Demigod Love Story Part 4

Everything is on the table now. Your a daughter of Hades, Anthony's in love with the bad guy, Evan's going on a quest, and Nick is claimed. What lengths must you got to to make things right?

**RECAP** After arriving at camp you made 2 news friends. Zach and Nick. Zach, a son of Hermes, is just being introduced while. Meanwhile, Nick a son of Zues, is cliamed and closer to you than anyone. You were claimed as a daughter of Hades.

Created by: ilyvolleyball

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  1. Evan didnt let go of you while he gathered your stuff from the Hermes cabin. The only time you broke away was to say goodbye but everyone was silent. Even Zach didnt say a word to you. They were all happy to see you leave. To think that you stopped crying to say goodbye to them. Wow. Ridiculous. Evan slung your bag over his shoulder and pulled you close. You hugged Sarah;s notebook tight to your chest. Sarah was really your half sister.. She was a traitor. You sighed and couldnt help but wonder if, maybe, one day, people would call you a traitor. No. You shoved the thought out of your mind. Evan didnt say a word as he walked you to the dreary cabin at the end, near the woods. It was a plain cabin, of course. If they decorated it to reflect Hades.. Well it wouldnt be pretty. They tried to liven it up with flowers. They were dead and black. There was even a "Welcome" mat. That one was just cruel. Was this some kind of joke?
  2. Evan turned you to him after setting your stuff down inside. "Im so sorry, Love." He pressed his lips to your forehead. "Its ok.." You choke out. "No. Its not. Those people, they dont know anything! They dont know you! Theyre judging you off of your dad! You dont deserve that. Your nothing like him!" He was getting all protective and it was cute. You smile up at him and looks at you sincerely, wiping a stray tear from your cheek. "Thanks..' You say and pull away to wipe your eyes. He sighs. I have to go visit the oracle.." He says. You frown but, since you cant stop it, you let him. "Ill come right back and tell you everything."He promises. He kisses your forehead agian. You force a smile and he leaves. You go inside and take in your surroundings. The walls are plain wood and chipped. It looks like an abandoned shack. The window is shattered. Probably from one of Sarah's freakouts. You cant help but wonder if one day you'll break a window in a fit of anger. Or maybe you'll throw one of the dead potted plants and spill the black contents everwhere. Where noone would venture far enough to clean it. And noone would think anything of it but just that Hades girl. You.
  3. You threw Sarah's notebook on one of the beds and sighed. Soone enough you too were on the bed. You didnt know you could have a staring contest with an inantimate object but you had never had one more intense than the one you shared with the notebook. Finally, curiosity got the best of you and you flipped it open. "Well. Thanks to the stupid Apollo boy, I was the last camper of my friends to arrive at camp. Then again, it was never a fair race. Jessica lives in New York and Zach is a year rounder." Zach? Zach was friends with Sarah? Why didnt he mention that? You continued reading. "This Apollo kid says hes been to camp before but no camper would get mixed up with a manticore. Hes a bit younger than me. I think he said fourteen. That doesnt matter though. After I saved him, he was super sweet about it and spent the whole trip trying to make it up to me." You flipped the page. "but I definitely dont like him. I like someone else and its not like I would ever give either of them a chance. Im goin to marry a human and have lots of human babies who will never have to worry about Hades' curse."
  4. Curse!? What curse? You want to read more but theres a knock at your door. "Whos there?" You say, putting Sarah's notebook away. No answer. You groan and get up "Whos-!?" you open the door to see the cute brown haired brown eyed boy with elvish features you never noticed before. "Zach." You say, suprised. "What are you..?" "Im so so sorry Andromeda, for how me and the Hermes campers acted. It was so stupid. Its just.. Hades.. I mean.. wow.."He says. You start to become irritated. "Yeah. Wow. You done?" You ask. He looks away, hurt. You sigh. "Oh.. Zach.. Come on dont.." You dont know how to cheer him up so you change the topic. "So, you were friends with Sarah?" He looks at you and you instantly know you've caught his attention. "How do you even know who Sarah is?" He asks. "Oh, Anthony Im guessing? He really had the hots for her" You nod "He gave me her journal he found after she.. left." You say. "She mentioned you, I-I havent read much.." You say. "Look Andromeda, when I first met Sarah she knew she was a daughter of Hades. I was still her best friend. Do you think that you being Hades' daughter means we cant be friends? Cause I dont." He says, changing the subject abruptly. You smile. "We can still be friends, Zach." You assure him and he gives you a beaming smile. You see Evan approaching, and Zach says good bye. I mean after what happend with your claiming, people consider you a couple.
  5. Evan walks up to you and you can immeadiately tell something is wrong. He is stiff and his face is pale. You run up to him and grab his face, staring into his eyes. "Whats wrong?" You ask. You stay like that until you realize how close you are, almost pressed up agianst him, face inches from his. The situation was very intimate. You pull yourself away blushing. "The Prophecy.." He says. You wait for him to tell you it, but he is just as silent as you. "You promised." You remind him. He is silent for a while longer. Your about to yell at him when he parts his lips and reluctantly tell you the Prophecy: "Find the enemy, yes you will. But.. the problem.. is to kill.. You have a destiny you must fufill." He swallows, stalling to reapeat the last line. You raise a brow for him to continue. He opens his mouth closes it, then says: "One.. One far from ill." He says. "Well thats good! You wont die!" You exclaim. You have not idea wait the Propchey means but, it doesnt sound terrible. You just find it strange that he forgot his own Prophecy. And theres nothing you can do. After all you are un.. Claimed! Youre claimed now! "Im claimed!" You shout. Evan looks at you strangely. "Im claimed! I can come with you!"You explain, throwing your arms around him. He hugs back for a second but pushes you away. "No. You can't." He says
  6. "What.. Y-You dont want me to go?" You said, your hurt was instantly replaced with anger. "What. The. Hell!?" You exclaim. "Andromeda, shhh. Dont do th-" He starts. "No! Why dont you want me to go!? Because Im a child of Hades!? Because Im dark and dangerous!? I cant be TRUSTED!?" You shout. "Andromeda! No!" He tries to explain. But you are fuming. You wont let him lie to you. "I thought you were different! I thought you cared about me! I thought you werent going to hate me because of my dad! You said it yourself! Im NOTHING like him! You said-" "ANDROMEDA!! STOP!!" He shouts. "Thats not it! Thats not it at all! Youre way off! Im worried about you!" He spilled out. You pause, anger instantly diffusing. "you.. Youre what?" You ask. Noones ever been worried about you. Not a single time in your life. "I care about you, Andromeda." He says. "I dont want you to come because I dont want you to get hurt."
  7. Your knees feel wobbly, like jello. You cant seem to hold yourself up. Noone in your life has ever said something like that. Noone has ever cared so much.. And before you have any say in your own actions, your lips are on Evan's. Your arms around his neck. He's suprised at first but immediately kisses you back and wraps his arms around your waist. You barley notice. A million thoughts are racing through your head but the loudest one is: "WOW! Evan is a great kisser!" Hes your first kiss so you dont have alot to compare to but you know this is as good as it gets. You pull away, and both have big goofy smiles on your face from a love high. Your blushing up a storm. His arms are still around your waist, your arms around his neck. Faces inches away. You both let go but make no move to step away from each other. "Wow.." You say before you can stop yourself. He just smiles bigger. "My thoughts exactly." He says. Your both quiet for a moment and then you speak. "Ok. I'll let this one go. Just, Promise me you'll be careful?" You say. He hugs you tight. "Of course." He says. He pecks you on the lips and turns to leave. "Wait, Evan, what is your quest anyway?" You say, feeling dumb for not knowing. "Kill the Antiasts leader!" He shouts back at you.
  8. Your heart literally stops beating for a second. Evan is gone and you try to follow him but your knees feel like lead. It takes all your energy just to get back into your cabin. Your mind is racing. You have to do something. Anything! Evan's gonna get himself killed! Suddenly, the answer is clear. Go. You dump out your backpack (the only thing you had on you when you arrived at camp and filled it with the clothes you had, the entire Hades Cabin supply of Nectar and Ambrosia in case of emergencies and as many water bottles as you could fit. Evan was leaving soon, with his half brother, Chris. If you could sneak out of camp, unnoticed.. "Andromeda?" A voice says behind you. "What are you doing?"
  9. You turn to see Anthony in your doorway. "Ever heard of knocking?" You ask. "Yes. But your door was wide open so.. I didnt see the point." He said. Drat! Your whole plan ruined because you forgot to shut the door! Then, you notice Anthony's bow and arrows in his hand. "Come from shooting practice?" You ask. "Sure." He replies. Anthony knows exactly what your going to do. You both stare at each other for a while. You cant help but notice that the sad look that once tainted his beautiful light blue eyes, was gone. You wonder why but you cant ask him. Instead, you turn back to packing. "Listen, Andromeda-" He starts. "You cant talk me out of this. I dont care what you say Anthony, I cant let Evan do this alone. Its too dangerous. He has to.." "I know. And thats why Im not stopping you." Anthony said as he slung his bow over his back and filled his quiver. "Im coming too."He says.
  10. Your heart drops. Anthony liked you, you could tell. You werent clueless. Why was he risking his lfe for another guy it was obvious you liked. I mean, even if Anthony didnt know, you kissed Evan. "Anthony, it will be dangerous." You say. "I know." He replies. "You're going to get hurt!"You say. "Well, so will you. And no offense Andromeda, Im more experienced." He says. Offended! "Well, Im a child of The Big Three!" You argue. "Okay, listen Andromeda. Im coming whether you like it or not, so were wasting time." He says. You try a different tactic. "I dont WANT you to come!"You shout. A little too Twilight for your liking but it worked on Bella. Anthony stared at you. "Yes, you've made that abundantly clear, Andromeda. But Im coming." Anthony said. Why didnt Bella do that..? You groaned. "Fine! Hurry and pack." You demand as you throw your bag over your shoulder. "And dont slow me down, Apollo boy." You smile. "Wouldnt dream of it, Skouro." He jokes. You clentch your jaw. He meant to be funny, but all it did was make yo uunbalievably angry at him. "Why the hell would you say that!?" You yelled. "Oh, Andromeda, im sorry, I meant it to be funny. I didnt-" "FUNNY!? You think this is FUNNY!?" You shout. "Andromeda, I-" He tried to explain. "Whatever! Just get your stuff and lets go." You say.
  11. You ditch Anthony while he's getting stuff and run into the woods. Youre trying to find a way out of camp when you stumble upon the beach you arrived here at. The speedboat is still there.. The boat where Anthony grabbed your hand.. Youre just thinking you were too hard on Anthony and about to turn bacj when , suddenly, you hear someone say: "Andromeda?" You turn around to see..
  12. Well, You'll just have to wait for part 5 to find out! :D Thanks again to all of you for being so awesome!
  13. So once agian, a special shoutout to mythgirl61 and also amazingfulyweird They are both really awesome fans who keep up with all my quizzes and love them so much! Without fans like them, Id probably stop writing!

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