Epic Summer Part Nineteen: Death

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Welcome to Part Nineteen: Death! In this episode, you will return to the camp to investigate the ominous and massive smoke cloud over it. Sadly, your fears were confirmed...

Recap: So in Part Eighteen, you, Sean, Michael, Sam, and Emily were all caught by Bill. Sadly, Michael didn't make it out. The surviving four of you raced for safety in the burned cabin.

Created by: James Bond
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  1. "OK, WHAT IS THAT?!?!" Emily shouts, as the four of you gaze at the massive smoke cloud hovering above the forest. "Oh, he's done it now..." Sam says darkly. He throws the mattress out from blocking the door, and begins going down the ladder. "WOAH, OK, HOLD UP, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!?!" Sean shouts. "To stop my dad!" Sam yells back, already downstairs. Emily suddenly follows him. "Wait up!" she calls after him. You and Sean share a look at each other. Do you follow them?
  2. "Wait!" You shout, following them. You look back at Sean to see if he's coming to. He shakes his head, tears in his eyes. Oh well. You join Sam and Emily, who are racing back down to the camp. The smell of smoke is getting stronger... Thoughts?
  3. The three of you make it to the camp, after another round of running insanely. You are utterly shocked at what you see... Two cabins are up in flames. Both Kids and Teens are running, screaming, crying, trying to look for safety. And guess who, Bill is in the center of it all, jumping around and celebrating like a child. He holds both a torch and a Bottle of vodka in his hands. After stopping to take a massive swig of vodka, he hurls the torch at another cabin, lighting it immediately. Wow, that's some good aim there. Nonetheless, you just have to comment with "WHAT THE?!?!?!?!?!?" The three of you stare at the camp in flames. You quickly glance over to your cabin, and thank God: it's still standing. The only problem is getting to it- Bill would most likely see you try to make a break for it... Do you risk it?
  4. As the three of you fly past Bill, thankfully, another kid runs the opposite direction towards Bill. Bill draws and fires his magnum at the teen, who, sadly for him, goes down, but luckily for you, is enough time to run fully past. After a terrifying run, the three of you burst into the safety of your cabin. Sam starts sprinting off into the direction of your and his rooms, with you and Emily following him. "Isiah?!" you begin shouting. "In here man!" you hear Isiah shout from Sam and Quinn's room. You and Sam run to where the voice was heard. You find Isiah, Quinn, and Bone all huddled in a corner of the room. "What happened?!" Bone asks, tears in his eyes. "Bill's gone off his rocker... He's setting fire to the entire camp!" You shout. "Where's Michael and Sean?" Isiah asks, shaken as well. "Michael... I don't know. He's gone. I don't know what Bill did to him, but he got him... and Sean, well he's out over in the burned cabin..." you can tell that this news of Michael's fate just makes everything worse. "Bro what'r we gonna do about this?!" Quinn whimpers. "We need to get you guys up to the burned cabin, it's safer up there," Sam says. Emily suddenly let's out a sort of cry/whimper. "What's wrong?" You ask, worried things have just gotten worse. "I need Alyssa, we have to go get her!" Emily cries. Great, more complications. What do you do?
  5. "Have you lost it?!" Isiah shouts. "Your cabin's all the way across the lake!!! We can't waste time on--" Isiah is interrupted when the six of you hear a crash in another room, followed by some screams of fear. Uh oh... Your cabin just got torched. No time to react. The six of you book it out of there as fast as you can. When you return outside, there is even more destruction... At least four other cabins are now burning bright with flames... And you can't quite make it out, but you think you see some who are actually on fire, running around the camp, wailing... Most of them end up jumping in the lake for safety. You suddenly hear Quinn shout "OK, SAM, ISIAH, BONE, GET BACK TO THE BURNED CABIN. EMILY, (YOUR NAME), I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SAYING THIS, BUT LET'S GO SAVE THAT WITCH ALYSSA!!" Thoughts?
  6. After separating from the others, the three of you have to again sprint past Bill and his insanity. But this time, with no distractions, he spots you easy. "YOU!!!!!!!" He snarls. He's got his sights set on you and Emily... Thoughts?
  7. "Run, Quinn!" Emily shouts. Quinn does what he's told. Bill just simply laughs. "You think he's gonna do anything?" He says, smirking. Bill releases two rounds from his magnum into Quinn's leg. "ACK!!" Quinn screams in pain as he falls into the sand of the lake, now soaking read with the blood from his leg. Bill bends down and says softly "You just stay put there, boy..." And turns to you. "You first..." He says to Emily, pointing the magnum at her. No... What do you do?
  8. Too late for you to react. He pulls the trigger. But hold on... There's no bullet... AHAHA! HE'S OUT OF AMMO! Bill curses, and attempts to reload. Yep, too late for that, you and Emily are already long gone, on the way to Emily and Alyssa's cabin. As you come into view, the two of you see a terrible sight... Their cabin is already up in flames... This quiz is to be continued :P
  9. Alright, you're almost done! One freaking more!
  10. Good luck in Part Twenty... FINAL BROFIST

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