Hogwarts Part Six

It's part six of the Hogwarts series, which means that you are in your fifth year now! You've got a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, you're forming Dumbledore's Army, and a lot is going on. See if you get Oliver, Draco, Harry, Neville, or Ronald as your result.

What with what happened last year with Oliver, do you want to apologize? Do you like Draco's hidden personality for you, or Ron's ability to make you laugh? Or maybe just Harry's comfort? Let's see! Enjoy! Have suggestions, comments, or just want to chat? Email me at [no emails]!

Created by: HogwartsLove
  1. [Fifth year.] Summer went by quite fast, and before you would know it you would be back at your real home "” Hogwarts. You're on the train sitting next to Harry, Ronald, and Neville (all of who you've found to grown "” and finally cut their hair). 
  2. Harry across you by Ron and Neville beside you, you're all rather quiet. "So... How was your summer, Neville?" you ask, turning to him. "Good, good... And your's?" "Fine. Harry?" "Good." "Um... Ron?" "Good." You all stare at each other before breaking out in laughter. Suddenly, in the midst of it, Oliver comes at the entrance. "Mind if I sit?" he asks awkwardly. Neville smiles at your frustration and stands and walks over to sit by Ron and Harry, leaving room for Oliver to sit next to you. You cross your arms, ignoring him and leaning against the seat. He gave you what looked like a painful smile, and you didn't return it. He gave an amused smirk to Neville who was trying to stifle a laugh, but Harry and Ron looked bloody mad. 
  3. The train stopped and you all stood. Harry, Ron, and Neville got off. You stood and insisted Oliver go first, but he stepped back for you to go; you sighed and walked off, Oliver following you. Together the two of you walked into the Great Hall for the feast at the beginning of every year. Upon sitting down, Dumbledore started making an announcement. "Students, we've a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I'd like you to meet Professor Umbridge." A woman dressed in all pink walked up with a rather scary smile on her face. "Hello, students," she said, laughing. You leaned over to Harry who said she had been at his hearing (from the two dementors and using the Patronus spell in front of a Muggle). 
  4. After the feast and a few classes, you went to DADA. Your new professor, of course, was there. "You'll need no wands," she said as you began to pull out your own.You put it back in confusion. "We will be learning in a safe, secure way." You stole a look at Harry who looked as if he'd just learned they'd be eating hippogriff dung. "But if we're out there," he said without raising his hand, "it won't be safe and secure." Professor Umbridge gave him a sour look. "Students will raise their hands when they want to speak in my class," she replied. "And besides "” who'd hurt children?" "Lord Voldemort!" Harry cried. 
  5. Harry got detention. Awhile passed, and Harry had convinced a rather large crowd of students that they needed to learn the real way of defense, because Umbridge obviously wasn't going to teach them. It took a lot of motivation to get them to sign up for what they called Dumbledore's Army after learning that the reason being for the Ministry of Magic not wanting to worry anyone about He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named returning. 
  6.  That day in the common room during free period, you were doing homework when Oliver came in through the portrait hole. You continued looking at your book and paper, every now and then writing an answer. He sat across from you. "How's your homework going?" he asked. You gave him a look but didn't reply until you looked back at your book. "Fine." "Good. You need help?" "No, I'm fine by myself," you said again not looking up. He looked at you. "I'm sorry," he said simply. "Mm..." The portrait hole opens and Harry, Neville, and Ron walk in. Neville continues walking over to the fire but Ron and Harry stare over at you and stop walking. You look up them but they're looking at Oliver (with some sour faces) who is looking at you. "Yes?" you say and they jump. "Oh, um..." Ron starts, "Harry has to say something. Harry," he says, elbowing him. "OH! Yeah, um... Wait, what? Oh, I don't know WHY, but Ron suggests I tell you that, um... Umbridge just like, had some magical quill, and it "” Oliver, would you stop?!" You look over at Oliver who's still staring at you. Ron snaps at Harry. "Why do you care?" Oliver looks dumbfounded. "Well, I "” why do YOU care?" Harry spits back at Ron. Neville hops to his feet and runs over to you, grabbing your hand and leading you out of the portrait hole. 
  7. Breathing heavily and brushing yourself off, you ask "What happened?" "Come on "” even I know what's going on," he laughs. "What the bloody-" "With Oliver!" he cuts you off. You sigh. "I want nothing to do with him! He's gone too far!" you shout. Neville looks at you for awhile before replying quietly, "Has he?"
  8. You hesitate but finally shout stubbornly, "YES! Seriously, LOVE? That's a bit much. He's older than me, he's got a career to deal with, and-" "NO! HE OBVIOUSLY CARES! HE QUIT HIS CAREER FOR YOU BECAUSE THE DARK LORD IS BACK! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?" Neville shouts with something you've never seen in him before. "But-" Suddenly the portrait hole starts to open, and Neville shoves you towards it before backing away and then turning around and running off. You fall into Oliver, who catches you and stands you up. "You alright?" he asks. You're staring at the ground, and Neville's words hit you and a few regretful tears escape quietly. 
  9. He lifts your chin up, and you laugh. "Even if you continue hating me," he says, "even if you find someone else... I couldn't stop myself from protecting you." He kissed you on the forehead before walking off.
  10. You stood there for awhile, unsure of what to do. Ron comes out. "You alright?" he asks. You don't look up or respond, but suddenly run off without even thinking or hesitating to find Oliver, confused about how you feel.
  11. You sprint outside but run straight into Oliver. "I was trying to find you!" both of you say at the same time. "Um... I-" you both say again at the same time. "You first," he says. "I don't know who you think you are running around here saying you love people!" "I don't. I've only said it to people that I really meant it. In other words," he continues quietly, "only to you. " You roll your eyes, and despite how dark it is outside Oliver sees you. "See, you told me this when I was only in my fourth year! How do you think I felt?!" you cry. "I don't know... But how do you feel now?" he asked. You hesitated. "I-I... I don't kn-" "If I'm hurting you," he said, still quietly, "it's indirectly... Please know this." You threw your arms in the air. "See!" you shouted. "It's just that!" You started to walk away but felt him touch your fingers for a mere second and turned. "I went too far," he said quietly. "I'm so sorry..." Suddenly, you hear Neville come running up. You turn away from Oliver. Breathing heavily, Neville says, "I. Found. The. Room. Of. Requirement." You're in disbelief and leave Oliver in a state of pain you could understand, though you don't know he faces a pain a degree higher. 
  12. You run after Neville, who's gathered the people in DA (Dumbledore's Army) in front of a wall. Suddenly in starts to form into a door that opens and you walk into a spacious room with fire places on opposite walls and suits of armour sprinkled around. People start walking around in awe when Neville gently grabs your arm. "What are you doing here?" he asks in a whisper. "What do you mean?" you reply confused. "Were you not speaking to Oliver?" "Yeah, but-" He sighs. "Why me?" he says under his breath. "Why you what?" He leads you out of the Room of Requirement. "He's the one," he choked, "that you should be with in these times." "What do you mean?" "He can keep you safe while the Dark Lord is here." "Isn't that what Dumbledore's Army is for?" "Yes, you can protect yourself. But I'd prefer there always be someone there for you." "You're always there for me, Neville," you say. He sighs and drags you to the entrance of Hogwarts. "What are-" you start, but he shows you out of the door. "Go," he says quietly, holding your hand before looking away and returning inside. You look around before going off to Oliver. 
  13. You see him on the hill with his hands on the top of his head and his knees pulled up. "Oliver?" you say, fidgeting with your hands as you come up behind him. He jumps to his feet before even looking at you and runs up. "________, I really am sorry; I can't explain it, it's just that I-" You laugh. "It's fine!" He smiles, and for the longest time the two of you don't need to say anything. And you don't.
  14. Oliver had stayed outside, but had insisted about a good half an hour later that you should return inside. As you walked in you ran into Draco, who was stomping towards the doors. When he saw you, though, he said, "Oh, sorry..." "It's alright," you replied. "Where are you going?" you ask, noticing he had his wand in hand. "Um..." He looked at the door and back at you. "Nowhere." "Obviously you were going somewhere," you insist. "Look, let me just walk you back to the staircase. It's late, and you-" "But why do you have your wand?" He jumps. "What? Oh, um..." Oliver walked in through the doors and stopped in his tracks. Draco glared at him and started to raise his wand but when you ran over and jumped into Oliver's arms, he lowered it. When you turned back around, he was gone. 
  15. You and Oliver walked up to the Gryffindor common room where Neville was sitting in front of the fire. You gave Oliver a quick kiss good-night before running up the stairs to your bed. You couldn't stop thinking about Draco's strange behaviour, though, so you climbed carefully and quietly out of bed, thinking Draco still may be up. As soon as you came down the stairs you saw him. "Draco!" you cry, running down and plopping beside him on the last step. "Oh, hey, ________," he says absent-mindedly. "What's wrong? Why were you acting so weird when I came into the castle?" you asked. "Um..." Filch suddenly walks right past you. "D-Draco..." you start, confused, "Why didn't he tell us to go up?" "Because I'm helping him out," Malfoy replied simply. "With what?" "Apparently Potter put together some group and they're learning how to do spells. At least that's what Umbridge suspects. I'm helping Filch find them." You  look at him, startled. "What?!" you cry. He jumps. "Yeah... Is something wrong?" You hop up without answering and sprint upstairs,  climb through the portrait hole, and find Neville in the common room. "Get Harry!" you cry. Neville runs up and retrieves Harry, who comes down frantically. Neville goes up to bed and leaves the two of you alone. "What is it?" he asks. "Draco, Filch, and some other students are trying to find out where Dumbledore's Army is being held!" you shout. Harry's eyes widen. "What?! How do they-" "Umbridge is ordering them to!" you interrupt. Ron comes down. "What's all the ruckus?" he asks. "Umbridge suspects us and is trying to find where we're holding DA with Filch, Draco, and some other students!" you repeat. "Oh boy... I always hated Malfoy..."
  16. You let it slide. "ANYWAYS, what are we-" "Wait "” how do you know all this?" Ron interrupts. "I... Uh, I..." Harry sees you discomfort and says, "It doesn't matter. We just need to find a way to prevent them from finding us." 
  17. "What can we do?" Ron asks. "It's the Room of Requirement." You nod. "Ron's right. The only thing we can do is try to be more secretive." Harry nods, too. "Alright... Alright, well I'll tell the members. It's the best we can do... Well... Good-night, and thanks for telling me." "Us," Ron says. Harry looks at him before turning away and walking up to bed. You smile at Ron before going off to your own bed.
  18. *Thank you for taking my quiz! Sorry about the slight delay, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less! Again I found that emails don't show up in the questions, so I'll see if I can add it in either the description or the parting words, if not both. I love you guys; thank you for the support, encouragement, comments, ratings, and everything else!*

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