Demigod Love Story Part 5

Alrighty so this is the quiz where the action really starts! Are you ready for it!? Enemies are introduced, and sparks fly! I hope you enjoy every bit of it!

*RECAP* So we left with Evan leaving on a quest. You wanted to go after him but ANthony wanted to come. You guys got in a pretty bad fight adn you left him. Just as you were ready to leave, someone stopped you. But who?

Created by: ilyvolleyball

  1. You turn to see Nick, smiling his cute, mischevious half smile. Even though you just saw him yesterday, everything about him looked totally and completely different. Yet, you couldnt figure out why. He looked the same. His dark hair was still same as yours. His eyes still a striking blue. His skin still somewhere a mix between the shade of yours and Evan's. But then you noticed, the change was not physical at all. Nick was happy. Like, a part of him had been missing and found its way back. He had a father now, who just happened to be god of gods Zeus. He had a family, something you never would. Even though you knew it was terribly childish, unfair, and selfish, you were not the least bit happy for Nick. You were fuming. "What do you want, Nick?" You asked, irritated. "Where are you going?" He asked, concered. You couldnt meet his eyes, even though he tried to see yours. "Thats none of your business! Why dont you run off to youe lovey dovey family. You spit the word family out and laced it with venom. Nick looked confused, but mostly hurt.
  2. "I.. I dont.. What did I do..? Are you.. Mad at me or something..?" He stuttered.Of course you were mad at him! Couldnt he get that through his thick skull!? You clentched your jaw to stay calm. You take a deep breath. "Listen, Nick, Im kinda in a rush. I really dont have time to get through your thick head whether or not im mad at you. Figure it out yourself ok?" You say, pulling your bag higher onto your shoulder. "Evan and Chris already left." He says. "All the more reson to leave NOW." You say, starting towards the Big Hill (the main entry to camp). You dont have to turn around or even listen hard to know hes following you. You try to hold in tears that came out of nowhere. "Go away!" You shout, wiping the tears that escaped. He grabs your hand and spins you to face him. "An.. Andromeda..?" He asks. "Are you crying?" You rip your hand away and start up the hill. "NO!" You shout as you suddenly turn on him. "Listen! You need to turn around and go back to your happy, loving family, forget about me, and let me do what I have to do!!" You shout, staring into his blue eyes. "I could never forget about you, Andromeda." He says, with such, sincere meaning your heart drops and your anger is suddenly diffused. You stare into those endless eyes. "Wh- what?" You ask. He suddenly pulls ypu to him and you stare into his eyes as he looks back into your own grey eyes, and in his there is such overwhlming emotion, you cant think.
  3. Nick is your rock. He will always be there to hold you to the earth when you have no anchor. Nick was smiling at you when you were snapped back into reality. "Daydreaming about me?" He asks. You almost squel right then and there. Your brain works overtime to think of an excuse as to why you were staring dazily into his eyes. You try to pull away to save yourself from embarrasment but he just tightens his hold on you. "No.. I.. I w-wasnt..!" You try to explain but he just laughs. "Oh darn." He says, sarcastically. "I really wished you were." He smiled a cute cocky smile. You know your blushing out of control and should look away but youve locked gazes. "I.." You try to think of something to say. Suddenly, Nick leans down, and his lips meet yours.
  4. Youre really suprised. You didnt know Nick had such feelings for you! Your usually good at figuring that out, like how obvious it is that Evan and Anthony do.His lifts were so soft and seemed to mold with yours. You reluctantly had to pull away. "Nick.."You say, unsure how to feel. "Right, sorry.. We need to go." He grabs your hand and pulls you down the hill, franticlly, almost causing you to trip a number of times. "Nick..!" You shout. "What are you..!" Nick lets out an ear ppiercing whistle and a white pegasus flies down."Come on! Hurry!" He jumps ion and throws you on beside him. This is your first time riding a pegasus and your abesolutely terrified! "Alright Areyes, Up!"He shouts, gently kicking the sides off the horse with his heels. Areyes takes offf into the air and it took all your stranth to cling to Nick before the horse finally leveled out and slowed its pace. Nick was laughing as you screamed your head off. "This is terrifying!" You exclaim. "Oh, come on, Areyes is going easy on you!" He replies. "Now, sure. Cant he go any faster?" You complain. The horse whinnied and went faster. Soon, the van that took the heroes to the city was in sight "There it is!" You shout. "Nick! Get this stupid horse to land!" You shout and the pegasus whinnied angrily and next thing you knew, you were falling
  5. Nick caught you of course, before you were in any real danger. You were screaming your head of by the time the horse finally landed. You were furious at the stupid horse who kept whinnying happily. "Listen up you stupid horse!" You started. The pegasus just snorted and flew away. You stood there, your mood slowly elevating when you turned to see Nick laughing. "How is this funny!?" You said, supressing a smile yourself. "Andromeda. How is this not funny?" He laughed. You made a fake pout face and punched him lightly in the arm. You felt so free with Nick. All of the outside worries seemed to slip far away. Perhaps, to far away. "Nick," you said, returning back to a serious mood remembering your reason for leaving camp. "We have to find Evan." You reminded him. He nodded and you two set back off.
  6. You and Nick walked around the cuty for quite a while. You had almost given up hope when you rounded a corner to see Evan and Chris sitting at a bus stop. You wanted to run to him right then but Nick held you back. "Wait." He whispered as he pulled you back around the corner. "We have to wait. We'll sneak on the bus after them. If we go now, they'll make us return to camp. We wont accomplish anything. "But.." You started. "Andromeda. Trust me." He said. You sighed but didnt have much of a choice . You knew he was right about them sending you back. So you guys would have to just wait until the bus arrived. You couldnt help but keep peeking around the corner to check on Evan. Even after whats been going on with Nick, and how close you are, you cant help but see how adorable Evan is. His blonde hair was still messy and reflected off of the streetlights. He had a blue bag slung over his shoulder.
  7. The bus finally arrived and picked up Evan and Chris. You were a little confused as to how you'd sneak on without Evan seeing you but it proved to be quite easy. The flood of people hid both you and Nick easily. It was pretty dark and the clock on the train read 10:45. Without warning, you rested your head on Nick's shoulder and snuggled into him for warmth. He moved a little and you could tell he was going to put his arm around you but stopped. Good call. If Evan had seen that, hed blow up and hate you both forever. Evan.. Your mind couldnt help but wander and neither could your eyes. You couldnt find him among the crowd. You started to drift away. Your thinking of...
  8. In your dream, you were running from a hideous storm. This was a strange storm though. It was smoky black instead of grey and cloudy. It was on the floor not in the sky. It was very small, the size of a large truck and seemed to be following you. You screamed for help but noone came. You heard laughter. It was a girl, not young, not old. In her late teens or early adulthood. It was coming from the strom. You stopped and turned to face the storm when you did, it stopped and slowly got smaller until it morphed around a young woman's body as a flowy, long dress and dark, sleek hair. "Well, look at this. A cursed one. Hows it feel to bare the hades' curse?" SHe laughed and dissapeared, snapping you into the real world.
  9. You looked up at Nick. The bus was stopped. "We need to get off now." He said, helping you up. "How long was I asleep?" You asked, but beforehe could answer you saw the clock. 11:54. An hour. "Where's Evan and Chris?" You asked. "Theyre already off. I think they mightve seen us." He said. "But.. Thats ok, right? I mean, were far enough away from camp.." You said. "Lets hope." Was all he replied. When you got off the bus it was obvious Evan had seen you. He ran up and hugged you tight. "An, what in Zeus's name are you doing here!? DO you have any idea how stupid this was! IM so glad your here! Oh Andromeda! Your ridiculous!" He fussed. You smiled. "Hey, Im fine Evan. Thanks to Nick." You gestured to Nick, who was standing akwardly. "Thank you."Evan said to Nick, not releasing you from his arms. "Evan." It was Chris who spoke up now and he was giving Evan a look. "We need to go." He said. Evan nodded and leaned down to kiss you. You stole a glance from Nick. He woulnt meet your gaze. You felt bad and pulled away from Evan. "Evan.. Can we talk..?" You asked. He looked at Chris who allowed it. You pulled him away.
  10. "Whats up?" He asked. "LIsten.. Evan.. I.. We.. We arent dating.. You know that right..?" You asked. He looked a little suprised and kind of hurt. "I mean.. Yeah we never oficially.." He started. "No. Evan. Dont get me wrong. I like you.. alot. But right now, Im still trying to settle my life down. I.. I cant handle a boyfriend.. I mean, I really do like you. But, not now.. We cant." You said. It broke your hurt to see his face fall slightly. "oh, yeah, of course right. We dont have to. And just.. Know Im here to.. Help you figure out whatever you need to." He says. Your heart skips a beat. You really do like him, thats not a lie. You wrap him in a hug. "Thank you.. You have no idea how much that would help." You tell him. He smiles. You hear yelling and swords clancking around the corner and gasp. Nick!
  11. You and Evan ran around the corner. You pulled out the sword that saved your life that day with the hellhounds. You see three guys standing over Nick and Chris who are on their n=knees, unarmed. You almost catch one of gaurd but he blocks your blow with his sword just before it slices him. You engage in batlle and see Evan take on the other two.After a while of matched battling they both disarm you and Evan and force you both to your knees beside Nick and Evan. One points a sword to your neck. "Stop." a girl says. Earlier, she blended into the shadows due her black clothing and hair. She emerged. "Youve all done splendidly but dont kill them." She says. She catches your gaze and smiles huge. "Well, hello again." She says and you are starinng into not only your own grey eyes but the girl from your dream.
  12. Well, thats all! Im sure most of you can guess exactly who this person is but dont! Let it be a suprise! Dont post it in the comments please, for people who dont know. Thanks! Your all so amazing! And so so sorry for how long it took to post. My internet was down and I didnt get it up until late yesterday! D: Its been torture!
  13. Dont forget to check out Whispers andLies when I post it! Thank you guys so much!

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