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    "I sent in my entry! c:"
  • "This is easily one of the best things I've ever read xD"
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    "And at night I work A LOT then."
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    "LOL, I've got a break off seeing as Thanksgiving is near."
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    "Ha, ha! I hope you post one soon, but you just did! I'm going to work a LOT, long and hard, this week. I might get... MAYBE, if things work ..."
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    "LinxLady: That. Is. So. Sweet.! That you so much, I'm bound to work faster and harder on it! I am overjoyed by your comment!"
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    "Can't wait for your next quiz! I am currently working on mine!"
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    "Wow first I want to thank you so much for your comments! You're a very sweet person! Sorry I'm posting this here, don't know how to reply d..."
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    "Geez, you're awesome! Thank you SO MUCH! I look forward to the next quizzes from you, I expect great things! ;)"
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    "I can't wait I LOVE Oliver, and your quizzes!!!"

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