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Hi! Hope you enjoy part five of midnight! Rate and comment if you like! I don't mind if you don't! Hope you like my random pictures! They go nothing with the story!

Hope you like it and read Confessions! It is good! Other good stories are Princes love and seasons and there is mythological love too! But the person hadn't made part 4!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You listen to everyone howl at the moon. It was beautiful that night. You looked at the sky and saw the twinking stars shine bright. You looked at the moon. You looked at every detail. It was a perfect night. It was past 12 am. You and Jack walk around and talk. You look at him and he looks at you. He then kisses you vary gently. His kiss was nice and warm. He looked at you and you looked at him. He steps back and says "Sorry I didn't know what came over me..." You touch his cheek and say "I do...." You kiss him on the cheek. Your sweet kisses on the cheek go to making out. You hugged him and he hugged you. You stop and look at each other. You blush. He smiled kindly. He moved some hair out of your face "Your really beautiful you know that?" He said. You smile "I think I like you most." You hug him. You heard his heart beat. You felt his nice warm body. You looked at his brown hair with it red and black highlights. They shined in the moonlight.
  2. He walks you back to your cabin. He kissed you goodnight and left. You went to sleep that night dreaming of him. You wake up and go through the normal rotine. You eat, play with the kids, talk with everyone. But at night you would see Jack and you would just hang out and kiss. You weren't suppose to be with him because of the arrangement with Clare but she liked Jero and you could probably take her place. Each night was the best in your life.
  3. One day your walking with Jack. The winter snow is now gone and spring's flowers now bloom. You hear the birds chirp and you see deer every onw and then. A bear walked into the camp one time. But the pack's feirce reputaion made it run away. You look at Jack. The sunlight shined on his ashy brown hair with black and red highlights. Everything seems to perfect. Then you hear a crack in the bushes. You and Jack look. You see Drew slowly walked to you "Hi Amy..." He said. You stepped behind Jack. "What do you want?" You asked. "Look I came here to warn you. My dad is looking for you. I don't know when he'll find this play but he will." He said. Jack looked at him from toe to the top of his blond hair. His eyes showed that he was thinking. He then said "Thanks for the warning. Amy I think we should get to the cabins and warn the others." He said. You nodded. You started to go to the cabins. Drew was going after you but Jack stopped him with his hand. You made sure that you were out of site and you listened to what he said "Look after what you done I don't think I'm smart to trust you. But I am. But if you hurt Amy in any way I'll end your life then and there. Are we clear?" He said to Drew. Drew nodded and Jack let him go. You turned around and started running to the cabins. It was nice to know that Jack will protect you. You tell everyone to meet you at the big cabin. You and Jack enter. Drew come in right behind you.
  4. Drew tells everyone his warning. Everyone is silent. "Jack what do you think?" Brad asked. "We always kept our gaurd up. We are definetly not going to let it down. It they want Amy its for a reason. What ever reason that is it must be something important for them to actually get dirty." Jack replied, "We'll do whatever it cost to protect Amy" Everyone nodded as they agreed. "I trust in your argument Jack. I belive that it might be time. You have been showing great responsibilty in the past few weeks." Brad said examining him. Jack nodded. "Okay end of meeting!" Brad said. You Jack and Drew walked out and you left to your cabin. Drew came in and said "Are you still mad at me?" You looked at him and said "Yes..." He sighed. He sat on the bed next to you and says "Look I made sure that no one was following me. I swear. I could leave if you want me to." He said. "Don't I rather have you stay." You say. He nods. Then I'll be outside walking. He left you. Night fell and the wolves did their normal runs. Jack came in and tucked you in. You turned over to look at him and you ask "Jack what did Brad mean when he said it is time?" Jack looked at you with his sweet kind eyes. "He ment it was time I became alpha and take over the pack. Also meaning that I will have to marry Clare. But I don't love her. She's like my sister. I want to be with you Amy." He said as he stroked your hair out of your face.
  5. You sit up and ask "Then what can we do? I love you and want to be with you." You say and you kissed his cheek. "But your human. I'm not....the pack wont alow it." He said. "Isn't there like some way I can become a wolf? Cause I really love you and I want to be with you." You say. You hug him and you feel him tremble. "There is a way but......I wont do it if you really want me to. That and we werewolves are not suppose to do it. Not anymore." He said. "What is it tell me?" you said. You looked into his dark brown eyes. "We mix blood....thats the old way. But the problem is that its vary painful. Esecially for humans." He said.
  6. You look at him and said "I will do whatever it takes...." You hug him. "I don't want to see you in pain...." He said. "Is there another way?" You asked. "Not that I know of.." He said. He looked down and you touched his cheek. You smile and kiss him. You two go into making out. You hug him and pull him on top of you. He stops and says "Wait...." "What" you asked wanting to got deeper. "Theres another pack.....a unfamilar one....." He got up. You look at him and he looks at you, "I'll be back. Don't get taken when I come back!" He kissed you and walked out of the door. You see him run off and everyone in the pack follows except of Clare and Jero and the kids. You see the wolves leave out of your sight.
  7. You wait all night for him. You look out the window and see them. You run out and ask "Are you guys okay?" Brad nodded. "Just another pack. They were pretty big. Guess that they were looking for some territory to claim. We drove them off." Brad said. Nada nodded. You smile. Everything goes well the rest of the day. At nigh Jack come in and wishes you good night. "Jack..." You say. You close the door. "Look I'm really serious about this." You sit him on the bed. "Look Amy I don't want to put you through that." He said.
  8. You kiss him and say "Please do it for me..." he holds you. Pull out a knife and cut your hand gently. You cut his. You see the blood come out of yours and his. You kiss him and your about to hold his hand. He stops and says "I want to do this the right way..." He pulls out a ring from his pocket. "Will you marry me?" He says. "How did you..." Your about to say when he says "Its been past down from generation to generation. From son to son. My dad Brad gave it to me today. I want to spend my life with you...." He said. You look at him and tears swell up in your eyes and your about to say yes when then the window breaks and smoke come in. You fall asleep when you breath it in. You feel being carried and you hear a man's voice say "Its okay, your safe with us..." You hear the growls of your friends. You hear a gun being shot. But it doesn't sound like a normal gun.
  9. Hi! Thats the end of part 5!
  10. Sorry theres one last question so......Do you like One Republic?

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