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Hi! I'm the quiz maker of Tough Romance and It's all in the dress girl! If you hadn't read them and you read this and like it. I think you guys will like it!

So this is my new series called Midnight. I hope you enjoy it! Comment and rate if you please! I don't mind if you don't! I also putted pictures but they are so random. But it helps! Well have a fun time!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You slowly walk through the night with your friends. It was quiet and cold. You stayed closed to your friend Drew. He looked at you and smiled. "So your going to make the first move huh? I thought that the guy does that?" He said grinning. You look at him and say "I'm not trying to do anything except not get lost and get out of these freaking woods!" He put his arm around you and said "Amy don't get all flustered up like that." He laughed. You had to laugh to. Finally you, Drew, Roger and Brianna made it to your little camp. You felt the nice warm fire and the warm arms of Drew wrapped around you. Brianna was making some hot chocolate and Roger grabbed some more wood to feed the fire. You name is Amy Balt. You have light pink skin, with chesnut hair and green yellow like eyes. You had a pink jacket on with a dark pink scarf around you and a little bandinie on. Drew was a guy with blond hair and red brown like eyes. He was tall and cold for some reason. No matter what he always felt cold. Rodger was tan skinned with black hair and super dark brown eyes. He was the boyfriend of Brianna. She had white hair with purple blue like eyes. She had light fragile skin with pink lips.
  2. You walk inside the tent you shared with Drew. You were going to sleep when Drew came in a kissed you. "Sorry Amy I had to do that." You smiled. "Want me to keep you warm?" He asked. You said "Sure" He slipped inside your same sleeping bag and put his arm around you. He was yuor boyfriend for about a week. But he was different from all of the other guys you dated. He was cold and quiet and not pushy. Yet he was forceful and strong. He kissed you cheek. You kissed him on the lips and soon your good night kisses turned into making out. He was on top of you and you hanged on to him and just kissed him passiontly. You kissed for a while and stopped to take a breath. Then you went back to kissing and then you hear a faint howl. "What was that?" You asked. "What was what?" He asked. He then started to kiss your neck. You kissed his lips forgetting about the howls until you heard foot steps. Like four legged creatures. Drew kept on kissing your neck when you say "Do you hear that?" He stopped and said "Yeah it sounds like a pack..."
  3. You heard Brianna scream. Drew grew tense. You held onto his arm and you two went outside. There you saw Brinna and Rodger covering in fear up against a tree. There you saw 4 wolves. One was a ashy brown red color, one was black, one was a grey color and one was a light brown color. They looked beautiful and wise. One looked at you and growled at Drew. The black one stepped towards you and drew. It's yellow eyes fixed on Drew. A deep rumble was heard in its throat. "Amy when I say so we are going to run okay?" Drew whispered closely to your ear. "But-" You were about to say when Drew yelled "Run!" Then you two ran away from the wolves. You heard their feet thumping right behind you. You looked back and they left Brinna and Rodger there behind. You couldn't keep up with Drew's fast running and you fell. You lost your grip of him. He was about to turn around but the ashy brown red furred wolf came were close to you and growled. You looked to your right and saw a mark on a tree. It was a sword mark. Like it divided the forest in two. Th wolf growled at Drew. Your heart thumped. You exspected for it to kill you but it didn't. "Look Amy come over here vary slowly. You'll be sfer with me." Drew said.
  4. You tried to crawl away from the wolf but the light brown hair wolf blocked your path. The black wolf came and looked at Drew. Drew looked at you and the wolfs. He tried to step forward but the red ashy brown wolf growled ferousiously. "Look all I want is Amy that is all. I mean her no harm." Drew said. The black wolf came a foot away from him. A deep growl was heard. Drew said "No! I wasn't going-" But it barked at Drew. It stomped its two front feet at him. The grey wolf went next to you and pulled you by your shirt onto the ashy brown red wolf. You almost fell. Drew reached out his hand as if to catch you but the black wolf snapped at it.
  5. You stood up and was about to walk to Drew when the black wolf looked at you with it's yellow eyes saying "I'm warning you...." But it wasn't growling at you. You passed the wolf and went into the arms of Drew. You two hugged and looked at the wolves. They just stared at you. There was a howl heard in the distance. The grey one had it's ears spike up and it howld. It was beautiful and a sweet high pitched yet it was deep. It was nice. It turned around and looked at you. It took off. The other wolves looked at you and went after their leader running to the left of the forest. Before you knew it they were gone.
  6. You kissed Drew and said "Whats their problem?" You felt so cold. Drew didn't help because his skin was cold also but you held on tight. He held you so tight that you couldn't breath. "You trust me don't you?" He asked. You breathed out some white air and said "Yes..." "Hang on tight then...." He said and he picked you up. He carried you through the forest and you held on tightly to him.
  7. "Okay Amy were are going to have to cross the line to get where we are going okay. Keep an eye out for me for those wolves." Drew said. "I will...." You said and looked around. You didn't see any wolves. You were passing a small rocky cliff then you get knocked out. You feel being carried by a warm moving bag of fur. It was nice and soft. You felt it's legs moving and you heard it's heart beat. You open your eyes sleeply and you notice that your on the back of the light brown haired wolf. It was bigger then you realized. You looked at the moon and saw that it was half full. You looked to your side and see Drew surrounded by the other wolves. "Drew?" You say." "Hey Amy...." Drew said watching the wolves carfully. You looked ahead and see small pups running toward the pack. One was grey and the other was black. Their eyes were big and the black one had purple eyes that sparkled. The grey one had normal yellow eyes. They looked at you and saw your hand dangling down. The black one bumped it and moved it's back like a cat when it wants to be petted. You pulled your hand back and it looked at you confused.
  8. Then you saw a couple of cabins. There was 6 small ones and 1 big one in the center. The wolf dropped you and you stood to look at it. It had green eyes that were like grass. It was a beautiful beast. You looked at the others and saw them in the moonlight. The black one's fur shined in the light. It's yellow eyes seemed to sparkle with the stars. The grey one had thick fur and it was muscular with icy blue eyes. The Ashy brown red one had dark brown eyes and the red strings of fur shined whenever the moon's light touched it. It had black linings at the side like the grey wolf and it was strong and bold looking. You heard a bark and you saw a white wolr walk slowly to the black one. The stared at each other and the white wolf barked as if to call the puppies. The puppies came and tried to play but the older wolf didn't budge.
  9. You saw the white wolf open it's mouth and it spoke "Nada watch the kids. Jero I need you and Clare to keep an eye on him. He's been trespassing for weeks now, we can't let him go. Jack you'll be showing Amy her cabin. Split!" It barked when it said split. The black dog barked at the little ones and picked them up with her snout and walked away. The grey wolf and th light brown wolf walked around Drew, keeping an eye on him. The ashy brown red wolf nudged you to follow him. You looked at the wolves and notice that the black and light brown wolves were female like. The white, red brown, and grey were males. You couldn't tell who was older or what. But the red wolf pushed you gently forward to a cabin left of the big middle one. You opened the door and the door closed behind you. You heard a lock and footsteps leaving on the old cabin porch. You found a lite up candle.
  10. You held the candle up and saw a small closet and a bed. There was a little table and a chair. You looked out the little window that was there. There area was dark. You saw the wolves surrounding Drew. You tried to open the door but it was locked shut. You sit down by the door all night you feel tired but you wanted to see Drew. The door opened and you see Drew pushed into your room by a guy with ashy brown hair with red highlights and super brown eyes. He was tan a muscular. He had jeans and a t shirt on. Next to him was a girl with light brown hair tied up in a poney tail with light green eyes. She had shorts and a T shirt on. They walked in and the girl pulled Drew down on the chair that was in there. "You not getting away this time." She said tieing him up with some rope. "Come on sweetie pie you can't keep in the-" Drew was going to say but she pulled hard and he looked like he couldn't breath. She finished tieing him and she said "You strong at night but remember this your just like a normal human during the day." She stood up and put her hands on her hips. "So now talk what were you doing with Amy?" She asked Drew. "We were just making out in the tent now let us go! Please..." You say. "Clare I think we should have Nada check her up." Said the guy. The girl named Clare nodded in agreement. "This punk wont be going anywhere. So he'll be fine." He said looking at Drew. "Come on! People why can't we all live in peace with each other?" Drew said. The guy got mad and said angerly "Beacause your kind has slaughtered our kind for centurys and after when you first walked into our woods we showed you nothing but kindness." He then walked away angerly. "Maybe because your kind is a bunch of flea bags!" Drew yelled back at him. "You disgust me." Clare said. "Come on come with me." She asked you more kindly. She led you to the big cabin in the middll. You enter and see little kids running around playfully.
  11. You then see a beaufiful women who's in her 30's making some breckfest. You see a man in his 40's reading a book. and you see a man in his 30's pacing around. "Okay Amy we are not here to hurt you." Clare said.
  12. Hi! Thats the first part to my new series midnight! Hope you enjoyed and comment if you please. I don't mind if you don't but it lets me know that you like it!

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