Demigod Love Story

Ok this is based off of a book I'm writing, its like a continuum of the Percy Jackson Series. Im wierd like that I know. I don't plan on Publishing it tho:P

Anywho, This is the first quiz so its kinda lame and theres only 2 guys.. There will be more down the road so keep an open mind! And yeah so I hope you like it!

Created by: ilyvolleyball
  1. Ok so hi this is the first quiz so it may begin boring cause I have to explain everything. Your name is Andromeda, like from the greek myth. You have black hair, pale skin, and grey eyes. You go to a bording school in Florida called Two Seas. You have one younger brother and your mom is insane.
  2. You used to live with your mom, until she went insane two years ago and was deemed unfit to be a parent. Your brother was sent to live with your aunt and you were sent to Two Seas. You don't know your father.
  3. So one day, at Two Seas, you were walking back to your dorm when suddenly, someone called your name. Now you keep to yourself and are kind of emo so you don't know who would be calling your name. You turn to see Issac, the hottest guy in school. Hes got a dark tan and brown hair to match his eyes, but its not like it matters.
  4. At first, your excited to see Issac. Then you see why he called your name. Two wolf are advancing on you. They are very vicious looking creatures. They have stringy fur and yellow canines. And they are hungry. You seem to be the main course.
  5. You turn to run but trip and fall. "Oh Imm so stupid!!" You think. Then, you see what you tripped over.. Its the hilt (handle) of a sword. Its gleaming black and has smoky gray and blue gems in it. You pull it out of the ground to reveal a gleaming bronze blade.
  6. The hellhounds attack you and you can no longer think about how strange this occurence is. You brain sets into action and all you can do is use your instincts to defend yourself.
  7. As the first dog attacks, you manage to slice its chest with your sword and it howls in pain and slaps you with its huge paw. You hit the dirt but get up in time to stab it in the side an s it pounces towards you and it dies, its whole essence sinking into the ground.
  8. The next hellhound advances on you and while you try to dodge his blow he catches you off guard and knocks you into a wall. Your sword falls out of your hand and is much to far for you to grab and as the darkness closes in on you and your head throbs you think: "Please don't kill me.." all you can see is a look of confusion on the hellhounds face before an arrow sprounts from his chest and you are consumed by blackness.
  9. You wake up in a forest and you are leaning agianst a tree. You replay the previous events in your head and look around. You are in the forest near your school and that's when you see your hero. "Oh your awake!" he says excitedly. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, the perfect florida beach boy. Hes tan, tall, and muscular. But his beautiful light blue eyes are tinted with sadness.
  10. "Im Anthony, im a son of Apollo," He says. "You mean like.. Greek myth Apollo?" You have a hard time believing this guy. You barely know him. You want desperately to believe him but its seems too unreal. "All the myths are true. The Gods are real and still exist." Your about to reply when you hear a yell..
  11. A boy runs up to you. He has black hair. When he looks at Anthony, you get a glimpse of his sea green eyes. "Evan!? What are you-" Anthony starts. "A fury following me!" Anthony's face pales. He notches his bow with an arrow. "Whats a-" You start to ask what a fury is but Evan intterupts you. "Duck!" he yells as he tackles you to the floor and something flies overhead.
  12. Anthony shot the fury. It fell to the floor and stood. It was leather and gross. It had little wisps of hair and sharp teeth. "Foolish godling!" It shrieks, as it slams Anthony into a tree. "No!" You shout as Evan slides off of you. You pull out your sword. The fury gasps. "Skouro.." You have no idea what that means but soon, the fury flees.
  13. You run to Anthony's side and Evan dribbles a liqiud into his mouth. It looks like honey. You get a good look at Evan. Hes tan, not tanner than Anthony buut still tan. He has the same hair color as you that's cropped short and sharp. He has deep green eyes and is taller than Anthony. "Will he be ok..?" You ask. Evan nods and smiles at you.
  14. CLIFFHANGER! :P sorry guys but ill be making a number 2 if people really like this quiz so comment and rate! :D
  15. So who do you like?

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