Your life at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts teach us something please! Whether we may be old and bald or young with scabby knees! Our heads could use some filling with some interesting stuff. Cuz right now their bare and full of air! Dead flys and bits of fluff.

I forgot the rest of it. Ohh, life at the school of magic where stairways twist and pictures dance and suits of armor come alive. The food is delicious.

Created by: Ginny Weasley

  1. Your parents wait anxiously at the edge of Platform 9 3/4. You are very excited to be starting at Hogwarts! You hop on board as the whistle blows and you wave goodbye to you father.
  2. You look around you and see a few compartments open. You sit by...?
  3. You walk in the compartment with Harry Potter. "Is this taken?" You ask. "No," he replies. You sit.
  4. "What's your name?" He asked. "_____" you reply. "I'm starting at Hogwarts this year!" "Me too!" He replies. " Im Harry Potter, by the way. What house do you want?"
  5. "Gryffindor," you reply. It sounds the best. "Cool! Thats where I want!" Says Harry.
  6. You arrive at Hogwarts. "Wow!" You exclaim. Hagrid takes you up to the castle to be Sorted.
  7. You walk in and gasp at the magnificence of the Great Hall. You see the stool and the Sorting Hat. "____,_____" Professor McGonagal calls. Oh no. She places the hat on your head. "Hmmm. There's courage, oh yes, the wisdom, a need to help those in pain. And also a part of you makes sure you don't go down without a fight. But where to put to?" The sorting hat murmurs. Then it says " Your mother... You could be a Slytherin..." It says. " No!" Not Slytherin! You cry out in our mind. And what's this with my mum? " That's something for you to find out," it says. " I think you are a GRYFFINDOR!"
  8. You take your seat at the table, next to a smaller red haired boy. "Im Ron," he says. "Im ____, nice to meet you," you say. Just then, Professor McGonagall calls out "Potter, Harry!" Whispers erupt throught the hall. After a moment the hat yells out for everyone to hear "Gryffindor!" Harry comes and sits by you.
  9. After eating the delicious food, you are so tired that when Percy shows you the common room you go to bed right after. Laying in bed, you hear a scream.
  10. Hehehe, CLIFFHANGER!!! Did you enjoy?

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Quiz topic: My life at Hogwarts