Hogwarts Part Fifteen

I think. I THINK it's part fifteen. I hope I didn't spell it wrong... Ugh, paranoia! Anyways, sorry about my lack of editions and updates, I appreciate, of course, everyone's comments, and feel horrible for not getting back to you yet!

Created by: HogwartsLove
  1. Sunlight beamed through the common room window, but it wasn't the brightness that woke you up. A loud thud had sounded from the boy's dormitory. Quickly pulling yourself together and sprinting up their staircase, you had to stifle a laugh at the sight of Ron laying, with a priceless confused expression, limply on the floor. Harry appeared extremely impressed, nodding his head and looking down at a book he was holding in his hand. "Are you all right?" he asked his redheaded friend almost nonchalantly, nearly in a happy tone. "Oh, brilliant, bloody brilliant," Ron whimpered from his place on the ground. Neville sighed and walked over to Ron, extending his hand. Before Ron could grab it for help up, Neville spotted you, smiled, and pulled his hand away to wave, leaving Ron again to thud against the floor. "Hey," he greeted you cheerfully, and ignored Ron's yelp. You returned his gesture before turning to Harry. "What"”uh, what happened?" you questioned, glancing back and forth between him and the supposedly injured Gryffindor. 
  2. "It's a spell from the Half Blood Prince," he answered, starting to walk over to show you the book, however Ron tripped him. You caught the flying book, still trying not to laugh, and opened it to the marked page. "I don't think you should"”get off the floor"”just go around trying these spells on"”Ronald, if you try to trip him one more time"”people. What if they're"”let go. Of. My. Leg."”dangerous? We don't even know who wrote this thing," you said between lectures with Ron. Harry nodded. "You're right," he agreed, "but how else"”Ron, your ankle isn't sprained! How else will we know what they mean?" "You'll have to take that up with Hermione," you said. "In the mean time, unless you want Ron dead, I suggest not trying any more of those spells." Harry seemed to be pondering it, glancing at Ron every so often. "Don't try any more spells."
  3. Climbing out of the portrait hole, you jumped when you saw Blaise waiting for you. "What are... What are you doing"”here," you questioned, not used to seeing any Slytherins ever associate with Gryffindors except for Draco, and even that wasn't very public with the other two houses. Not secret, just not very public. He cocked an eyebrow and dug his hands into his pockets. "Waiting for you. You're extremely slow, just for your information," he answered, looking at his watch. "Yeah. Extremely slow." "Well I didn't know you were waiting; I would have been out here sooner?" you said in an awkward tone. "I appreciate that," he replied sarcastically. "Now let's go." "Go... Where?" you inquired. He sighed. "Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion? To breakfast, lion." You stared at him, but he either didn't notice or didn't care, because he started walking to the Great Hall without you.
  4. Running to catch up with him, you nearly had to jog just to keep in step. Now that you looked at him, you could see he was just nearly as tall as Draco, who, in turn, was almost the same height as Oliver at this point. He rolled his eyes as if reading your thoughts. "Long legs, they're useful," he said. You nodded and shook your head as if to clear it. By this point you were quite dazed; you couldn't remember a time someone had been so pointedly rude. Not necessarily rude, exactly, but just off in his own world. You couldn't tell whether his comments were in a condescending or amused tone. By the time you'd decided there probably wasn't a good answer for this question, the two of you were in the Great Hall. He must have been right when he'd said you were slow at getting ready; it appeared most everyone had exited to end their breakfast and go off to study and finish any remaining homework for the rest of the Sunday. 
  5. You saw Oliver sitting at the Gryffindor table; Blaise noticed and rolled his eyes again, but said nothing as he walked out. Shrugging, you walked over and stood at the edge of the table by where Oliver was seated with several books in front of him. He shut them as you approached. "I finished my homework," you told him, for lack of something better to say. He sarcastically fell off the seat as if in amazement. "Oh, ha, ha," you said, now taking a seat across from him as he climbed back up. He smiled up at you and patted the seat next to him. You sighed jokingly, stood up again, and walked over to sit by him. "What were you reading?" you asked, acting as if you were going to push away as he pulled you closer. He sighed and smiled. "Can't tell." "Secrets, secrets, secrets," you groaned. He laughed. "Hopefully it'll all be worthwhile in the end." "It's all right," you forced, not entirely truthful. He gave a gentle, sad smile but sighed and stood up, already offering his hand. You took it and he helped you up. "But it isn't, is it?" he asked. "Isn't... What?" you inquired, though you knew what he meant. "It isn't all right."
  6. You forced yourself to bring your gaze up to meet his eyes. Because it was partially true. The feeling of error settled over you. The absence of Oliver simply because he'd been so busy with whatever he was up to had certainly put thoughts in your head, bad on his and your own part. What if he'd simply found someone else and couldn't stand telling you? What if you wouldn't even mind if he found someone else? The thoughts scared you, but you gave him a reassuring smile. He did the same yet shook his head. "I hope you're not thinking what I think you're thinking," he said, giving a hollow, nervous laugh. His smile dropped when you said nothing. The silence was becoming louder and more difficult to deal with, because you knew you should tell him about your fears, but instead, "No. No, of course not."
  7. He nodded, and you knew he had seen straight through you. An unbearable feeling of guilt washed over you as he hugged you tightly and buried his face in your hair. "Well that's a twist in my story," he whispered with a defeated smile before pulling away and walking off. You sighed after he left and sat back down, staring at the textbooks you'd placed on the table. Part of you wished he'd left when he'd had the chance. When you'd had the chance. Maybe then... You didn't know. If he'd left... You didn't know what to think of him. Or say to him. What really pained you was you knew exactly what he thought of you, and what he wanted to say to you. Studying the pages of the book, you noticed a piece of parchment closed between two of the pages. After looking around, you slowly pulled it out of its spot. Your heart sank as you immediately recognized Oliver's handwriting. "Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? Saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?"
  8. "I wish you'd tell me," you whispered almost angrily, and stood up, forgetting all thoughts about eating. You started for the doors, and jumped a second time when Blaise seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Did you eat?" he asked. You shook your head and tried to keep walking but he moaned impatiently and the back of your Gryffindor uniform and dragged you over to the table and shoved you down. Happily, you noticed Hermione coming in. You waved to her and Blaise sneered as she approached the two of you. She frowned upon seeing the Slytherin, though Blaise appeared equally unhappy about having to deal with another Gryffindor. "Who"”um, who's he?" she asked as politely as she could muster. "Hermione, this is Blaise. If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean," you introduced her. Blaise gave you the deadliest glare you'd ever witnessed as he summoned some food from the table, but, unless you were imagining it... There was defiantly some small amount of admiration in his eyes.
  9. You smiled to yourself and he rolled his cold eyes for what you thought must have been the hundredth time that morning. Hermione pulled her nose up in disgust. "Yeah, anyways... _________-" Blaise cleared his throat, and you were something between a shudder and a giggle as it reminded you of Umbridge. "What?" Hermione hissed through gritted teeth, quickly losing patience and gaining in frustration, which was surprising, considering she had a high patience tolerance as she had to deal with helping Ron and Harry study (and sometimes, you'd admit it, even you). "Your good dear friend here," he said, emphasizing "friend," "hasn't yet ea-" "I'll be going," you interrupted, quickly jumping up and running for your common room. He pushed off the table, but you'd already said the password and the portrait hole had opened.
  10. *Hey, guys! Sorry about how short this one is, and I apologize for not having released an edition in quite awhile. I want to thank beyond repayment @Calypso1315, who is just so... I can't even begin. But school is almost out, and I'll have more than enough time to work on this. This edition was more to get you used to Blaise. Plus, the next edition? A special from"”Ron.*

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