, Sam, Quinn, Michael, Isiah, Bone, and Alyssa. It is around 11:00 PM, almost curfew. The lot of you start heading out into the darkness of the camp. As you come to a path, the eight of you part ways. But Sam and Quinn are motioning you and Sean to follow them off the path. Huh, wonder what they want. Where do you go?
  3. "So where we going?" Sean asks to Sam and Quinn. "I think you know," Quinn says, smiling. Uh oh. You do know. This is the trail to the burned cabin. "What are we going over here for?" you ask, worried. "What, you scared, man?" Sam asks. "It's almost past curfew," you warn, trying to get out of it. "Ugggghhhhhh, fine... You don't have to come if you don't want, but who cares? Who's gonna catch us?" Ok, so they are letting you walk out if you want. Do you take that offer?
  4. "Alright, fine..." you say, knowing that you're probably stepping back into Hell once you go in that cabin. Sean on the other hand isn't so adventurous. He says nothing, he only walks down back to the path towards your cabin. Well, that makes three. "You guys say you've been here before?" you ask, trying to make conversation. "Yeah, back when we were younger a few years ago. Those were the days, eh?" Sam asks to Quinn, nudging his shoulder playfully. "Yeah man. Way back when Emily and I had something going," Quinn says, chuckling. "You dated her?" You ask, curiously. "Oh, hah, for like a week I guess. Didn't work out too well," he says. You recognize the ominous trees, which seem almost to be welcoming you back by drooping over you mysteriously. "Man this place gives me the creeps," Sam says. "So (Your Name), you wanna tell us a little bit more what happened when you were here last?" Quinn asks you.
  5. As you tell them, they nod along. Well, you didn't expect them to cringe in horror, they've been through this too. After some pleasant conversation, the three of you make it to the cabin. something unsettling stirs in you once again. That famous voice that you've been hearing recently simply says "Welcome back..." Chills. "The door's probably locked," you say. "I'll get something to bust it open like I did last time." "No," Quinn says. "This house messes with your head. Stay right here..." Quinn picks up a small stone. He hurls it at the frail glass window. It shatters easily. Something inside you jolts with pain. Almost as if you felt the rock hit you itself. Thoughts?
  6. The three of you head inside- Sam and Quinn eagerly, you not as headstrong. Once you get inside, it's obvious that something has changed. It seems a lot less neat in here. Different than when you were here last. You hear the voices again. Smoke. Everything is back. Now that you've stepped back into Hell, do you split back up like you did last time?
  7. "Anything we're looking for?" you whisper, as the three of you creep up the rickety steps. Suddenly, you hear something over at the window which you crawled through. Something loud. The three of you instantly turn around. Thoughts?
  8. The three of you bound down the steps towards the noise, surprised by what you see... Nothing. Except... A charred cigarette. Embers barely alive. Sam attempts to pick it up, and immediately burns his hand. He quickly pulls it away, rubbing it. Thoughts?
  9. The three of you continue up the steps, shaking the incident off. Sam and Quinn wander up the steps, and into a small bedroom. The room is being salvaging, everything was burned. The two of them become wide eyed. "Sam... This is it..." Quinn whispers, tears in his eyes. "Yeah man..." Sam says, in a shaky voice. The two of them have become emotional at the sight of this room. Thoughts?
  10. "What?" You ask, curious as to what is going on. Sam wanders to the back of the room, and plumps down on the remains of a bed. He feels it's tattered sheets. "My old bunk..." he says, somewhat trance-like. Quinn does the same to a bed on the opposite side of the room. .....? WHAT THE? "YOU TWO USED TO BE HERE?!" you shout in confusion. "Not just us..." Quinn says, not himself anymore. "Sean and Emily. That's why Sean didn't want to come back, I guess..." Ok, this is big. Big. Huge. What's your take on this?
  11. "So you were here when..." you start to say, but then drop off. "Yeah..." Sam says, rising from his bunk, finally coming back to his senses. "Only a couple of us made it out. It was bad," he finishes, as Quinn rises. "We knew some of those kids that died," Quinn says, returning to reality. "When people say that some that died never left, we know those kids that are still here... They were real people, like you and me..." This is a lot to take in. Are you buying it?
  12. Losing track of time, you glance at your watch. 1:30 AM. Almost two hours past curfew. "Guys... It's getting late... How bout heading back?" you ask, still in shock. "Yeah... Let's get some sleep..." Quinn agrees. And the three of you had back to the safety of the camp... This quiz is to be continued :P
  13. Ok, special announcement: In addition to this quiz, I will be starting another quiz immediately: "The Beast Within". Check it out, I think you'll like it :)
  14. Good luck in Part Fourteen... BROFIST

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