Sparks Fly (pt. 4)

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Hey! Just so you know, I started writing this the day after I finished #3. So, I’m especially sorry for this one being late. But I was getting behind on my schoolwork, and…I can’t afford to have to retake 9th grade.

*RECAP* You were sorted into Ravenclaw, and met your Prefects, one of them being ME, and shared (part of) your life story before Hogwarts. When you went to bed, you saw a strange girl with snake-like eyes.

Created by: liz_king97

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  1. "Time to get up!" Liz pulled open the curtains, and spread her arms out, soaking in the sunlight. It was a little strange, but normal compared to the girl in my dreams. "Rise and shine, little witches, or your breakfast will be cold!" I pulled my comforter over my head. "Liz, shut out the light!" "Nonsense, Victoria!" Liz said cheerfully. "If the sun is up, you should be too." She threw my covers onto the floor and stood above me, grinning. "Good morning!" She sang.
  2. One girl, Tessa Williams, screamed. "SPIDER!" A few other girls squealed in terror, but I just rolled my eyes. "Where’d you see it, Tessa?" Tessa pointed at her bed sheets, and I saw a tiny arachnid peering back at me. I held out my hand, and it scurried into my palm. "They won’t hurt you," I muttered to it. "I won’t let them." I put the small spider on the windowsill next to my bed and smiled fleetingly.
  3. I hurried to the showers, before anyone could make any comments on my strange behavior. I also grabbed a fresh pair of robes, and my small bag of toiletries.
  4. After my shower, I felt more relaxed. I dressed quickly, and let in the next girl. "So, Liz, do we start our classes today?" My prefect glanced up from her book, staring at me for a moment. "Yeah, after breakfast. Professor Flitwick, our Head of House, will pass out the schedules during breakfast."
  5. As I waited for the other girls to get done, I took an old book from my trunk and went downstairs to the common room to read in peace. I should've known I wouldn't get it, because as soon as I sat down, another boy older than me plopped down on the couch next to me. I glanced over and scooted to edge of the couch, opening my book. The boy cleared his throat and held out his hand. "I’m…uh…James Albert…I’m a third year."
  6. "Ravenclaws, up!" Elizabeth clapped her hands together and I jumped up quickly, almost knocking over someone’s chess game. "Sorry," I apologized, and ran out the door. "Victoria!" Elizabeth shouted. "You have to stay with us!" I didn’t turn around, but kept running ahead, until I could no longer hear Elizabeth shouting at me. When I felt I had gone far enough, I looked back. Then I ran into someone.
  7. "What House do you belong to- ah, the blue of Ravenclaw. Ten points from Ravenclaw, for not paying attention!" I stared at the man’s shoes, too afraid to look into his eyes. "I’m sorry sir," I whispered. I looked up as the man walked away briskly, his black cape billowing behind him. "That’s Professor Severus Snape. You won’t want to cross him on a bad day." I turned around, stumbling. "Wh- who are you?" The tall, dark-haired boy grinned. "Oliver Wood, captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team."
  8. Oh. So you…you’re a fourth year?" "Fifth, actually." "Ah. So…what are you going to do after Hogwarts?" "Oliver scratched his head. "Ah…I haven’t really thought about that." I smiled. "I don’t know yet either. My older brother works at the Ministry, and my older sister works a Muggle job." Oliver looked surprised. "She doesn’t work in the Wizarding world?" "Nope. She’s Muggle-born, like our older brother and me. She thought she’d be better off working with Muggles." Oliver looked up and held his arm in front of me, saving me from running into a wall. "Th-thanks," I said. Oliver smiled. "No problem. The Great hall is just past this corridor, but I’ll walk with you to make sure you get there safely." I nodded, too shocked to say a word.
  9. "Victoria Anne Rain!" Elizabeth stomped over, fuming. She took my arms, and yanked me away from Oliver. "Thanks for taking care of her." She said. "Now can you leave us alone?" Oliver smiled kindly at Elizabeth, and bowed slightly. "As you wish," he said with a wink. Elizabeth stared, open-mouthed, after Oliver. "Come along, Victoria. To the table, or I will have to give you a detention." "She did nothing wrong, though!" The white-haired prat who I met on the train stood next to me. Elizabeth frowned. "Let me take of her, Slytherin. This is none of your concern." "She did nothing wrong." Malfoy repeated.
  10. I glared at the pureblood. "I don’t need your help." I hissed. "I can defend myself perfectly fine." Elizabeth folded her arms. “I don’t have all day, Victoria.” She fingered a gold chain around her neck nervously, glancing around like something was hiding from her. "Fine," I relented. "I’m famished anyway." I followed Elizabeth to our table and sat down, reaching for the toast and jam. "Raise me. Raise me, and you shall be rewarded greatly."
  11. Hey! Yeah, I know another cliffhanger. I guess. Did anyone catch the Princess Bride thing? I thought it would be cute. :3 Please tell me that at least some of you have either ready or seen "The Princess Bride"? If not, then you should!

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