Epic Summer Part Ten

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Welcome to Part Ten! In this episode, a monumental storm wipes over New Mexico, forcing everyone to stay in their cabins, where the other members of the group finally learn of your trip to the burned cabin...

Recap: So in Part Nine, you were introduced to the first weekly camp game, a canoe race. You ended up with a defective canoe, causing you to lose miserably.

Created by: James Bond

  1. The evening after the canoe race, a terrible storm blows in. The worst New Mexico has seen in 83 years. The storm rages all throughout the night, unrelenting, and is still roaring outside your window when you wake up. The four of you stare in amazement at the monsoon. Bill has cancelled all meals for today, and asked that everyone stays in their cabins. Well, there's not much to do... Is there?
  2. You, Sean, Quinn, Sam, Isiah, Michael, and Bone are all cooped up inside of your room. The seven of you, bored out of their minds. After about 5 minutes of small talk, Sean pops the question. "Hey, we're obviously all sick of the indoors here, how bout we head outside?" Do you second his thought?
  3. "Yeah? And do what, Sean? Have you looked outside lately?" Quinn snaps, not in his usual happy mood. "First off: Bite me, Quinn. Second, I don't know, maybe chill at the lake or something," Sean says with equal snarky comment. "Ooh, I got it," Isiah says, bounding up from his bunk. "What's say we go back down to the burned cabin?" Everyone looks at him as if he's lost his mind. Thoughts?
  4. "Really? After all we went through, you wanna go back?" you ask in disbelief. "Woah, hold on, go BACK?! You two were messing around over there?" Bone asks, breaking his silence. Oh, that's right, you forgot to tell them. "When?" Sean asks. You and Isiah glance at each other, your secret broken. Do you tell them?
  5. Isiah goes and tells them. Sam and Quinn don't seem surprised since they have already been there, but Sean, Bone, and Michael don't seem to believe you at first. But can you blame them? If you heard all this about ghosts or demons or whatever, you wouldn't have believed it yourself. After they process it, it almost looks like they actually want to go over there now to see for themselves. Right now it looks like the storm has come to a small dip. Now that it has gone down just a smidgin, you thinking of going outside?
  6. No matter what you do, you can't shake off the thought of that cabin... Something is drawing you back there. You can feel it inside you. Like it's stirring up, begging you to come back. You remember the voice of the presence in the cabin, almost as if it spoke to you. Sooner or later, you know that you'll be going back... It's only a matter of time... This quiz is to be continued :P
  7. Ok, I realize this one was shorter. That's because this one was just a filler episode, not really important :P.
  8. So at this point, you are officially at the halfway mark of the Epic Summer quizzes!
  9. So what do you think of the series so far? (No effect)
  10. Good luck in Part Eleven... BROFIST

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