Your Life at Hogwarts Pt 1

After being inspired by the other Hogwarts stories, I decided to write one of my own. I hope you like it. This part focuses mainly on your life before Hogwarts.

You have been accepted into Hogwarts! What will happen! Will you make friends? Will you fall in love? Will you even live to tell the tale someday?

Created by: Amy
  1. It's just an average day at home, in your hometown, where?
  2. Very nice. As I was saying, it was calm and peaceful that night. Nothing could disturb you from doing whatever you happened to be doing. What were you doing that night?
  3. Suddenly, something distracted you from your activity. It was a loud screech at your window! You cautiously approached the two small panels of glass and saw an owl, carrying something in it's beak. "What are you doing here?" You ask. You decide to open the window and let the owl in. It landed on your bed and made itself comfortable.
  4. You took the owl's letter. Your eyes bulged as you read the letter. You were going to Hogwarts!
  5. Next, you looked at the list, summing up what you needed to start school. You wondered where to get it all. There were no shops like that where you lived. Maybe someone could know?
  6. (This question is if you picked parents.) You asked your parents what was with the letters. "Honey, you are a wizard. We're both wizards. We didn't think you were mentally ready for it before now. I see you got your letter, want to go to Diagon Alley?" Your mother said. You reply:
  7. (This is if you answered not a family member.) You went down to the road to your friend Melanie's home. Once you arrived, you knocked on her door. "Hi! What do you want?" Melanie asked. You replied that you wanted to know about Hogwarts. "What do you mean? Do you want to know if it's real?" Melanie asked. "Yes." You said. "I don't know." Melanie replied. You simply turned around and left. You were thinking:
  8. (This is if you decided to ask nobody.) You sat on your bed, looking at the owl. Was this thing going to leave or not? "Shoo!" You yelled, waving your arms. The bird looked at you. It wasn't intimidated. "What's all this yelling about?" Your mother asked, opening your room's door. Almost as soon as she entered, she noticed the Hogwarts letter. "I knew this day would come." She muttered. "What?" You asked her. "You come from a line of wizards. I'm one of them." "Mom, why didn't you tell me?" "I didn't think you were ready!" You were:
  9. Soon enough, the day came to go to Diagon Alley. You went with your mother to the busy alley. First stop was Flourish and Blotts. There were many books, but the one that caught your eye was:
  10. Once you left Flourish and Blotts, it was to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. The witch fitted and hemmed your robes so you could walk around without tripping. You saw another person in the store. He was looking at you. You:
  11. Next, Ollivander's. As soon as you entered, you were overwhelmed with the large amount of wands piled about. "Welcome to Ollivander's!" An old man said from behind the counter. "Is this your first wand?" "Yes." You clarified. "Hogwarts?" "Where else is there?" The man, presumably Ollivander, nodded. "Well, come over here, don't be shy now." You walked to the counter. Ollivander asked for your wand hand, and started taking all sorts of measurements that seemed unnecessary before he pulled a wand out of one of the massive piles. "This wand is 12 1/2 inches long, has the core of a phoenix feather, and made of ash wood. Give it a go." You wave the wand; not that one. The next one was made of oak, had a core of a unicorn hair, and was 10 inches long. It was a good match. Your reaction:
  12. It didn't take an awful long time to gather your other supplies, and your mother got you some ice cream as a treat. You ended up getting a barn owl you named Aiken. You had a day left to spare before you left for Hogwarts. How did you spend it?
  13. Before you knew it, it was time to head to Platform 9 3/4. Later that day, you sat on the Hogwarts train, excited but nervous. What would happen? Would you make friends or be a loner? Would you find love? Would you even get through the first year alive? You'd just have to wait and see.
  14. A young boy/girl (depending on your gender.) sat beside you and grinned at you. "What's your name? Mine is Noah/Nadine (Once again, depending on your gender)." You:
  15. Noah/Nadine looked at you and smiled. "Why won't you tell me?" You sigh. "Fine. My name is:" (Sorry, I only have so many answer slots.)
  16. You spent the most part of the trip daydreaming and reading. What would Hogwarts be like? At one, the snack trolley came by, and you bought a cauldron cake and some Every Flavor Beans. You were starved! When you arrived, you and Noah/Nadine climbed out of your section, into the mass of students trying to get into the Great Hall. "Firs' years!" A voice called. You looked up to see a man, at least 10 feet tall, looming over you. "Firs' years!" The man boomed again. "Sir, what are first years?" You asked him. The man looked down at you. "Firs' years are the bran' new students." You nodded. Your mother hadn't taught you much, had she? "Firs' years!" The man boomed out again. The yelling went on for the next ten minutes, until the man told your group to clamber into boats and sail across the lake. You did so, and ended up in front of the Great Hall thirty minutes later. "Stay here." The headmistress told the group of you. You were:
  17. Soon, the students began filing into the Great Hall, where an old hat sat on a stool. "We will put this hat on your head, and it will tell you what House you belong in." The headmistress told you. You started to grow tense. What if you got the wrong House? Soon, it was your turn. You nervously stepped up to the stool...
  18. You gingerly sat down on the stool, and the hat was placed onto your head. After hearing the descriptions of the Houses from your classmates and the headmistress, which House do you want?
  19. There was a pause, one that seemed like hours as you waited for the hat to make its decision. "Gryffindor!" You stepped down from the platform and joined your classmates at the Gryffindor table. Noah/Nadine was not in this House.

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