Hogwarts L-O-V-E Part 6

Woo! Part 6! If this is your first quiz you are taking that is part of the Hogwarts L-O-V-E series, please go back and take my other parts! We're starting back with you explaining things to Draco, remember??? :D We see a bit of Oliver at the end, and things get riled up with Ron!

I hope I'm not taking too long with these quizzes, and if I am, please, please, PLEASE tell me!!! As always, I hope you have fun with this quiz, and enjoy!

Created by: TheCreativeFox

  1. As you explained the conflicts of Harry, Ron, and everything else, you could see a bit of anger and sadness in Draco's eyes. "Wow," he said, leaning back onto his palms, still letting you lean on him. "Wow,_________, I-I don't know what to say..." "That's okay..." You sighed, "I didn't expect anybody to."
  2. You heard student going to classes. "I-I better go," You say, getting up, "I have to go and get my books and everything. Thanks for... everything." Draco smiled. "No prob. But remember this, if anybody tries to hurt you, come to me. I'll be there." You felt yourself blush slightly, "Thanks Draco."
  3. A few minutes later, you were outside Hagrid's hut, taking your next class. The hippogriffs were beautiful, and they seemed to get along with you extremely well. Although the class was fun, you couldn't help but notice that Harry and Ron were shooting you some glances. You pretended not to notice, but you could see them out of the corner of your eye.
  4. Draco also seemed to notice, and tried to comfort you. Pansy Parkinson noticed and turned a flushed shade of red. "Draco!" She screeched. All of the sudden, one of the hippogriffs screamed in anger. It had seemed as though Pansy's screechy voice angered them, and this one was very, very angry. It backed on it's hind legs, and in a flash of steely talons, cut open your arm. The cut was so deep, it showed the bone, and it took up your entire arm. You didn't cry. You didn't say anything. You were in so much shock, you couldn't do much of anything. You heard your breathing grow heavy and your eyes widen. You heard yourself mumble something about the hospital wing.
  5. "_________?" You heard somebody say, you dimly recognized it as Ron. "I-I can take her to the hospital wing." He said, grabbing you, as you realized you were falling over slightly. "No!" You heard Draco yell, "No, I-I can take her..." "Are you kidding Draco? Of course not! She would never want you! What are you? Some kind of idiot? A Slytherin and a Gryffindor, how ironic!" You heard Harry say angrily, "Let Ron take her, Hagrid." You felt a wave of anger, and you felt yourself lean a bit on Ron, in need of balance. Instantly, he smiled, and took you away from the class. Looking behind your shoulder, you could see Draco looking angry, but Pansy looking smug.
  6. You tripped a few times on the way up the stairs, but you held your ground. "You okay?" He kept asking, but you didn't say anything. Finally he stopped you. "Hey, why aren't you talking to me? Is it because I ruined your date with Harry?" He looked slightly amused. You bit your lip in anger. "No." "Then what is it?" "It's you. I didn't mind if you ruined one date, but the fact that you would actually ruin something that would make me happy, just to make things your way, and causing others to downfall." You said, trying not to look or touch your cut. "Now can we keep going?" Ron scowled. "I know it's Harry," he said, angrily. You stopped. "Ron. Do we have to argue about it?" He stood quiet. You stopped outside of the door. "Well, thanks..." You said half-heartedly.
  7. Ron nodded slowly and watched as you entered the wing. "________?" He said suddenly, and looked down at his feet. "I-I'm sorry I ruined your date. How about I make it up to you. How about I take you to Hogsmeade?" You blinked rapidly in surprise. "You think that that makes it up? God, Ron, you've got a lot to learn." And with that, you closed the door in his bewildered face.
  8. Madame Pomfrey fixed you up real fast, and a couple of hours later, you were back in the halls. Classes were over, and you really didn't have anywhere to go. Eventually, you decided just to go outside and take a stroll around the lake.
  9. Sighing, you reflected on all the things that bothered you. Your friends, school work that you would have to catch up on, and all that jazz, when, suddenly, a shadow moved from behind a tree. Your eyes widened, and you pulled out your wand, ready to fire a curse. "Oh, it's just you." You heard somebody with a Scottish accent whisper. "O-Oliver?" You questioned, squinting through the darkness. "Oh, yes, it is me. Hey, _______, what are you doing out so late?" You frowned slightly. "It's not that late." "Why aren't you out at dinner?" "I-I wasn't hungry!" "I heard you got a little injury. That must have burned a few calories. I'm always really hungry after a accident on the Quidditch field." He held your hand.
  10. You took your hand away, and tucked it into your pocket. Oliver was too old for you, and everybody knew it.
  11. Okay, guys! That was part 6! Thank you for taking this quiz! I really hope you guys enjoyed this, and I really really REALLY want more ideas for future quizzes!!! So leave those in the comments PU-LEEEZE!! Keep an eye out for part 7 (Lucky number seven, woot!) and keep the love coming! Or the hate... actually no, stop the hate. *Special Shoutout to EvaTheHybrid who is one of my main supporters!!! (Thank you!!)* See you in the next quizzzzz!!!! (Or whenever I happen to see you next!) BYE!

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