Does he love you back? ♥

Love is such a beautiful thing. Sparks fly, and you feel like you're in a fantasy. That is, after all, depending on if the guy you love likes you back!

Does he? Take this quiz to see what I think about the chances. You could only wonder and dream before you read this. Yup, I am so smart, aren't I? Anyways, go ahead and take the quiz. You'll (probably) be glad you did!

Created by: Sydney

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  1. Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  2. Does he ever hurt you, physically or emotionally?
  3. Has this ever happened: He was whispering with his friends and you heard your name. What you asked what, he quickly said "Nothing!"
  4. What does he do when you sit beside, near, or across from him?
  5. Does you have his (or does he have your) phone number?
  6. Are you against monkey impersonation? (I don;t know, this is random and does not count for anything!)
  7. Has he ever held your hand or kissed you?
  8. Does he have nicknames for you?
  9. Final question! (The other 2 will be random weird ones!) Do you think he likes you?
  10. Do ya like peanut butter?

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