Love Sparks Part 3

So sorry if its so short! Oh wolfygirl,I did do well on my test! So you know those dog tag necklaces? I got one from my crush and I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever smelled axe? My mom says axe smells like a**. Well rlly there is some that smells really good! My best friend,he had axe in his backpack and spraid it all in my locker so when I got home,I smelled like axe.

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Recap: fell off a balcony. Lauren wants to talk to you so your now in your room
  2. "So what's up?" You ask Lauren. "Well you see,I like DJ and I HATE Sydney!" "Join the club." "Haha. I really like DJ and the only reason why he's dating her is because she used her powers!" "Oh really?" You ask in a evil way. "Ya. What do I do?" "Well I will talk to DJ and talk some sence in him ad see if he likes you." "Aww thanks!" She smiles and hugs you. She leaves.
  3. 'Noah get your a** up here! I wanna talk to you!! Tell the guys your going to your room when your really coming in here!' You think in your head. 5 minutes later Noah is in your room.
  4. "Wiat she did what?" "She used her power to make DJ like her!" "Wow. Are we gonna tell him?" "When the times right." "Ok." There was an akward silence. 'You know. You look cute when you think.' You think smiling. "Ha thanks." He says smiling back. **FAST FORWARD** you are sitting with Derek playing Halo while Noah and Lauren are arguing. DJ and Sydney are in DJs bedroom. Devin is in the lab trying to figure out your power. "OOOHHHHHHH TOTAL POWNAGE!!!!!!!" You and Derek scream. Together. You hi five and you give him a hug. He's so warm he's like a hesated blanket. You let go and his eyes show worry,happienness,and comfort all mixed together. It makes you wanna melt.
  5. Noah comes in the living room with a red hnd print on the side of his face. "Noah are you ok? What happend?" "I got slapped in the face by Lauren. I wish she was a boy so I could beat the s**t out of her." Noah mumbles. You rest your head on his shoulder and you go to your bedroom to get some sleep.
  6. You wake up the next morning to hear a big crash. You run downstairs to see Devin and DJ holding back Noah while Sydney and DJ are holding back Lauren. "Omg what happend?" "Lauren and Noah got in a fight again. Lauren punched Noah in the face and she threw a glass vase at Noah. We don't want Noah to get arrested so we are holding him back." Says Derek. 'Noah why? Why? You know....maybe I should leave. It seems like my fault you guys are fighting and I'm tired of this! Its just like my parents!!!' You think in your head. Noah looks at you sadly and you start to run upstairs crying when of cource Sydney has to say something. "_______ your such a baby! Omg you cry about everything!" You stop dead in your tracks and you turn around. 'Noah if I were you, I would take everyone in the living room.' You think. 'No' he thinks. You walk to Lauren and you hug her and you whisper "I'm telling DJ." She looks at you and nods. "DJ can I talk to you for a min?" You say. "Sure." You smile and you lead him to your room.
  7. Sorry I have to end it here:p
  8. So uh yay. Rate? Comment?
  9. Bye! Bye!
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