Hogwarts Part Four

It's almost Christmas break, and so far the school year has been interesting. See who you get paired up with "” Neville, Ron, Harry, Oliver, or Draco!

Keep a look out for my next quiz! I hope you enjoy this one for now; it's shorter than I anticipated but I'd prefer to give the Christmas break in Hogwarts Part Four and a Half. Enjoy!

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. You look down. "How long? How long have you liked me?" you ask. He leans his head against the wall. You see the pain in his expression as he closes his eyes. "You know what," you say, "it doesn't matter. I "” I'll just be going now." The bell rings just then and you turn slowly away before speed-walking to your next class.
  2. Your thoughts as you walk away...
  3. The rest of the day goes by in a blur. Throughout it you see Malfoy stealing worried glances. You can't even bring yourself to smile at him. When the last bell rings signaling you to go to bed, you walk very slowly. By the time everyone is around the corner and up the stairs Harry grabs your arm gently. "________, I am so sorry you had to go through that," he says. You look around curiously, you feel someone else's eyes on you but you can't find them. Harry takes your head in his hands and kisses you on the forehead. "I just know how many guys are waiting in line for you, and with-" "Waiting in line for me?" He nods as he pushes back some hair in your eyes. "Yes." You are just about to push away when he says "And I don't like that. They don't respect you." You stop from shoving him; he read your thoughts. "And I understand," he says quietly. You put your head against his chest and remain there for awhile. Finally he tells you you should go to bed. You round the corner and just as your foot hits the first stair... "I SWEAR, Potter," you hear a quiet voice say from where you just left. You run to the corner and are surprised by what you see. Malfoy has got Harry against the wall. "If you make her cry..." Draco says sternly. Harry shoves him. "I'll treat her better than you ever could, you bloody little-" Harry starts. Draco takes out his wand. Harry stops and stares (you think you're moving but you go nowhere "” sorry, couldn't help myself, moving on) at the wand, breathing hard. "And if you so much as lay a hand on her," Malfoy snarls, "I'll hurt you more than any curse that ever existed." "How do you expect you'll do that?" scoffs Harry. "They're called my fists," Draco growls, approaching Harry again. "And worse "” I'll make you NEVER forget it." "Malfoy," Harry says, a stern look on his face, "I would never hurt her. That's a promise I'll make even to you." Harry walks away, leaving Malfoy in his own angst.
  4. The next day at Potions class you can't bear to look Draco in the eyes. He looks up at you, with worry written upon his face. "________, I want you to know," he says with a stern face, "that if you ever need help, I'm here." You nod. He turns away, looking down. You place your hand on his shoulder. "Draco, I-" He gently takes your hand. "Promise me." You nod without debate. As Harry enters the classroom he slowly places your hand back on the table. Harry sits two chairs to your left as he always does, which was at a different table. Then Ron sat next to him, which was one to your left. "Hello, ________," he says cheerfully; the rest of the class you don't even hear a word Professor Snape says. Just as you walk out of class to go to Herbology, Oliver grabs your hand and pulls you aside. "Haven't seen you forever," he says in his thick Scottish accent. "I know, not since... Eh hum... I mean, I agree." "Our next Quittich match is tomorrow "” Saturday. You fancy coming?" he asks. "Uh "” yeah. Totally. Yes, I'd love to," you say, nodding your head. He claps his hands together. "Alright then! I'll see you there!" He walks away grinning broadly. You wonder what Harry will say, if anything, about before. 
  5. During Herbology Ron and Harry sit on either side of you. "You "” you, um... Ready for your match tomorrow, Harry?" you ask to start a conversation. "Yes, I suppose. It's against Slytherin." Harry's face appears contorted. "Slytherin," he mumbles with disgust. "You-you're going against Slytherin?" you stutter. "Yes, and actually I'm quite glad," he replied. "Are you going to the game?" Ron joins in. You nod. "Yes "” I think I am."
  6. As you walk to the Quittich bleachers where all of your fellow Gryffindors are, your ears are filled with the Gryffindor fight song. You take a seat and begin looking for Oliver, Harry, and Draco. Ron and Neville sit on either side of you. "We're so going to win!" says Ronald cheerfully. You don't reply, but soon the game begins. Harry, on his new Firebolt, flies around looking for the Golden Snitch. You see Oliver catch a Quaffle and throw it back to one of the team-mates. Draco appears to be intensely looking for the Snitch, destined to get it before Harry. The game goes on, and you can't help but watch/talk to...
  7. After the game Harry steps off his broom, glad they had won. Draco gets off and stands nearby.  "Hey, did you enjoy the game?" he asks. You nod. "Yes, nice catch," you comment. Draco had left. He looks into your eyes. "Something's bothering you." "I didn't mean to..." you start. He looks at you confused. "Didn't mean to..." "Hear you and Draco... You "” you meant everything you'd said?" Everyone else was already gone, leaving for Hogsmeade. "Wait here," he says. He comes back later in his Gryffindor robes and takes your hand. The two of you walk into Hogwarts. "Every word," he finally says. You don't remember stepping back towards the wall, but suddenly that's where you were. "You honestly think," he said quietly, "that I would let that happen?" You breathed "no" and let him move closer as you stood against the wall. For a second he just held your hand in his with his forehead against yours, but then he kisses you, lips warm, and you wrap your arms around his neck, finally glad you could be uninterrupted and with one guy. He pulls back and you put your head against his chest. He hugs you. "Never," he whispers. "Never," you repeat, closing your eyes.
  8. Where he came out of, you have no idea. But he saw it all. Draco stood to the side, silent for a moment. "I. Wouldn't. Hurt. Her," you hear someone say. Draco was walking towards you and Harry with his wand pointed at him. "How dare you." Harry throws himself in front of you. "I'M NOT AIMING AT HER, FOOL! I. WOULD. NEVER. HURT. HER!" Harry takes out his wand as well. "Stupify!" he yells, and Malfoy jumps out of the way. "What the bloody heck is wrong with you?!" Malfoy cried. "What?" Harry yelled back. "Too weak to even curse me?" "Because," Malfoy said quietly; his voice sounded like he'd just realized something. "Be-because... She... Likes you..." He choked back tears. "And I won't hurt her."  He was taking in large breaths through his nose. He shook his head and mumbled something that sounded something like "I can't believe this." He looked up and forced a laugh. "But if you do, Potter-" "I wouldn't," Harry said quietly. "I'll just be going, then." Harry began walking away, but when he passed Malfoy he said "She deserves respect." Draco put his wand down and looked over at you. "I didn't mean for that to happen," he began. You waked towards him and took his hands. You look him in the eyes and say nothing. Then you sigh and look away. You let go of his hands and he watches as you walk up to your bed.
  9. That night you lye in bed awake. You're thinking about Draco, and your thoughts about him are...
  10. The next day, Sunday, you follow Neville to Greenhouse Three. Once inside, he begins showing you each of the plants, telling you how they grew, their history, and their value. You can't help but smile as he leads you around. "What about that one?" you ask, pointing to a rose on the rainy window sill. "It's only a rose. But it's beautiful, isn't it?" You nod as you walk over. "Oh, yes," you respond. "You can have it if you like. Professor Sprout can't find much use for it," he shrugs. "Why thank you!" you say, picking up the pot. "No problem," he smiles. "Now, these mandrakes are really quite loud, don't thou agree?" "Oh, I remember last year, pulling out those screaming things," you say, nodding and walking over to where they were. "They're really often used for medicines. Interesting things, these are," he says. "So, how was your trip to Hogsmeade?" he asks nonchalantly. "I didn't see you," he adds. "Um..." you begin, worried. "It was good..." "Good," he replies, not looking up. "I didn't see Harry, either..." he added. You cleared your throat. "So, um... Mandrakes, huh?" He looked up at you. He let out a quiet sigh; he looked down again slowly and nodded. A few minutes passed in silence. "Quite ironic, don't you think? That I didn't see either of you there?" You reply...
  11. "If there's something you've got to tell me, you can. I don't judge," he says, looking up. You look around anxiously. "Well, Harry and I... We kind of... Kissed..." you say. He takes in a breath. "Neville," you say in a begging tone as you step towards him. You expect him to walk away like the others would have, but he stays where he is. "You're not running..." you say in disbelief. "Why should I?" he asks. "Everything I need is right here," he says. "You mean the plants?" you ask, taken aback. He laughs. "No. But it's your life; I have no right to tell you what to do." "So," you say grinning, "you can't stop me from doing what I like, either?" He shakes his head laughing. "I don't see where you're going with this. But no. I can't, and if it's Harry you like, then..." You take his hands, smiling. He looks at you, smiling, but confused. You take a step closer and put your chin on his shoulder. Then you start leading him in a dance, and he laughs. "You can dance?" he asks. "Well," you say, "might as well be able to, the Yule Ball is next year." 
  12. You step back. "Now," you say gently, "let's go off to class." He nods, grinning, and the two of you walk to Potions; already it is near Christmas. Sirius Black was thought to have broke into the castle, and so it, like your first and second year, and been interesting. As you sit down in your seat, you can't help but wonder how Christmas break will go "” Oliver, Neville, Harry, Ron, and Neville are staying. And so are you.
  13. Thank you for taking my quiz! I realize it was short, I really had intended for it to be MUCH longer; I decided to have the next one be longer and be mostly (if not all about) Christmas Break with Neville, Harry, Ronald, Draco, and Oliver.
  14. Sneak Peek: He looked taken aback. "What? It's not like I've got anything to lose," you say, winking. "O-okay," he stutters. "Well... Well... I can't wait..." "Don't worry, you've got plenty of time to practice." "But you already know how to dance..." You laugh. "Well, I promise, if you make a fool out of yourself, I will, too," you laugh. He joins it. "Well, that's reassuring."

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