Epic Summer Part Seven

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Welcome to Part Seven! This episode is special, because it's an extended one, and the fact that you FINALLY visit the burned down cabin for the first time... Scary...

Recap: So on your way back to the cabin, you were ambushed by Brian. A small fight broke out, in which you won. And, well, that's pretty much it :P. Good luck!

Created by: James Bond
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  1. FYI: I have lengthened the amount of this episode, and I have also added in a special twist in the story :).
  2. You sit in your bunk, casually reading your daily bible verse for the day. It is now day five of your trip to Lake Trident, meaning you have fifteen days left... You are absolutely loving your time here so far: Things are going well with Emily, Brian has decided to keep his distance from you ever since the fight in the woods, and you are getting a nice little tan. The insane heat of a July evening has forced everyone inside, and the heat is still killer. But you don't mind it, you like the heat. The four of you are all up in the room, with Sean taking a nap. "Aren't you guys bored in here?" Isiah asks, eager to get outdoors. "Isiah, it's too freaking hot..." Michael moans while laying down on his bed. "I don't mean now, I mean later tonight," Isiah says. "Yeah? What is there to do?" Michael asks, getting annoyed by Isiah. "Hey Quinn, Sam, get in here for a second," Isiah calls. Sam and Quinn creak their room door, which is directly across from yours. They enter into your room. "Yeah?" Quinn asks, sweating bullets. "You guys said you've been over to that one burned down cabin, right?" Isiah asks. "Yeah," Sam comments, he too a victim of the heat. "Do you still know the way?" Isiah asks, getting more interested. Uh oh. You think you know where he's going with this...
  3. "Ok, I see what you want. Well, Sam and I aren't going back..." Quinn begins. "We're not going through that again... However, Emily went with us, and so if you want a tour guide, go convince her. If she says yes, hey, it's your funeral. If she says no, I would drop it." He says this despite his normal joking self. "Alright, I will," Isiah says with determination. "(Your name)? Michael? You two coming?" Alright. the moment of truth. No more avoiding the question. Do you stay and earn less respect from your friends, or do you go, and possibly be in danger of being expelled from the camp?
  4. "Alright, I'll do it..." You say, knowing that you will regret the decision later. Michael has a different answer. "Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, you two can go die in the haunted creepy cabin, but Imma staying right here, in my safe bunk..." Typical complaining Michael. Sam assures you that if you go, he won't rat you out to his camp councilor father. That night, Emily meets you and Isiah at the dock, outfitted in a very elegant looking black dress, making her all the more beautiful. "Ok, stop staring, it's the only thing that I had that was black, to blend in at night," she whines. Ok, lets put the quiz on hold for a second. Before we get going, do you believe in ghosts...?
  5. "Alright, once we get on this trail, there's no going back, so if you're having second thoughts, I'd leave now," Emily warns. "Yeah, whatever," Isiah waves off, anxious to get on the road. If you didn't know any better, you would think that Isiah was having second thoughts about the trip... How are you feeling about this trip?
  6. You can't help but wonder how horrible it must have been for those kids to be burned alive. You can almost hear the flames and cries of agony and despair. All from one tiny cigarette... Emily leads you and Isiah deep into the forest, where the trail is supposed to end. The trees ominously reach over you, their branches twisted into grimacing faces. You shudder at the creepiness of these woods. After about 15 minutes, you hear Isiah groan "How much longer...?" "I don't know Isiah, but if you'd just shut up, I'll get us there faster," Emily snaps at him. That got him quiet. After a while, Emily finally breaks the awkward silence between you and her. "So (Your name), where did you grow up?
  7. "Ah, that's nice," she comments. "My parents are American, but I was born down in Sicily. So beautiful there..." Ok, does this girl know what she's doing to you?! She's killing you from the inside! Thankfully, Isiah saves you with "Sicily? How bout that..." Ok, not great, but you'll take it... Should this even happen? Are you crazy, or does she like you back? Thoughts?
  8. Soon after your thought, you finally come into the clearing. Staring back at you is a building up in ruins. It is barely standing, and has obviously been through some sort of a fire, by the way it is charred... "We're here..." Emily whispers. Something doesn't seem right about this place, almost as if something is watching you... The three of you cautiously approach the forbidden, supposedly haunted cabin. Now comes the hard part-- who goes in first?
  9. Emily reluctantly leads in first... You are all shaking waiting for what is on the other side of the door... She slowly and reluctantly turns the handle. The door doesn't move... She pushes harder. Nothing. "Isiah, help me with this," she says. Isiah pushes his muscular self against the door, but nothing happens. You swear you hear a footstep inside...!!! Nobody else heard it. "Ok, lets go knock down a branch or something to help us ram our way in," Emily says, just a bit of fear in her voice. What do you do?
  10. The four of you go off to find a small branch. As if God answers your wishes, you find a sufficient tree branch in the outskirts of the house almost immediately. "Alright, lets get this back up there," Isiah says, he too trying to disguise his fear. The three of you with effort, maneuver the large branch back up to the burned cabin... But wait... The door.... Is open wide, as if inviting you inside... Thoughts...?
  11. Terror sweeps over you as you enter the door... Emily follows behind, with Isiah in tow. This once would have looked exactly like your and Isiah's cabin, until it was set fire to. "Ok... The best way to do this is to split up..." Emily says, the fear growing in her voice. She's right. There are four floors to the cabin: The ground floor, which you are on right now, The basement, which seems more dark than the rest of the cabin, the upstairs, where most of the kids who were sleeping died in the flames, or you could possibly go up to the attic, where the fire is supposed to have started... Where do you go?
  12. Deciding to be brave, you volunteer to take the attic. You climb up the rickety latter, up into the attic... Almost immediately, You feel something watching you... Something following your every move. You also detect a strange smell, but you cant put your finger on it... And then... Then... It hits you hard... Smoke. As soon as this comes to realization, you hear something behind you. Unmistakable. "Didn't mean to... Didn't..." Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Thoughts?
  13. "You bound down the latter. You don't look back. You plow into Isiah, and the two of you both respond at the same time with an "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Emily comes running up the steps in a panic. "What?! What?!" "OK, EMILY, WE HAVE TO LEAVE!!!!" Isiah shouts, terrified now. "YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT I JUST HEARD WHEN I WAS IN THE BASEMENT? I HEARD A SCREAM. A STRAIT UP SCREAM. IT SAID 'OH GOD! NO! NO! GO GET HELP! HURRY! RUNNNN!' YEAH, THAT'S NOT NORMAL, EMILY. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU TWO, BUT I'M LEAVING BEFORE SOMETHING HAPPENS TO ME! COME ON, YOU'RE ALL COMING WITH ME!!!!!" Before the three of you make it down the stairs, Emily suddenly falls. She falls down all 15 steps. Her chin hits the wood floor with a crack. She screams in pain. "Emily!!!!" you shout. Once you get close enough to her, she whispers "Something... Something pushed me..." Thoughts?
  14. "Can you walk?" You ask. "I think so..." Emily says weakly. Before the three of you can get the time you need to recover, and bolt out the door, the smell of smoke is back. This time it's stronger. Much, much stronger. You find yourself coughing and gagging. Something behind you gives a cry of sadness. "Not my fault..." It's that voice again. The three of you have had it. You all bolt it out of the room. The cabin seems to be moving on it's own. You just want out of there... Away from smoke, away from everything. But before you can leave, you hear another voice, this one much more deep and harsh... "No......." This quiz is to be continued :P.
  15. Good luck in part Eight... BROFIST

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