Epic Summer Part Fourteen

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Welcome to Part Fourteen! In this episode, you'll be participating in the second weekly camp game. This time, Bill announces this game as capture the flag.

Recap: so in Part Thirteen, you went back up to the burned cabin with Sam and Quinn this time. But you find out soelmething you never knew: Emily, Sean, Quinn, and Sam were there when the fire started...

Created by: James Bond
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  1. Sup :P. Guess what? Another special! This time however, it won't be about the cabin :).
  2. Last night was a blur. You aren't sure what was real and what was just a dream. But one thing is for sure: Sean, Emily, Quinn, and Sam used to live in that cabin, before it was reduced to rubble. You think of the four of them differently, now. Just as you did before however, you try to put the whole thing behind you. Today would be day 15 of camp, out of 27. You know what hitting day 15 means: the second week of camp. And THAT means one thing: Another camp game. Sure enough, after breakfast, you hear the bell calling everyone to the lake. Are you in the mood for another game?
  3. You and your friends make their way down to the lake with everyone else. Bill stands on the dock where he can see all of you. "Morning, everyone. In case you haven't noticed, we've officially met our Second week mark. You probably have all been wondering what our little game is gonna be this time around. Well, I thought that since it's such a beautiful day out, we'd go for an old camp favorite: Capture the Flag." This time, there is no protest, everyone is happy with this. "Alright, first we gotta divide you all up into teams. Ok, I want everybody in a line so that we can start." Any ideas who you wanna be on a team with?
  4. Ten teams are made, meaning there will be ten flags. That adds up to about ten people on each team. By some chance of pure luck, you manage to score all of your friends: Sean, Emily, Isiah, Sam, Quinn, Michael, Bone, and Alyssa. Some small kid got the tenth slot. "Well that's lucky, eh?" Quinn says, back to his normal self. The game is to start in the forest in Twenty minutes. Your group jogs up to the playing field. From where you are, you can see the game map: The entire forest is fair game, an open plain is also available, there's a long hill that you could use, and there's a small riverbank on the outskirts of the forest. Which do you choose as your hiding place for the flag?
  5. Setting up your flag up in a forest tree, you doubt anyone will be able to see it. "Five minutes!" you hear Bill shout through a bullhorn. "Ok," Sean says. "We need an offense and a defense. Any requests or nominations?" Well, that depends. Do you want to stay and guard the flag or do you want to be out there trying to find one of the other nine flags?
  6. Alright, here's where it gets interesting. I'm gonna be giving two scenarios in this quiz :). If you wish to stay and guard, continue on to the next question. If you wish to go out into offense, click the "I selected offense" answers in the defense scenario. (I know it sounds complicated, but you'll catch on :P)
  7. You, Alyssa, Sean, Quinn, Bone, and the other kid (We'll call him Jeremy) are left to guard the flag while Michael, Isiah, Sam, and Emily are out looking for the other flags. As defense, you have two areas to guard: The flag area, and the area where you keep the people you caught. Both are important to be guarded. Which one do you go to?
  8. Jeremy and Bone agree to guard the prison area, while Alyssa agrees to escort anyone that You, Sean, or Quinn catch over to the prison. You feel like you have a pretty good system going here. Nothing happens for a while, but you can hear some people running around on the other side of the forest, which opens up as the plain. Speaking of which, how do you think the offense is doing?
  9. Nothing happens for a long time. You wonder if anyone's ever gonna even come across your flag. After a bit, you hear the sound of feet thudding across the forest. It's coming towards you. You also hear shouting, maybe they're being chased by someone. Ok, you have two options. You could either set up a little trap for these people that are being chased, and maybe you can set up a partnership or something with their pursuers. Your other option would be to hide so that they don't see you and know there's a flag somewhere near by.
  10. Quickly hiding, you can see from your hiding spot a group of three smaller boys running from a group of seven who you guess are chasing after them. They are gone as quickly as they came. Having the coast clear now, you all come out of hiding. It's not long until you hear feet again. This time, it's obvious that they're looking for a flag to take, you hear them sneaking. "Can you see how many there are?" you whisper to Quinn, who's up in one of the trees. "Hang on... Yeah, there's two of them," he whispers back. "They look pretty small." So at least you have them outnumbered. What do you do?
  11. The two of them walk strait into you. With you being too quick for them to do anything, Alyssa hauls them off to Jeremy and Bone. Well, that was easy. About ten minutes pass. Suddenly, you see Michael, Sam, Isiah, and Emily burst out of a side of the forest with a total of seven brightly colored flags being dragged along. They needed at least a majority of six to win, and you now have eight! You won! The seven of you have a loud celebration, and Sean sprints off into the direction of Bill to declare yourselves the winners. You did it! Thoughts?
  12. K, the offense questions are next :P. This section will be longer. If you did defense, choose the * I chose defense. * answers.
  13. You, Michael, Isiah, Sam, and Emily go through to throw other side of the forest, where the plain sits. Almost immediately, you hear Emily whisper softly "There..." the other four of you look in the direction of her gaze. There it is. A purple flag lying at the other side of the field, almost into the other side of the forest. There's only one guard. Huh, something doesn't seem right. What do you do?
  14. Michael volunteers to serve as bait. He creeps up slowly on the lone guard and the flag. Sure enough, when he gets close, two others fly out of the edge of the forest. Michael skids to a stop and begins to sprint back towards you. For a big guy, he's really fast. While the three are distracted by Michael, Emily does a snake pattern and stuffs the flag under her shirt. The five of you book it out of there as quick as possible. Your pursuers, thinking they still have their flag, give up the chase. Before they realize where their flag REALLY is, you are long gone. God must be rooting for you, because as soon as you make it back into a different part of the forest, you come across another group. This one has not just one, but three flags that they must have already earned. Four. guards. As if this wasnt enough, some dumb kid from another group tries to take their flags just by running out and shouting. The for are distracted, and run after him. Wow, seriously? Isiah laughs as he snatches the three flags. Thoughts?
  15. As the five of you keep trolling on throughout the forest quietly, you come across the river bank. There, you happen to find Brian's little group of six, guarding a single neon green flag. From what you've noticed from Brian's group, their weakness is their lack of order and slowness. However, you'll need to cross the riverbed to get to the flag, slowing you down as well. What do you do?
  16. Sam motions the four of you over to a more shallow area of the bank. He easily sneaks into the river without being noticed, and plucks the flag right behind them. He gets back without being noticed. That would make five flags that you've caught. Thoughts?
  17. Feeling confident about yourselves, you all start talking normally and laughing as you begin trudging up the hill, which was not too far from the forest. You all stop immediately when you get to the top. Below is another group, with not one, but two flags... More than you need. But this group isn't like the others. They'ge made a protective shell around the front of it. The only way in is through throw back, where they can still easily catch you. The only way you can even think about getting the blue and white flags is gonna take all five of you. What do you do?
  18. All five of you creep up from the back, right behind them. You very quietly snag both flags. When you're halfway up the hill, you hear one shout "HEY!" You hear other shouts, and suddenly, you havea group of eight people springing after you. But it's too late for them. You are out of range. With seven flags, you return to your base as the winners of the second Lake Trident! Thoughts?
  19. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :P
  20. Good luck in part fifteen... BROFIST

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