Demigod Love Story Part 3

Alrighty ((: Part 3 is up and ready1 are you ready to fall for Anthony the sweetie Evan the badass nick the close friend or will you be so terribly torn youll hurt them all?

**RECAP** You got to camp and were put in to the hermes cabin. You met Nick who you seemed to click with but was quiet. Will he come out of his shell and will you find out what is wrong with your dear Anthony?

Created by: ilyvolleyball
  1. You wake up and Nick is no longer next to you. All of his stuff is till present. You see a very dim amount of light coming in from the window. Its much to early for Nick to be up. Its much to early for anyone to be up! You turn to look into the brown eyes of the boy who woke you. "You got a package newbie." He says a smile playing on his lips showing his white buy slightly crooked teeth. He hands you a plastic Walmart bag. "Well, someone went out of their way for me," you think sarcastically. You see the brown eyes boy run his fingers through his brown hair. "Thanks" You say to break the silence. "Im Andromeda." He raises a brow and smiles. "Im Zach." And with that, he returns to his bed. You tear open the bag to fing some meek clothes. From your mom. Your actually suprised she remembers your existence.
  2. You slip into the bathroom and change into a simple oufit..
  3. You leave the cabin and notice the sun is barely in the sky. Meaning it cant be much earlier than 6. And taht meant that most of the campers wouldn't be up fpr another hour. You groan. "Where are you Nick!?" You think. He couldnt have gone far. "Andromeda? What are you doing out here? You must be freezing!" He says as he gives you his jacket. You didn't notice the cold until he said something but when he talked you could almost see his breath. He was holding a black notebook. You saw a glimpse of silver Sharpie writing on the front. It was girly handwriting. You thought you could make out an S as the first letter. "What are you reading?" You ask. "This? Its nothing." he says. "Why are you out here?" You smile. "Oh, Its nothing."
  4. Anthony sighs. "So your going to be difficult?" You purse your lips and nod. "Fine. I'll tell you, if you tell me?" He says, a faint smile playing on his lips. "I,m looking for Nick." You tell him. He looks a bit dissapionted but only for a second before he hids it with a furrowed brow. "Why?" He askes. You just smile and say: "That wasn't the deal" You tease. "Okay fine. Well Im reading Sarah's journal." he say. Ahs! S for Sarah "Who's Sarah?" You ask. He smiles and shrugs. "Not part of the deal." He mocks. You groan but laugh. "Im searching for Nick because I don't know where he is and hes my friend and Im worried. So who's Sarah?" You ask. "A girl." He replies. "Just a girl..?" You smile. "She was a daughter of Hades.. She was great.." He says. "Was..?" You ask. A look Of pure pain crosses his face. "Shes gone.." He says. "Oh Anthony!"You exclaim
  5. Suddenly, before you can stop yourself (and your not sure you would've had you the chance..) Your arms are wrapped around Anthony as you whisper sweet nothings in his ear. "How long have you had that?" You point to the notebook. "Weeks.." He replies. "And.. How long has she.. been.. dead?" You ask. He looks at you and shakes his head, a faint smile warming your heart. "Shes not dead." He says. You turn bright red. "Oh! I guess I just assumed.." You try to explain. "No, its okay you didn't know.. She may as well be.." He sighed. "If you love her.. How can you say that?" You ask him. You don't know much about love but you do know its not wishing the other's death. "Because she joined the.. I wasn't supposed to say that much.." He says and curses under his breath slippin away from you. "too late! Now you have to tell me!" You say. He sighs but you can tell he's given in.
  6. "Sarah was a daughter of Hades. And i.. I really liked her. I guess ill never know if the feeling is mutual.. Of course, Sarah had something dark about her. That just made her more mysterious.. And dangerous. So Sarah hopped on the next trian to Evil Town and joined the Antiasts. The Antiasts are a group that fight agianst everything we fight for. They believe in old ancient way back when Gaia, Ouranus and Nyx were the only living gods. Theyre still searching for Nyx who hasnt been heard of since she was outcast and Artemis took her place as night." He explains all of this so calmly. you have no idea what to say. You are totally overwhelemed. "I know.. Its a lot to take in. But don't worry. The antiasts are fighting for the wrong side."
  7. "Here, I want you to have this." he says, handing you the notebook. "Oh Anthony I cant take that.."You say. "No trust me. I cant get past the frst page. Its too painful.. I don't want it.. Its all yours" He starts to walk away. "Oh and Andromeda?" He calls. "yes?" You reply. "Good luck finding Nick!" You set back out on your one man search party for Nick. YOur to afraid to leave the courtyard though. You know the woods must be off limits and even if they weren't you aren't dumb even to go galavanting the a forest defenseless. You decide you'll have to wait til breakfast to fing him.
  8. But when you return to Hermes Cabin, you see him, laying on his mat next to yours. Safe and Sound. You Sit beside him. "Where have you been all morning!?" You ask. "Andromeda listen. I have the most insane story to tell you. I was near the forest-" "You mean IN the forest, otherwise I would've seen you." You interrupt. "Ok I was in the forest, besides the point but I was talking to a tree nymph and guess what she said!" You know this is the part where you say what but with the symbol of Zues gleaming over his head, you know exactly what. "She told you your dad is Zeus?" You ask, staring at the lightning bolt. The whole cabin is. He looks up in time to see it fade away.
  9. **TIME FORWARD TO NEXT DAY** Nick moved into the Zues cabin yesterday. He now has sibling. A girl of 17 years and a boy of 13. They welcome him with open arms. You are jealous and alone and loste in the sea of forgotten, unclaimed faces of the Hermes Cabin.. Evan said things wouldn't be like this.. Evan.. You missed him terribly. And you desperately needed a confident. When you arrived at the Posiedon cabin Evan's brother, Bruce, told you Evan was at the big house. You walked down there hoping to suprise him but saw him and Chiron on the porch. Chiron was a.. a.. what are hey..? Centaur! Oh wow.. Suddenly, without meaning tou you heard him say: "Are you sure you wanna do this..?" there was no pause before Evan said: "positive." "Its dangerous.." Chiron said. "I know, Im ready." There was whispering you couldn't make out. "alright, consult the oracle Evan your going on a quest." Chiron said.
  10. Evan rounds the corner and your not even aware hes coming until he's collided with you. You almost fall but he catches you and pulls you cloes to him. "Careful!" Suddenly, you're very angry with him. "Were you going to tell me!? Were you going to invite me!? And Don't play dumb! I know more than one person can go on a quest!" You shou. "Whoa, calm down, An. Listen, first, as you know, due tou your.." he lifts a brow. "eavesdropping.. I just got this quest I was going to tell you but.. You cant come." He say, frowning. Now, your hurt. "I cant vom..!?" You shout. Evan senses a storm and is quick to diffuse it. "Your unclaimed! Uncliamed campers cant go on quests.."
  11. Just then, you storm off. Your not mad at anyone in particular but you are mad. You don't get far before your caught dead in the middle of a tornado. You try to scream but you cant. Darkness is billowing around you. You cant think straight but your feet are still on the ground. Suddenly It all dissapears. the wind the darkness and your in the courtyard. You hear gasps and Evan is by your side in a moment. "shh, don't listen. Everyone keeps repeating the same thing. "Skouro.." Chiron is suddenly beside. "welcome campers, a child of Hades."
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! So, this is probably the best one yet and theyre still getting better! ;) I wanna thank Mythgirl61 ((: Shes totally supported me 100% and Im glad to have a fan like her! Thank you girl! Your the best!
  13. **SNEEK PEEK AT PART 4*** "You cant talk me out of this. I don't care what you say Anthony, I cant let Evan do this alone. Its too dangerous. He has to.." "I know. And thats why Im not stopping you." Anthony said as he slung his bow over his back and filled his quiver. "Im coming too." OHHH! Even Im Excited!

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