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  • @Aria hahaha! I'm so happy to hear from you, and thank you SO much! Oh my gosh, that's amazing! Although I'm sorry the duct taped your mouth! xD I agree, this part was EXTREMELY short, but I had to get it to that place just to have Harry's part coming up! Aw, Daniel! :,D I went and saw his movie "The Woman In Black" after reading the book (just for him xD) and I'm so proud of him, and Rupert, and Emma! Emma's in "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" (beautiful book) with Logan Lerman (perfect, no?) and Rupert's going to be in quite a few upcoming movies as well! Thank you SO much for everything, you're such a strong person and still amazingly kind and giving!

  • AHEM! First to comment. Woot woot. It's really delightful to have you back HogwartsLove. You have NO idea how much I babbled about you to my friends until one day they put duck tape around my mouth. They told me to shut up because I have to be patient with Oliver. LOL. They're crazy aren't they? This part was a bit short but I don't mind because Harry's part is coming up. Hey, do you know Daniel Radcliffe won Best British Actor? I was so happy when I was listening to it on BBC Radio 1 :)

  • You should really have more confidence with your writing! And by the way, long time no talk! I feel like a complete fool for not taking this right away but I have been busy! But now that I finally get the chance to read it, I'm glad I do! I'm going to read your other one now! :)

  • No, bad HL! Stop saying your writing is horrible! Everytime you post it's just awesome ^^ and you posted 2 parts in one day, so that's even MORE awesome, sooo I'm going to read that now, and my heart's probably going to be torn between the guys even more, but it's all fun and awesomeness, neh? ;P

  • @HogwartsLove I don't know if you knew but I always thought of you as a celebrity. You're just so perfect, or close to perfection. Your writing is amazing and you're amazing. HogwartsLove, you're too amazing to be true :)


    You are groovy, this story is groovy, I don't even....what is this...?

    I was laughing really hard at some of the options to pick. Seriously you should be a writer/comedian.

  • Loved it!! As usual!! You're work is brilliant! I'm feeling sentimental, so I'm just going to say that I'm glad I discovered your series!!!

  • FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! I nearly forgot about this sorry for the blank comment I needed to login anywho bye bye little... Fly?!

  • Way to go sis loved it as always


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