Your strange life at Hogwarts (Part 1)

I apologize about the results, they make you write the before the quiz so it was confusing! I promise we will get to Hogwarts soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next edition you will have another fight with your cousin, we will go to Diagon Alley, and possibly go to Hogwarts! Please comment/rate and always read these because I will put notices here!

Created by: Pyra Potter
  1. Tap, tap, tap you heard your extremely annoying cousin outside the door. "What, Cousin Blackwell?" Cousin Blackwell's real name was Johnathon Blackwell, but you got grounded for 2 months for calling him Johnathon. Blackwell made a scene of banging on your door until you opened it. "What?" The obvious smart-alecky tone in your voice. "Dinner, now." Blackwell demanded in his deep tone. You walked down to the table where there were two plates, one for you and one for Blackwell, each one piled high with spaghetti, something you were deadly allergic to. You pointed this out to your cousin, you knew that he knew you couldn't eat it. "Oh, I'm sorry ______, I totally forgot" he said sarcastically smiling. Blackwell had been giving you food you couldn't eat lately because you refused to cook. Jokes on him. You thought, I have many take out menus under my bed with the number to call and the money to pay.
  2. You stomped back up to your room pulling out your phone from your hiding place in the false plant by your door. You sat on your bed and selected #4 on your speed dial list. It rang until a man answered the other line, "Thank you for calling Subway, how can I help you?" "Hello, Mr. Amos its _______, two of my usual, please, plus a few cookies." you requested. "Of course, Miss Blackwell, we shall deliver it straight to your window." Mr. Amos replied. You thanked him, hung up and called another number.
  3. "Hello?" Someone answered your call. "Hello, this is _______, um could I please speak to Hermione?" The woman on the phone told Hermione it was for her. "Hi, _____, how are you?" Hermione asked cheerfully. "Not good, Hermione, my cousin still refuses to feed me-" Hermione cut you off, "Oh, ______, you really need to tell someone!" she shouted concerned. "Hermione, it's okay, this way I can eat what I want, which brings me to the reason I called, you wanna come over for Subway?" You asked hopefully. She replied with a "See you in a minute then" You strode outside to the front porch to await her arrival.
  4. Hermione arrived an hour later so your Subway still hadn't arrived. You had purposely called the Subway farthest from your house because Hermione would take awhile. She greeted you with a hug and a friendly smile. Hermione immediately walked under your window, asking where the usual ladder was. "I want you to walk with me by my cousin today," you replied with an evil gleam in your _______ eyes. You saw the concerned look on Hermione's 11 year old face. You reassured her that it would be fine and you walked arm-in-arm into the the living room and told Hermione to go upstairs and wait for the Subways to arrive. You however walked right in front of Cousin Blackwell and blocked the T.V. "______! MOVE!!" He shouted at you. You grinned and stared right into his dark green eyes streaked with brown. "Alright." you said as you began to dance in front of the T.V. Blackwell began to get red in the face. He stood and began walking towards you. Hermione yelped, you assumed that she stayed on the staircase to assure that you knew what you were doing.
  5. Suddenly a tea pot shattered in the kitchen and the lights began to flicker as you and Hermione yelled in unison. Then Blackwell seemed to have walked into an invisible barrier between the two of you and fell over. You walked triumphantly to Hermione and you both laughed the whole way to your room. You dropped the ladder out of your window to see a man begin climbing it. "Thank you sir." You stated politely while relieving the man of his burden when he reached your window. He gestured out his hand and you gave him $15.00. You told the man to keep the change and turned to Hermione, She was smiling from ear to ear. "What?" You chuckled. "_____, I'm so glad were friends," she stated hugging you across your makeshift table, an old dresser drawer flipped upside down with a curtain over it. "Best Friends Forever" you corrected her. "I am sooo glad that our families met in Paris two years ago," Hermione, realizing what she said, covered her mouth with a regretful look in her eyes, she had said your least favorite word 'family.' You hated this word because you never knew yours, you had grown up with Johnathon as your family and despised it. You assured Hermione that you didn't mind, in your eyes the Grangers were your family.
  6. You had had a microwave hidden in your closet along with a mini-fridge. You heated up Hermione's and your's dinner in the microwave, while pulling out two cokes from the fridge. Suddenly Hermione seemed transfixed on something, you followed her eyes until you saw two professional looking owls rapping on your window and hooting loudly, you forgot you had shut the window. Hermione strode to the window and threw it open. Both owls flew in and landed on your desk. You and Hermione both untied the small rolls of parchment from their legs looking under a trance. Hermione quickly opened hers so you looked to see what she had gotten. It was a letter addressed to her, but the address was the exact location of your bedroom. 'Weird' you thought. The letter stated that she had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione squealed with excitement. "Well, _______?" She asked ushering you to open the letter you had received. "What?" You asked dumbfounded. "The letter!" Hermione shouted playfully reminding you of the letter in your hands. Yours said the exact same thing as Hermione's had only yours was addressed to you. You quickly grabbed a scrap piece of parchment and a pen. You began to scrawl a quick letter. It read: 'YES! I would love to attend Hogwarts! Thank you dearly for the acceptance, _________ Blackwell.' With that you sent the first owl back to Hogwarts.
  7. Hermione stared at you in disbelief. "Yeeeesss?" you asked her. "It's just----You're not----" Hermione stuttered in disbelief. "Spit it out!" You egged her on. Hermione took a deep breath and tried again, "Well, it's just that you already sent that you are going." "So?" You prompted. "_______, you're not even going to ask Blackwell?" She asked in an exasperated tone. You didn't mind her tone. "I don't have to," you replied. In answer to Hermione's confused expression, you continued, "Johnathon's been trying to get me into a boarding school for years. I was always pushed around so I always managed to get myself expelled because I preferred public school." The microwave went off and you and your guest ate while discussing what Hogwarts would be like. What do you think?
  8. Thanks for reading! I don't expect it to be awesome but it's alright for the time being, right? Accio results

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Quiz topic: My strange life at Hogwarts (Part 1)