Hogwarts Part Sixteen and a Half

Well let me go ahead and apologize for this part, but Harry's part will be up in awhile, so please forgive me! And if you like someone other than Harry you're probably going to hate me. O_O

Anyways, this part is pretty uneventful. You'll hear me complaining about that throughout this edition, haha. But yeah, that's about it! I hope to hear from everyone soon! :D

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. *Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for all of your support, and I'm sorry this is again so late and short! And so much time is skipped... Oh gosh I'm going to regret that. ANYWAYS, the next one should be out shortly after this, it's almost finished. The upcoming edition will be Harry's point-of-view, and shortly after Oliver's, which is hopefully good for most of you! xD A quick shout-out to @Aria, for EVERYTHING: being there for everyone, sticking in throughout the rough times, everything! As well as to @Calypso1315, easily one of the best people I've ever had the honor to talk to! Everyone be sure to drop by @mcqueen's page and  let her know how amazingly amazing she is; luckily she decided to stay! And, if you haven't already checked out @vulturemonem's own Hogwarts series, I highly recommend you do so, she's very gifted and talented! Anyways, this one's quite lacking of anything exciting, but I hope it's okay nonetheless! (We miss you, @natuhleegayle! I hope to hear from soon! :,D)*
  2. "Where were you last night?" Hermione wondered out loud, placing her luggage on the ground to stretch her arms and turning her attention towards Ginny and you as everyone got ready to board the Hogwarts Express for Christmas break. "I had to face Cormac alone." At saying this she pulled her nose up in disgust. "He makes Grawp look a gentleman," she scoffed, referring to Hagrid's giant brother. You gave a half-hearted, tired smile. "Sorry," you apologized without explanation; Hermione clucked her tongue like a professor to a bad excuse. She shrugged her bag back up onto her shoulder. "All right, let's go then," she sighed. "Thanks again, Ginny," you muttered sleepily as you both boarded the train, and she rolled her eyes. "Shut up. Mum was nearly begging you to come over for Christmas anyway." She grinned and you followed and went over to the nearest compartment. Hermione took a seat across from you with Ginny and Neville and you sat next to Harry without a second thought. "You weren't at the party," Neville stated so bluntly you laughed lightly. "I've heard," you answered, just as Ron made a grumpy entrance, taking the only empty seat next to you. 
  3. "It was mostly Slughorn trying to dig for information like the mole he-" Hermione silenced Ginny with a sharp glare. "And moles don't dig. They burrow," Hermione 'corrected' her, pulling out a book from her bag: Ginny took it very lightheartedly and continued complaining. "Well he wouldn't stop badgering Dean." "Badgers don't- Ginny, shut up!" Hermione groaned, but they went on arguing. "Anyways, how was the party?" you asked lightly, turning to Harry. "What? Oh, great." He smiled gently and looked slightly flustered. His voice dropped and his face went red. "I was kind of hoping you'd be-" "I'm surprised you didn't go with Oliver," Neville commented, glancing up from the book Hermione had shoved in his direction. Ron made an indignant sound from your side. You ran your fingers through your hair and forced a smile, stifling a yawn. Ron started talking to no one in particular, seeing as most everyone was ignoring him after he'd come to start dating Lavender Brown, and Hermione and Ginny's bickering slowly became quieter.
  4. A jolt from the train caused you to open your eyes hours later. You stirred slightly, but- "We're almost there," Harry said, but then you realized you'd been asleep on his shoulder and shook your head. "Sorry," you laughed in a good-natured way, sitting up and noticing his arm had fallen over you. "It's fine," he responded genuinely in a light tone, and Ron cleared his throat. Hermione stood up, though you'd forgotten she was there, and woke Ginny and Neville. "Come on, it's stopping," she directed, and they gathered their things and together you followed the steady stream of students filing off. Mrs. Weasley almost immediately found you and hugged everyone tightly, though Harry, Hermione and you felt slightly awkward, feeling slightly as if you were more of a burden than the woman needed, and stood off more to the side. She grinned and clapped her hands together, looking on the verge of tears. "All right, have your things? Yes, no? Yes?" She grabbed everyone's hand without warning and Apparated to the Burrow.
  5. The house was filled with the smell of things cooking, and music was playing from a small radio on a table by the bare tree in the living room. A fire was emitting smoke from the hearth and everything was lightly decorated with Christmas ornaments. Two voices echoed a greeting and Fred and George appeared in front of everyone. Mrs. Weasley glowered at them but said nothing. Her face contorted even more when- "Fleur?" Hermione gaped, eyes going wide. "From-" "-Ze tournament, yes," she grinned, a heavy French accent coating her words. "Not to be rude," Hermione continued, "but... What are you doing here?" "No, I beg you, be rude," Mrs. Weasley muttered nearly inaudibly. "Haven't you heard?" Just then Bill, Ron's older brother, came bounding down the staircase, and ran over to Fleur's side. "We're getting married," he announced, and it looked as if it were taking Hermione everything she had to hold back laughter. Mrs. Weasley seemed almost disgusted by it and strode soundlessly to the kitchen, not bothering to say a word. "You all must put your things in your room!" Fleur exclaimed, apparently not catching any negative drift. "And zen dinner later, yes?" 
  6. "I'll let you know when dinner's ready," Mrs. Weasley said after you'd put your baggage in the room Ginny showed you to. "Do you need help?" you asked; she seemed on edge. "No dear, it's fine," she answered, giving a shaky smile. "Where's Percy?" Hermione asked innocently. Fred coughed. "He isn't talking to us," Ginny replied, and her mother made a whimpering sound just as her husband came through the back door, cleaning his boots on the mat. "Sorry I couldn't meet you all at the train station," he apologized sullenly, his eyes red from work. "It's fine," you responded quickly, and he nearly fell back into a chair. "This was the best I could find," Hermione said, handing over a book when everyone started up separate conversations. "Perfect, thanks," you replied, taking it in an almost embarrassed fashion. "Maybe you should just talk with professor Lupin. I mean... Remus. He taught Harry how to summon a Patronus and he's coming here tomorrow," she suggested. You shook your head. "It's fine, I'll just read on it."
  7. "They're still trying to figure it out," Mr. Weasley was saying. "Specifically, I mean. Just exactly what happened to Emmeline Vance?" You looked at him from the corner of your eye away from your plate. "Anyway," he sighed, "obviously we can't give them the full story. That she's not missing, not just dead, but murdered." You flinched. "Well, let's not worry too much," Mrs. Weasley said. "Could I get some fresh air?" you asked as she stirred something in a pot, not using magic. She smiled.. "Of course."
  8. You stepped outside through the back door and immediately felt grateful for the fresh air, even though it was nipping at you through your jacket. Snow was covering everything on the ground, but it looked beautiful. A fair sized wooded area was just a little ways into their backyard, and you walked in, carrying the book Hermione had given you at your hip. Generally, you caught on easily with most magic. The Summoning Charm, the defensive charms, and even potions, never mind it was usually your weakest subject. You'd never been able to conjure a Patronus, and something about that was slightly strange. 
  9. Figuring you'd walked far enough, you sat against a tree and breathed out, steam pushing through the air as you did so. The night was starting to engulf the sky already. You attempted to start reading, but your mind kept drifting back to what Arthur had said about Emmeline. That the Ministry of Magic didn't seem to have a clue as to what had really happened to her, when you'd seen it first hand, and they couldn't even say- and you hadn't had a chance to say anything to Oliver or Draco before you left. You tightened your jacket around you, pulled your knees to your chest... and sighed.

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